iPhone Speaker Reviews

iPhone Speaker Reviews

iPhone Speaker Reviews is the premier resource for iPhone Speaker information. The site provides the best information on all iPhone Speakers, buying and brand guides as well as editorial and user reviews.

What were the site requirements?

When designing iPhone Speaker Reviews we needed a system that would: display different custom attributes, allow users to leave reviews, separate editor reviews from user reviews, have a flexible layout to maximize usability, incorporate advertising and affiliate links, be easy to manage and update and keeps costs low so profitability could be reached sooner.

Why was JReviews chosen?

JReviews was chosen because of the extensive list of features, excellent support and continued development. JReviews has all of the functional requirements we needed and the theme system was flexible enough to meet our design requirements.

How is JReviews being used on the site?

JReviews runs the core functionality of iPhone Speaker Reviews. When visitors first arrive at the home page, they are presented with several ways to find what they are looking for. These features are all JReviews elements. From the Editor top rated speakers, to the newest listing and user reviews, to searching the site using custom JReviews fields, JReviews provides it all. When the visitor finds a speaker system they are interested in, they are taken to the detail page where they learn about the unique features, read the editor and user reviews, and have the ability to leave their own review.

What are the key advantages of using JReviews for your website or business?

JReviews has allowed us to create and implement a sustainable business model. This model consists of a full featured review website, user generated content, and low costs. Using JReviews and good SEO techniques, which JReviews accommodates, we are able to achieve high search engine placement, consistent traffic, and steady advertising income. JReviews has allowed us to take several hobby sites to real revenue producing sites.

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