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JReviews is the Swiss Army Knife equivalent of a Joomla extension and WordPress plugin. It's a multi-purpose solution that allows you to create almost any type of site and to use JReviews within the same site for different purposes. Whether you need to build a City Guide, Business Directory, Classifieds Ads, Jobs Board, or a Product Reviews Catalog, all of this and much more is possible with JReviews. With over 12 years of continuous development, JReviews boasts thousands of features and a strong add-on offering that allow you to build a functional and very powerful platform for your site visitors.

Since 2006, over 7,000 clients have used our products to fulfill their dreams of starting up their own business. JReviews was created by Alejandro Schmeichler and it's the longest running reviews project for Joomla. The idea for the project started as a hobby in 2005 out of the need for a multi-criteria rating solution for a reviews site. This product was called Xtdratings and Alejandro made it available for free and created a website to support it. It became so successful at the time, that it led to the development of JReviews, first for Mambo CMS, and later for Joomla. In 2010, JReviews was folded into ClickFWD, a business dedicated to providing web-based software solutions. And in 2014, the first version of JReviews for WordPress was released.

Alejandro Schmeichler is the lead developer and project manager for JReviews. He has an Electronics Engineering degree from Universidad Simón Bolivar in Venezuela and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Alejandro has been working in the development of software solutions for over 12 years.

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Great Support!

We have had JReviews on our website for about eight years and it has been a great experience. On occasion we will have a problem, but the support we receive is excellent. The response is very timely and any problem we have ever had was always resolved to our satisfaction.

-- Steve Bourie, President, American Casino Guide

I had a big dream for my website and JReviews helped me accomplish it!

I took me a little to get used to but after I did it's a dream. Easy to configure to my needs. The support for it is outstanding too. Looking forward to more updates!

I wouldn't be able to finish my website without JReviews. It's the only review component you'll ever need!

-- Tosh Hatch, Webmaster, SlySpyder - Reviews for everything, yes I mean EVERYTHING!

Great Support for a Great Software

This is an amazing product with an amazing support! Go on!

-- Yannis Karampelas, owner, netstudio web design

A Truly Professional Component

I have been using jreviews for several years now, with excellent results. In the Joomla world you get what you pay for, and once in a while you get more than you pay for. That is the case for jreviews. It is a true professional component that does exactly what it is said to, and when it does't, the top-notch support makes sure it does! The support is the best support of any component I have used in the joomla community by far. Thanks for such an outstanding component and support to match.

-- Josh Arnold, Owner, ATV Escape, LLC

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