JReviews for Joomla

  • Joomla 3.8.x
  • Single domain license
  • 12 months support & upgrades
  • Add-ons sold separately
  • Includes RapidLauncher Add-on

JReviews is the best ratings & reviews solution for Joomla. It not only has the most complete reviews engine, but also a comprehensive set of features to build out your directories. It is user friendly and developed with a strong emphasis on user experience, SEO and performance.

Use JReviews to build City Guides, Classifieds, Business Directories, Product Catalogs, Book Reviews, Events, Movie & Gaming Review Databases, Job Boards, Beverage Reviews and so much more.

PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2 with corresponding ionCube loader and json, bcmath, mbstring and fileinfo extensions

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Client Testimonials

Always ready and willing to help, EVEN when I don't know what help I need!

Alejandro and his team have supported my team since we began working with Joomla and JReviews at least 8 years ago, but in the last couple of years, when we've really needed support for different ventures we were taking, that's when we have relied most heavily on the fantastic support of the team. If you look at the site, you won't see the correct implementation or actual REVIEWS part of the software, but that isn't the fault of anyone but me and my team...once I purchased the website, I went "rogue" and ended up not using the product as intended. However, the fact that we haven't implemented the software as intended has not stopped Alejandro from supporting us as we have traversed our own On-The-Job implementing to the best of our ability. We have received help, direction, suggestions and even encouragement as we moved forward, and again, now as we embark on another "adventure" upgrading the site. Many thanks to the fine software and the support, even for those who haven't taken full advantage and/or potential of JReviews and the iReview template. We can't thank you enough!!

-- Keith Adee, Owner, Villages1.com

Unparalleled support

I was searching for comparing extension for Joomla. I received recommendation for JReviews from its competitor. JReviews promissed many features that I wanted. But I was unsure how they work and whether I will be able to use them. I asked many questions before I decided to buy JReviews. What convinced me were very professional replies to my sometimes dilletante questions before I even decided to buy.

I never regreted to have purchased JReviews. Now I am using it for about 4 months and I can say it is excellent extension. At the beginning I thought it will be complicated. Although is has very many features its administration is quite easy and I learned to use it very fast. There is excellent documentation for JReviews and its template. Obviously I had many question that I posted in the forum. Each of them was answered within one day. Many times within minutes. Although my programming knowledge is basic with the help of Kristian and Alejandro I am able to use overrides for individualising of my site.

I must say that I have never experienced such professional and friendly support. For all my questions, even for stupid ones I received well meant reply and advices that went many times further over my query.

I want to express to Kristian and above all to Alejandro my greatest thanks.

-- Max Jung

Amazing Product and even more amazing Support

We have tried every possible review module/component for Joomla out there and once we got it set up and running this is by far the most extensive and full-featured reviews program out there. The support was even better than I was expecting (and after reading the other reviews, my expectations were already high), and while I don't get time to review many other components, this one is so special that I took the time to let anybody know that if you are looking for solid review system for your site, then look no more. Amazing!

-- Lance Z, President, Red Line Superstore

Jreviews top Joomla Component

The best reviews component for Joomla!, easy to use and really really complete.

Top feature: really versatile, you can do what you want with Jreviews.
Top quality: Alejandro; great, great, great support!

I’m using Jreviews since 2006 on a couple of site, I'll never change it for another similar component.

During the last month I'm also tried CSV Import, this component save me a lot of time, is great!

-- Andrea, Web Master, SocialCity

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