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JReviews is the most complete Joomla Reviews Component and WordPress Reviews Plugin — It's also in a class of its own as a business directory.

Why choose us and JReviews? Because we have been passionately developing it for the past 10 YEARS. We've put together a powerful and extensive feature set that are unmatched. Our products and support will empower you to build your dream site, whether it's a review site, business directory, product catalog, store locator, classifieds and practically any other application you can imagine.

We stand 100% behind our products so you get outstanding support and our 30-day money back guarantee

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Some of JReviews most important features include: multiple directories and listing types; custom fields for listings and reviews; photo, video, audio and attachment uploads; user and editor reviews with multi-criteria ratings; advanced search and listing comparison.

And now every JReviews license comes with the RapidLauncher Add-on which makes getting started with JReviews a breeze!


You can read below why our clients are loving JReviews!

Reliable Service 24/7

The service I receive with JReviews is so incredible and reliable it is almost like having one of the developers sitting in your living room. Everytime I submit a ticket I receive lighting fast responses. I also appreciate the way their techs talk to you like a normal person, and don't treat you as if you are stupid. They show extreme amounts of patience and work with you until the problem is solved, even going as far as to logging into your site and fixing it personally if the problem still can't be fixed
through their guidance. They answer my questions and help me on a round the clock basis, and have never failed at solving any issues that come up, which are always just a lack of knowledge on my part.

-- MBeck, Owner, Yookeroo

Fantastic Product with Support to Match

J Reviews has proved to be a very good product for use on our website and it has enabled us to become unique in the World of Golf Course Reviews. The support provided by Alejandro and his team is quick and informative and we have yet to come up with an issue he has been unable to resolve.

-- Andrew Birrell, Operations Director, RateYourCourse UK Ltd

Amazing Product and even more amazing Support

We have tried every possible review module/component for Joomla out there and once we got it set up and running this is by far the most extensive and full-featured reviews program out there. The support was even better than I was expecting (and after reading the other reviews, my expectations were already high), and while I don't get time to review many other components, this one is so special that I took the time to let anybody know that if you are looking for solid review system for your site, then look no more. Amazing!

-- Lance Z, President, Red Line Superstore

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