Assist AI

Add a touch of artificial intelligence to your site to improve both the user and administrator experience through writing and moderation assistants.

Getting Started

The addon relies on OpenAI's API so the first thing you need to do is Create an OpenAI account and get your API Key.

Review Writing Assistant

The review writing assistant works for user review comments to help jumpstart a user's writing process. A reviewer only needs to provide a list of notes to generate a draft of their review comments, and can then make any necessary adjustments before submitting it.

The assistant detects your site's configured language to write the review and works with most languages.

You can see it in action below:

To prevent abuse of api the writing assistant is only shown to logged in users.

Moderation Assistant

The moderation assistant checks if reviews and discussion posts comply with OpenAI's content policy to automatically send non-compliant content to the moderation queue. Content is checked for compliance in the following categories:

  • hate
  • hate/threatening
  • self-harm
  • sexual
  • sexual/minors
  • violence
  • violence/graphic


The addon configuration options can be seen in the image below.

Assist AI
Assist AI Configuration

Review Writing Assistant

For the review writing assistant, it's important for the addon to be able to identify the review category (hotel, restaurant, etc) to improve the prompt that is sent to the AI to generate the review. There are several ways for the addon to learn the category that it should use:

  • Fixed Category
  • Custom Fields
  • Listing Category or Listing Listing Type

The addon automatically passes the generated review through the moderation endpoint to ensure the content complies with OpenAI's content policies and will ask the user to modify their notes if it fails.

Moderation Assistant

You can optionally enable the moderation assistant for reviews and review discussions if you want to flag these based on OpenAI's content policy. And flagged submission will be automatically sent to moderation and include a note so you can see that it was flagged by the addon and see the reason why it was flagged.