Supercharge your site with Add-ons

The core functionality of JReviews already lets you put together an incredible site. If you want to extend it with even more features you've got a few add-ons to choose from.

A notifications powerhouse that will keep your site members engaged and always coming back! It includes an activity stream, category and listing follows, search alerts, notifications for users via email, web push and site dashboard, and notifications for admins via Slack. Read more

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
AMP is a Google-backed project that enables pages on your site to load almost instantly on mobile devices. The AMP Add-on for JReviews includes a specially designed listing detail page theme and styles that are automatically used in AMP requests. If you want to AMPlify your mobile search presence, this is the right add-on for that! Read more

The Import Add-on is so versatile that you can use it not only to import NEW listings, but also to UPDATE existing ones. Both Import and Export jobs are highly configurable so you can quickly establish a workflow for inserting new content, exporting it for updates, and importing it back. You can also import photos and embedded videos and even automatically create new field options and field option relations. Read more

MapsPro powers JReviews geo-directory functionality by allowing you to display maps and provide location and proximity searches on your site. MapsPro supports multiple providers for maps and geocoding services including OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, Google, Nominatim and ArcGIS. Read more

Make money with your website by accepting payments for listing submissions and for enhanced listings with custom fields and media. Read more

Increase traffic to your site by harnessing the power of your brand and content by giving publishers the ability to add customizable widgets that display your site content on their websites. Read more

Create user loyalty and site stickiness by allowing your site users to create their own public and private lists (wishlist, watchlist, etc.). Site owners can also create pre-defined lists. Read more

Add a low-overhead, yet powerful, profile system to your site that takes advantage of all the features in JReviews like multi media uploads, custom fields, user reviews and advanced search. UserProfiles.

Complement your listings with 3rd party resources (deals, affiliate links, news, articles, awards, ...). The add-on can handle any resource that you want to include that doesn't require a separate listing. Read more

One powerful review system for all your needs. Extend the user review functionality from JReviews to other components, then manage all reviews from a single place. Plugins for leaving reviews in EasySocial and JomSocial profiles are included. Read more