JReviews for Joomla

  • Joomla 3.8.x
  • Single domain license
  • 12 months support & upgrades
  • Add-ons sold separately
  • Includes RapidLauncher Add-on

JReviews is the best ratings & reviews solution for Joomla. It not only has the most complete reviews engine, but also a comprehensive set of features to build out your directories. It is user friendly and developed with a strong emphasis on user experience, SEO and performance.

Use JReviews to build City Guides, Classifieds, Business Directories, Product Catalogs, Book Reviews, Events, Movie & Gaming Review Databases, Job Boards, Beverage Reviews and so much more.

PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 with corresponding ionCube loader and json, bcmath, mbstring and fileinfo extensions

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Client Testimonials

Excellent reviews extension for Joomla

I have tried many different ratings & reviews extensions over the years and I have chosen JReviews because of its powerful multi-criteria rating system and thoughtful integration with JomSocial.

-- Arnaud

How Do You Do It?!?!

I don't know how you find the time to develop such a slick component AND offer such exceptional support - I'm seriously by you guys!

Don't get me wrong - this is a complex component - configuration took me a fair while to work out how it all fits together - but there is excellent documentation throughout, the on-line documentation is very thorough and keeping the component up to date is a real breeze - click, click, smile! :D

I've turned to the support team on two separate occasions now and both times I got the most amazing response:


Hi Mark!

1. Here's the problem
2. Here's how we already fixed it for you

Have a nice day.


Can you imagine how nice it feels to get a message like that?! Hahaha!

ReviewsForJoomla makes our web site REALLY useful AND looks nice. Your component has definitely paid for itself already - thank you all SOOOO much for your outstanding work.

-- Mark Clulow, Web Master, spotlight™


During the last four months I had the pleasure to build two large portal-type websites that use jReviews as their main component. The level of professionalism and care to details that I found in the jReviews package amazed me right from the start -- this is indeed a very well constructed and also very well documented set of extensions. The templates are well-structured and use a proper naming scheme for custom variable placement, which I found essential for the inevitable customization process. Custom coding examples in the documentation provide great insight and are really helpful to make the most out of any project. Backend administration is very sophisticated and a joy to work with. The greatest asset though of the company behind jReviews is the incredible level of support they provide -- never in 4 years of Joomla development have I experienced such instant and helpful responses on both support forums and support ticket management. I highly recommend jReviews to anybody building any type of reviews / commentary / recommendation portal.

-- Sebastian Schalipp, Web Developer

So Simple, Even a Dummy Can Use It

Before I found out about Joomla! and jReviews I assumed building a website was far beyond my feeble technical skills. I started building my site thinking "This is madness! I can't do this!" If you take it slow, read the instructions, and watch the videos, you too can be a player in the Web universe! Even after watching the video five times, I overlooked a simple step. I emailed Alejandro. He patiently and kindly explained what was right there in the video. (You have to be kind to the simple-minded.) I am delighted with jReviews and the support. Alejandro even answered my email on a Sunday!

-- Zack Soderberg, Webtender, Bullfrog Farms

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