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New release: JReviews 5.0.10 RC3

Alejandro Schmeichler

JReviews 5.0.10 RC3 has landed! We're excited and hopeful this will be followed by the first stable version of JReviews 5. We'd greatly appreciate it if you could take some time to test this version and provide feedback.

We've also released updates for several add-ons and are officially announcing the release of JReviews Deploy, which simplifies updates between minor and major versions of JReviews.

We’ve been so busy working on the latest releases that we didn’t have time for a proper blog post. Here’s a summary of the most important changes. If you’re curious, you can find more details in the JReviews 5 changelogs.

JReviews Deploy for fast and easy upgrades 🚀

Say goodbye to lengthy upgrade processes! JReviews Deploy is a separate WordPress plugin and Joomla component that automates the entire upgrade process. It will automatically update s2framework, JReviews, and add-ons to the latest versions.

Remember to backup your site, know how to restore it, and ensure your customizations remain compatible.

Download and perform your next update using JReviews Deploy!

WordPress JReviews Menu and Widget Settings Re-write

In our excitement to remove all legacy code from the JReviews admin, we accidentally removed our custom functionality for setting up JReviews menus and widgets in WordPress. We’ve now rebuilt it from the ground up, and it's better than ever!

Jaw-Dropping Performance Improvements

When a client recently helped test JReviews Deploy, we noticed some pages in the JReviews administration were a bit sluggish. No wonder, considering we were dealing with close to 3.5 million listings and over 2 million photos. So we focused on optimizing performance, and the results are phenomenal! Requests that used to take 10-20 seconds now take less than a second.

Import Add-on Improvements

The Import add-on in JReviews 5 is a completely new product compared to JReviews 4. It requires fewer steps to perform an import and export, lets you track job progress, and continues processing in the background even if you close your browser.

In the latest update, you can also resume an import job if it gets stuck or if you decide to stop it for any reason.

Import Addons Resume Jobs


You can read the complete list of changes in the changelog.