is a platform for Dutch consumers where they can review, compare and discuss their online shopping experiences.

What were the site requirements?

The goal of was to build an online platform where consumers could rate and discuss their experiences with webshops. Visitors should be able to write a review about a webshop, rate that webshop on different criteria and easily compare the scores of different webshops. Furthermore we needed a reliable content management system and a template system that was well documented and could be easily adapted to our specific needs in the area of design and search engine optimization.

Why was JReviews chosen?

Some research and comparison between different review extensions for Joomla and Wordpress showed us that JReviews was probably the most complete and flexible extension on the market. We were also looking for a review extension that came with an active community of developers and users supporting it. We chose JReviews since it has a history of improvement on a steady base and has all functions (and many more) that we wanted to implement in our website. And also important: JReviews looks good out of the box.

How is JReviews being used on the site?

JReviews gives our users the opportunity to rate and review Dutch webshops, which is the core functionality of the platform We also use different JReviews modules to list top rated and most visited listings. Webshop owners can easily add their own webshop with the JReviews “add listing” form which is extremely flexible and beautifully styled. With the help of JReviews we were able to build a large directory of webshops with reviews in a short time.

What are the key advantages of using JReviews for your website or business?

First of all, the review system is excellent and the functionality and support is great. But for us was equally important to have a stable and fast website that would do well in search engines. The flexibility of the template system behind JReviews made it very easy to adapt the different pages and modules to our needs in the area of search engine optimization and design. This has led to very good results in search engines and thus a lot of visitors and reviews by visitors. Allthough is only one year old we rank for very competitive keywords and the number of visitors (and users) is growing fast. The key advantage of JReviews for us is the flexibility of the extension and all the enormous possibilities to expand our website in the future.

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