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The JReviews extension combines the functionality of a Joomla directory component and a Joomla reviews component into a single, powerful and user-friendly component. JReviews is in constant development with a strong emphasis on user experience, SEO and performance. Use JReviews to build City Guides, Classifieds, Business Directories, Product Catalogs, Book Reviews, Events, Movie & Gaming Review Databases, Job Boards, Beverage Reviews and so much more. JReviews for Joomla leverages the core Joomla category and content system; it is very flexible and has an extensive feature-set.


Getting started with JReviews is a breeze!

Included with every license, the RapidLauncher Add-on provides one-click installation of sample data.


Extend listing and review forms with custom fields.
JReviews Listing Form
JReviews Joomla directory listing form with custom fields
JReviews Joomla directory listing form with custom fields
JReviews Joomla directory review form with custom fields
JReviews Joomla listing and review media form

Start off with standard forms containing the basic fields for listings and reviews and extend them with custom fields. There are many types of fields to choose from including non-standard inputs like Related Listings to connect listings with one another. It is also possible to control user access settings and to customize the rendered output of each field.

Through the use of Listing Types, you can design multiple listing and review forms so they are tailored to each of your categories. For example if you have Venues and Events listing types each one can have different forms that collect different information.


Empower site visitors with favorites, claims, enquiries and comparison.
JReviews Listings
JReviews Joomla directory listings
JReviews Joomla directory listings
JReviews Joomla directory listings comparison
JReviews Joomla directory listings favorites

Let your vistors make the most of your site with these great features. They'll be able to create their favorite list, claim listing ownership so they can manage their own listing, submit an enquiry to a listing owner and easily compare multiple listings on the site.

It's very easy to submit listings on the front-end of the site so you can allow site members or even guests so contribute new content. With fine-grained access controls you choose which listings are automatically published and which go into moderation.

Editor & User Reviews

Define unlimited rating criteria and choose your rating scale.
JReviews Joomla listing reviews
JReviews Joomla user review summary
JReviews Joomla user review
JReviews Joomla editor review
JReviews Joomla listing type multiple ratings criteria

Build your site just the way you want with the ability to define different sets of rating criteria for each of your listing types. You can establish the rating scale that will be used on the site and also assign different weights to each rating criteria.

Top rated lists take into account both the average rating and the number of reviews a listing has received for more accurate results. Listings can also be ordered by rating for each individual rating criteria. So for example, your site visitors would be able to find top rated restaurants based on the quality of food alone, instead of only by average of food, atmosphere, service and pricing. Your site visitors will be able to vote on reviews and use the review search functionality to find reviews that match their keywords.

Editor reviews allows you to give your business or trusted users the ability to post reviews that are shown, and averaged, separately from the user reviews.


Include videos, photos, audio and attachments in listings and reviews.
JReviews Joomla photos, videos, attachments and audio
JReviews Joomla listing and review photos
JReviews Joomla listing and review videos
JReviews Joomla listing and review attachments
JReviews Joomla listing and review audio

Listings and Reviews can have any type of media associated with them. Each media type is automatically recognized and videos and audio files are automatically converted to HTML5 compatible formats so they play in all browsers. You can import media files directly from other sites and automatically embed videos from the most popular video sharing sites.

Choose from multiple layouts and display options for videos and photos and you can even have different settings for each of your listing types. For example you can display a photo gallery in the detail page for Hotels and use a film-strip layout for Movie listings.

Let users find exactly what they need.
JReviews Advanced Search
JReviews Advanced Search
JReviews Advanced Search
JReviews Live Search
JReviews Advanced Search Module

Create custom Advanced Search Modules to let users quickly find what they are looking for, including the ability to search listings by rating. You can design multiple forms with different inputs or let users use the default Advanced Search page where they can search listings by listing type, category and the defined search fields.

The Live Search feature improves the user experience by loading results in real time as the user types in keywords or makes selection from the Advanced Search Module.

When combined with the GeoMaps Add-on the Advanced Search Module is also capable of performing proximity searches using postal codes, partial or complete addresses.


Give your site a social side with seamless JomSocial and EasySocial integration.
JReviews EasySocial Integration
JReviews EasySocial Activities
JReviews EasySocial MyListings Plugin
JReviews EasySocial MyFavorites Plugin
JReviews EasySocial MyReviews Plugin

All user actions appear in the EasySocial and JomSocial activity streams to enrich your community. New listings, media, reviews and review discussions can be posted to the stream in addition to favorites and votes on reviews and media.

The EasySocial and JomSocial user avatar and name is also shown on user contributed content linked to their profile. Three Community plugins are available to display a user's listings, reviews and favorites in the user's profile page.


We've got you covered with Structured Data for listings and reviews.
Structured Data
Structured Data
Structured Data
Structured Data
JReviews Structured Data Settings

We implement, Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards.

Review and Breadcrumbs structured data markup is output by default to increase the probability that you'll get nicer results in SERPs.

It is also possible to configure each of the site Listing Types with different and Facebook Open Graph object types.

JReviews for Joomla Modules

We've put together eleven different Modules to make your site stand out from the pack!
JReviews Modules
JReviews Modules
JReviews Modules
JReviews Modules
JReviews Modules

We know it's important to display different information throughout the site and once installed you'll find the following Modules available, each one with many configuration settings:

  • Advanced Search
  • Listings Advanced Filtering
  • Reviews Advanced Filtering
  • Directories
  • Listings
  • Reviews
  • Fields
  • Range
  • Media
  • User Favorites
  • Totals

We've also implemented a ShortCodes system that allows you to place the output of listings, reviews and custom fields anywhere on the site.

JReviews for Joomla Add-ons

JReviews Add-ons
JReviews GeoMaps Add-on
JReviews GeoMaps Add-on
JReviews WidgetFactory Add-on
JReviews Listing Resources Add-on

The core functionality of JReviews already lets you put together an incredible site. If you want to extend it with even more features we've got a few add-ons to choose from.

GeoMaps: Bring the power of Google Maps to your site. Add proximity search to the Advanced Search, display maps, streetview and directions. The add-on includes a Module to display maps anywhere on your site.

WidgetFactory: Harness the power of your brand and content by giving publishers the ability to add customizable widgets that display your site content on their websites.

MyLists: Keep users coming back to your site by allowing them to create their own public and private lists (wishlist, watchlist, etc.). Site owners can also create pre-defined lists.

UserProfiles: Add a powerful profile system to your site that takes advantage of all the powerful features in JReviews like multi media uploads, custom fields, user reviews and advanced search.

ListingResources: Complement your listings with 3rd party resources (deals, affiliate links, news, articles, awards, ...). The add-on can handle any resource that you want to include that doesn't require a separate listing.

PaidListings: Make money with your website by accepting payments for listing submissions and for enhanced listings with custom fields and media.

Everywhere: One powerful review system for all your needs. Extend the user review functionality from JReviews to other components, then manage all reviews from a single place. Plugins for leaving reviews in EasySocial and JomSocial profiles are included.

FBAppFactory: Build, brand and distribute your own Apps that others can install, configure and display on their Facebook pages..

Quick2Cart: Turn JReviews into an E-commerce powerhouse! Sell physical and digital goods and even start your own marketplace.

Excellent Customer Support

The features and strength of the product are coupled with outstanding customer support and backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. We release frequent updates to roll out new features and improve the existing functionality.

Testimonials from JReviews Clients

Real asset in your online business

Jreviews turned out to be a real asset, a very valuable part of our present and future endeavors. The software is flexible and complex enough to allow you to build almost any kind of data driven web portal. It is easy to jump in and start using Jreviews to build blocks of your future website. If you just want to make things simple, use standard template, be as quick as possible with your website deployment, then Jreviews will do an excellent job. However, if you're eager to make a step ahead and use Jreview's customization capabilities then you'll be surprised how many new ideas will arise. For me the best of all is that you don't have to be programmer to use it, actually you're going to need one to build a website features that Jreviews has already built in. Last, but not least, persons behing Jreviews give incomparable support, making you feel confident about the future of your online presence.

-- nmo.marko, CEO, NMO

Alejandro & JReviews -- A winning combination

Not only is JReviews the best Joomla-based review package, but the support you get from Alejandro is top notch! He gets back to you right a way (usually within 24 hours) and is always extremely helpful. I highly recommend JReviews for your Joomla review & rating site!

-- Rory Lipsky

CSV is an efficient and cost effective tool

CSV makes adding listings to our JReview powered site Sasi Wedding Ideas Magazine effortless - we can manipulate data from many different sources and formats in a standard excel spreadsheet, add new content and then publish hundreds of listings within minutes.

We've used CSV to create galleries of ideas for brides dresses and wedding themes and to update our wedding directory pages.

Although we didn't need help to use the CSV import as it's a really straightforward add on - we've been blown away by the support provided by Alejandro during development of our site with the amazing Jreviews component – this support beats hands down many, many other companies that we have dealt with.

CSV is an efficient and cost effective tool for your Jreviews website toolkit- buy with confidence!

-- Cath Jones, Sasi Wedding Magazine

The perfect review component for our Joomla hosting site!

JReviews is the best review component out there. At our website, we help people find the best joomla hosting with our
reviews and ratings. JReviews helps us to accomplish these goals. It's ready
to use out of the box and highly customizable. This is a great product!

-- David Blane, Intown Web Design

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