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5.0.10 RC3 - May 23, 2024


  • Fix ordering not working in my reviews page.
  • Fix blade view component namespaces need to be double escaped.
  • Add database migration to ensure jreviews_content.publish_down column is nullable (old version upgrades)
  • Add database migration to fix outdated jreviews_directories table (old version upgrades)
  • Dark mode improvements for empty state view component.
  • (Joomla) Updated schemapath in install manifest to fix Joomla error due to missing type.


  • (WordPress) Remove suffix from asset handlers for the first asset when there are multiple assets in the same namespace (i.e. alpine)


  • Performance improvements for admin side database queries.
  • Switch to using primary keys for ordering in moderation pages for faster queries.

5.0.9 RC2 - May 10, 2024


  • (WordPress) Re-write of JReviews page menu system and widget settings, broken after recent update.


  • Change jreviews_config id length to fix InnoDB index length error on new installs.
  • Add jreviews_categories.marker_icon column migration for older updates.
  • Fix manual addon install/uninstall issues.
  • Fix include relative base URL in local storage disk.
  • Fix handling of CDATA in Xml manifests.

5.0.8 RC1 - May 1, 2024


  • Fix wrong options shown in Image Position setting in card layout customizer.
  • (Joomla) Fix smart search indexing error when a listing is found in a category without a listing type.

5.0.7 Beta 2 - April 21, 2024


  • Fix install error on InnoDB databases while creating jreviews temporary files table index.
  • Fix JReviews module param overwriting main page action value causing the ordering list to hide.
  • Fix admin option values for number of results per page not matching the option text.
  • Fix audio player not loading in front-end media edit dialog.
  • Fix front-end attachment downloads not working.
  • (WordPress) Fix error when using Avada theme.