Changelogs - April 19, 2019

!Changed  Pricing plan moderation setting renamed to “Override Moderation” and will default to JReviews moderation access settings when disabled. Always moderate the listing when enabled.

!Changed  Use s2framework method for ip address.

!Changed  Some UI refactoring changes.

!Changed  Created filter for completing paid order info for listings. For now limited to listing add/remove favorite actions.

#Fixed  Re-write rules not working for pages with hebrew aliases.

#Fixed  Skip review checkbox while creating a listing reverts when switching paid plans.

#Fixed  (WordPress) WordPress TOS page text not loading when placing an order. - February 7, 2019

#Fixed  Offline approval and expiration notifications not working for Paypal.

#Fixed  Integer/decimal fields with value of zero and setup to appear in list pages, also appear in filter searches when using ajax even when the field is not part of the listing’s order (plan). - January 13, 2019

#Fixed  PHP notice on first access to point handler setup due to missing definition for add-on path variable.

#Fixed  Checkout error for points handlers when using an exchange rate lower than 1. - November 22,2018

#Fixed  Prevent php notice when trying to send a notification for a payment handler that cannot be found.

#Fixed  PHP notice in account page. - November 11,2018

#Fixed  Added method to indicate if payment received is for a renewal to leave the listings state unchanged. - October 16, 2018

#Fixed  Not able to access payment handler forms in the administration. - October 14, 2018

!Changed  Updated all files to reflect the license change