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JReviews is the Swiss Army Knife equivalent of a Joomla extension and WordPress plugin. It's a multi-purpose solution that allows you to create almost any type of site and to use JReviews within the same site for different purposes. Whether you need to build a City Guide, Business Directory, Classifieds Ads, Jobs Board, or a Product Reviews Catalog, all of this and much more is possible with JReviews. With over 12 years of continuous development, JReviews boasts thousands of features and a strong add-on offering that allow you to build a functional and very powerful platform for your site visitors.

Since 2006, over 7,000 clients have used our products to fulfill their dreams of starting up their own business. JReviews was created by Alejandro Schmeichler and it's the longest running reviews project for Joomla. The idea for the project started as a hobby in 2005 out of the need for a multi-criteria rating solution for a reviews site. This product was called Xtdratings and Alejandro made it available for free and created a website to support it. It became so successful at the time, that it led to the development of JReviews, first for Mambo CMS, and later for Joomla. In 2010, JReviews was folded into ClickFWD, a business dedicated to providing web-based software solutions. And in 2014, the first version of JReviews for WordPress was released.

Alejandro Schmeichler is the lead developer and project manager for JReviews. He has an Electronics Engineering degree from Universidad Simón Bolivar in Venezuela and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Alejandro has been working in the development of software solutions for over 12 years.

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Unparalleled support

I was searching for comparing extension for Joomla. I received recommendation for JReviews from its competitor. JReviews promissed many features that I wanted. But I was unsure how they work and whether I will be able to use them. I asked many questions before I decided to buy JReviews. What convinced me were very professional replies to my sometimes dilletante questions before I even decided to buy.

I never regreted to have purchased JReviews. Now I am using it for about 4 months and I can say it is excellent extension. At the beginning I thought it will be complicated. Although is has very many features its administration is quite easy and I learned to use it very fast. There is excellent documentation for JReviews and its template. Obviously I had many question that I posted in the forum. Each of them was answered within one day. Many times within minutes. Although my programming knowledge is basic with the help of Kristian and Alejandro I am able to use overrides for individualising of my site.

I must say that I have never experienced such professional and friendly support. For all my questions, even for stupid ones I received well meant reply and advices that went many times further over my query.

I want to express to Kristian and above all to Alejandro my greatest thanks.

-- Max Jung

Where do i start ...

I've been using the Jreviews component for my Joomla based website for 2-3 years now, suffice to say I've stuck around and wouldn't contemplate moving fro the Jreviews family. Here's why:

Support, upgrades and functionality are the three main factors that keep me coming back for more, I had started using JReviews with my first Joomla based website after migrating from the Wordpress platform (of which JReviews now supports both Wordpress and Joomla), as a complete novice I would recommend new users to thoroughly read the JReviews configuration manual before getting their hands dirty, having said that the support provided by both Alejandro and Kristian really is second to none (the best I've ever experienced), "I don't know where they find the time to manage such a large operation whilst providing such a high level of support along side maintaining the JReviews service - truly outstanding..".

To cut short what would potentially be a very long testimonial, I will sum JReviews up like this:

It is of the absolute pinnacle where it comes to reviews integration for CMS based websites, you can expect a seriously high level of functionality considering all of the coding is done by someone else "it has everything you could possibly wish for, and if it doesn't, the JReviews team are always open minded to new suggestions on top of providing that all important A** customer satisfaction / support."

My last words..?

You can stop researching for other extensions now, pick JREVIEWS, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT - SERIOUSLY!!!

-- Andrew James, Site Administrator, AirRifleReviews UK

Thanks for this great product

I am suprised that you always find room for improvement in every update. Every update offers new features to make jreviews more powerful. I normally dont extend subscription plans, but for jreviews it´s worth every penny. Because jreviews team really work on this software and you regularly offer great enhancements. If I compare the jreviews version that I bought in the beginning with the latest jreviews version, you can say, thats nearly a new product... I would recommend this product to my friends.

-- Sascha Pavlyuchenkov, CEO, OOO SEPR Gambling

JReviews is complete and flexible - Great Software

My history with JReviews dates back to Dec 2008 with the purchasing of our first license. Very rarely do I find a $200 Web Software solution, that after deployment, still has me scratching my head trying to figure out what more can it be used for.

JReviews has the capabilities, support, documentation and features you would expect from an enterprise-class solution after a heavy financial investment.

This is software that demand attention in two critical areas. An immaculate business plan and an appetite for creativity. The software is flexible, very much so, that without an exact idea what you want to use it for, will have you over-configuring it for a simple website or under-utilizing its massive range of features and options.

JReviews has a particular technical strength, its ability to be dynamic and versatile. Listings can relate to each or be associated to criteria within the review of another listing. The listings will appear based on what you’ve determined to be critical in a decision-making process…see what I mean?.....it gets hairy.

Although the software is cited by the creator as a directory and review solution, it can be used for something as simple as a blog. You can add have reviews for articles, make those articles into recommended articles based on the input from others, the applications are endless.

The team behind the software consistently adds new features, but streamlining previous additions, allowing you to grow with the solution, a necessary element since it’s such an involved solution.

Another great element is the fantastic support, irrespective of the time zone difference of 6-7 hours. I’ve raised my questions early morning my time and a response with a solution pops up hours later.

A true challenge for anyone wanting to use JReviews is the tough decision: “Am I going to use all of it or some of it?”

The solution comes pre-equipped with the Rapid Launcher, allowing the seamless import of some or all of the demo directories. This allows good insight into the setup and configurations of a good system. From here you can delete listings and further improve on the configuration to suite your needs.

JReviews takes great advantage of Joomla and Wordpress in that it will work with the posts/articles, since the listings are the posts and articles. Styling and display optimization is inherited but customizations are taken care of inside JReviews through an overrides features. In this way, changes are not overwritten with updates of the software.

On a final note, if you desire even more complexity, you can make use of the various custom parameters to use the system’s ability in generating a rich and informed user-experience.

JReviews is well-documented, it is well-supported and it requires time to set up all depending on how fully you want to use the software. Not a penny is wasted on JReviews if you have the time and creativity to use it well…….everything in this review is possible without changing a single line of code.

-- IvorIJ

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