Refund Policy

We really pride ourselves in the quality of our products and support service. If you encounter issues or have questions after your purchase please don't hesitate to contact us first so we can help you resolve it.

Which products are refundable

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on new purchases for all of our products. Refunds are not available for renewals of support & updates.

From time to time we may offer bundles for sale. You can request a refund for the entire bundle, but we don't offer partial refunds for individual products inside the bundle.

Payment processor fees excluded from refund

When requesting a refund, we will refund your payment, excluding all transaction fees charged by the payment processor, PayPal or Stripe. There's a fixed fee of ~$0.30, plus a percentage fee that can range from 2.9% to 4.4% of the paid amount, with the percentage varying depending on whether it's a US-based or international payment.

How to request a refund

To request a refund you can sign in using your account details and submit a support ticket, or you can also use the contact page to send us an email.

Price adjustments

We are happy to process a price adjustment for you if we reduce the price of any product that you have ordered from us within seven (7) days from the date that you purchased it. We offer price adjustments only for products purchased at the original price. Each item that you purchase from us is eligible for only one (1) price adjustment. To request a price adjustment, please use our contact form or our support ticket system and provide the order information for the eligible products.