Changelogs - April 19, 2019

!Changed  Added referrer parameter to map payload query filter.

#Fixed  Refactored keyboard events to fix issue on Android.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Default order setting missing in map widget.

#Fixed  Selected rating style and color not used in map infowindow, sidebar. - March 15, 2019

^Enhanced  Proximity/location search on "Enter" is now possible in the adv. search module/widget and adv. search page. - February 17, 2019

!Changed  Google Maps API version changed from fixed to ‘quaterly’ channel.

#Fixed  Geocode all dialog appears on the top-left instead of centered. - February 7, 2019

!Changed  Fine-tuned the auto-complete functionality in listing form.

#Fixed  Location searches ignoring all other search fields.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Map widget settings not read when widget is included inside `Elementor` page.

#Fixed  Location search doesn’t work when coordinates added to custom list via ‘custom params’ setting.

#Fixed  Not possible to override map-infowindow-template.

#Fixed  Javascript error generated from address autocomplete field when leaving the input. - January 13, 2019

#Fixed  Map appears in normal search results even when disabled in list page at the listing type level.

#Fixed  Custom marker icon path not recognized.

#Fixed  Error in click2search pages on new installs when the Add-on setup is incomplete. - December 18, 2018

#Fixed  Coordinate view permissions not checked for map/static map display logic.

#Fixed  Error in listings module/shortcode when filtering by 3rd party extension.

#Fixed  Error in detail page when a default country is being used in settings.

#Fixed  PHP Notice on listing preview URL when user is not logged in. - December 10, 2018

!Changed  Updated multiple select form fields for Joomla 4 compatibility. - November 30, 2018

!Changed  Static image URL for AMP pages is now injected directly within GeoMaps.

#Fixed  Proximity database queries not working if max radius config setting is blanked out. - November 24, 2018

#Fixed  Map appears in list pages even when disabled in the listing type. - November 23, 2018

!Changed  Refactored code for compatibility with JReviews, taking advantage of new developer filters.

#Fixed  Layout of debug setting in batch geocoding dialog.

#Fixed  Call to old “config” component causing problems on sites where JReviews was not completely uninstalled to updated to v3. - November 11, 2018

^Enhanced  Refactored proximity search autocomplete to reduce the number of Google API requests.

#Fixed  Language override for “Enter a location” string doesn’t work in listing create form.

#Fixed  Module not using global Add-on settings when available. For example Styles.