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  1. Optimized for Google, Facebook and Twitter so you can focus on creating a great site with great content
  2. You are in control of your data because it's stored on your server
  3. Flexible, feature-rich and customizable solution with first-rate support
  4. Stable software that has been on the market for over 14 years, and available as a Joomla Extension and WordPress Plugin
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We've put together a powerful and extensive feature set that are unmatched. Our products and support will empower you to build the site you want, whether it's a review site, business directory, product catalog, store locator, classifieds and practically any other application you can imagine.

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Customer Testimonials

You can also read our customer reviews on Trustpilot and the Joomla Extensions Directory

... I'm amazed at the level of support we get for the ridiculously low price that JReviews charges ... our JReviews site did over 10 million pageviews in October and the software was rock solid. Keep up the good work guys!

-- Rick Davis, Founder, EatLocalGrown

I run a large website based on JReviews (we have several clusters of servers with millions of users) and I have had nothing but fantastic support from JReviews. DrinkedIn has about a quarter million listings and millions of users... and we even use the JReviews structure to drive our mobile app ... I can't say enough regarding the team at JReviews. They've often gone beyond their obligation and have helped out in ways they didn't have to ... I'm sure as you use JReviews, you'll appreciate what it will do for you.

-- Haim Barad, CEO, DrinkedIn

I have used JReviews for more than 6 years and it's by far the best plugin I've ever used for any platform. If this is not enough, they also have the best documentation and best support, both through forum and ticket, that I've ever found around.

-- Ricardo Sangion

Everything about JReviews is World Class. It is a very advanced, multi featured and easy to use product that works very smoothly 'out of the box' as a standalone item or integrated with other software. JReviews is so versatile the possibilities are endless, you can build anything you want (the addons are the same high quality as the core product) with minimal effort, safe in the knowledge that the support provided by the team is superb - fast, helpful, reliable, innovative, responsive to feedback and focused on providing a solution that is best for the customer..

-- Richard B, Owner, BowlsChat