JReviews for Wordpress

  • Wordpress 4.9.x
  • Single domain license
  • 12 months support & upgrades
  • Add-ons sold separately
  • Includes RapidLauncher Add-on

JReviews is the best ratings & reviews solution for WordPress. It not only has the most complete reviews engine, but also a comprehensive set of features to build out your directories. It is user friendly and developed with a strong emphasis on user experience, SEO and performance.

Use JReviews to build City Guides, Classifieds, Business Directories, Product Catalogs, Book Reviews, Events, Movie & Gaming Review Databases, Job Boards, Beverage Reviews and so much more.

PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 with corresponding ionCube loader and json, bcmath, mbstring and fileinfo extensions

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Client Testimonials

Amazing product, even better support

At first we were a little skeptical about Jreviews because it looked "too good to be true". We downloaded the trial and literally 30 minutes later, we bought the product because it was simply amazing. The support here at reviewsforjoomla is second to none. Everytime we have issues Alejandro answers within 5 minutes or even less. This product is the best out there and is always getting better. I don't know where yourwiseguy.com would be if it wasn't powered by Jreviews.

-- Joey Campos, CEO, Yourwiseguy.com

Powerful review component

I get what I pay for!Fully integrated with my joomla template and I can build a review site in almost minutes.I got answers after I post questions on their support forum in hours.I feel I even don't need to submit a ticket.

-- Product Review

GeoMaps Is Everything I've been looking for.......

I am already a fan of Jreviews, but I am now a huge fan of GeoMaps. There aren't many components that I can get for $49 that I can plug in, fill a few things out and BAM! it's up and ready to go.

Nice job!

-- Christopher Hall, Owner, ReddingWebDesign.net

Unparalleled Customer Service

I have purchased and used JReviews in the past for other clients and had no trouble installing and configuring them to work within their Joomla sites, but never needed to purchase any add-ons prior this new project I acquired.

I had several programming issues I caused and could not solve them unless I used my prior backup and lose all the data entry. The usual case of I should have read the documentation before attempting to install, but I was in a rush to see the new product work. So, I gave in, like asking for directions at a gas station, and submitted a ticket to the help desk.

To my surprise, within 5 minutes, I had a response back from Alejandro. Not only was the response to my ticket a great surprise, but he had fixed my issues prior to sending me an email that he was on the case and working on it. I’m used to the other way around of getting an email stating they are working on it and never hearing back. But, not from this company!

I was so impressed that I asked two (well more than 2 but who is counting) other questions in my email and not on the ticket submitted and those were answered not only to my satisfaction, but well beyond it.

I still need to purchase several of the add-ons for this current project and I am sure Alejandro will be there with a safety net when I mess things up, AGAIN!

I would highly recommend this company, its products, and when things go awry, the help desk. You have a very loyal customer for life.

-- Jonathan Fleischer, WebMaster/Graphic Designer, Digital Creations USA

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