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Excellent product and fantastic support
We are really satisfied by JReviews, and the support is really top. All questions get answered in a very quick time.
Really recommending their product, stable, and very well designed.
-- tianjinexpats
Hands down the best listing and review plugin for Wordpress
While I've had many custom solutions for front end solutions for adding listings, reviews, images, videos and more - It's been time consuming and expensive. jReviews solves this problem like no other plugin for Wordpress.
It has a vast array of options to fit my needs as well as being friendly for my users and community. With the add-ons you are able to think outside the box and view your product differently, finding new ways to add functionality. It's also SEO friendly, code optimized and adapts easily to my own very specific needs.
The backend features so many options it can sometimes be difficult to find a specific setting but thankfully jReviews provides one of the best support teams, often replying within 24 hours.
I can highly recommend this plugin and it's well worth the price.
Hands down the best listing and review plugin for Wordpress
-- Staffan, Product manager, Valdemar Web
Great directory software and fantastic support
I have been using this for two business directories and the features are the best. My support tickets were handled promptly and the support was first class. Well worth the fee!
-- Marisa Giancarla
The best directory plugin on the market
I have been using JReviews for my art gallery website since 2011. I have only good things to say about JReviews. The most significant advantage is its unparalleled flexibility to create a custom reviews and listing submission directory of any kind. It is very powerful, very easy to customize and very user-friendly. I have hundreds of users who write compliments on the website because of the ease and freedom they have to add, edit and control their own listings. I recommend JReviews to anybody starting a submission-based website, with incredible search features, custom fields, and now with the new advanced filtering, JReviews just keeps getting better and better and never ceases to amaze me. if you know basic HTML you can make your JReviews listings design 100% unique and with great documentation from JReviews you can create all the features of other top level websites that cost thousands. JReviews is the best investment I have made for my business and I highly recommend JReviews to anyone who is serious about creating a professional website for reviews, directories and listing submission of any kind.
The best directory plugin on the market
-- Miguel Bevia, Artenet, Artenet
JReviews is simply the best directory and review solution
If you are looking for a review solution or a city guide, as was my case, you don't need to look any further. JReviews is a complete and comprehensive solution that is really customizable and with one of the best support teams I ever met (and I have worked with a lot of extension developers).

If you are a Wordpress user maybe this was a show stopper before, but now they provide the same solution both for Joomla and Wordpress. (I recommend Joomla, but not because of this extension because it is identical on both platforms).

The extension is so big and with so many options that I can't say it is super easy to setup. However, the documentation is clear and the support is helpful. Once you understand the concept and the structure the learning curve can be quickly overcome.
-- Emilio Navas, CEO, Hong Kong | Framed
Great features and support
This is a great extension for Joomla, with great support should you need it. Very pleased with this extension!
-- Marisa Giancarla
World's Best Review Application for Joomla & Wordpress on the Web!
The flexibility of this application is endless. It offers so much and it can be used not just for a review website, but also for blogging. I really like the way they built something that is not just a platform that can provide the usual stuff and that you can find in other applications. Almost everything you need can be found in JReviews.
From SEO, Internal Linking, Flexibility on reviews and fields per categories, map support, advanced filtering, modules you can use, and even customizing it to whatever you want, name it! It's all there.

Most of all, the support provided by the team (especially Alejandro) is the best of them all.

This is a highly recommended Application. Get it now! It is well worth the price.
World's Best Review Application for Joomla & Wordpress on the Web!
-- John Torre, Founder, EasyWeb Philippines
Help when we needed help!
As OJT (on the job training) tech support, I was introduced to Joomla 1.5 and JReviews after having worked on a Drupal platform for our website. I found JReviews to be the easier part to grasp from the get go. It's going on 8 years of working on the site, two attempts have been made to upgrade to a higher level of Joomla, but the scope of the job and the fact that the chosen template wasn't available on Joomla 2.5 left us in the dust. Technology is moving on, the hosting platform warned of the need to upgrade to CENTOS7, an upgrade of PHP, etc., etc. and after a significant hack of our website, I was left scrambling and dependent on the experience of our hosting support and on JReviews support. Our JReviews support has been the best, my questions answered and, Alejandro even helped fix some issues still remaining after our hosting site backed up the PHP to 5.3. We are looking at a new website (keeping our website) for the time being on WordPress and have already purchased both JReviews for WordPress and the iReview theme as well. I am very grateful that the owner of our website, knowing how well JReviews worked for us on Joomla, agreed to move forward with JReviews on his new WordPress based project. Thanks to JReviews support for many jobs (support tickets) well done!!!
-- Jackie Awtry, Tech Support
Best Joomla reviews component with the best support
I have been using JReviews for five years for our literary reviews website where we now have over ten thousand user reviews, so I can say this is the best Joomla reviews component with the best support. From the beginning, I was impressed by the scope and flexibility of use of JReviews. The competence of the support team is also a great experience. Once you have a problem, the team helps as fast as possible - either in the forum or by email (ticket). For me, JReviews is the best and most important Joomla Extension.
-- Susanne Kasper, Literaturschock
Feature packed component with BEST support going... Amazing Product!
The features of JReviews seem endless and they just keep coming. Out of the box JReviews clearly satisfies intended users needs and does everything it is intended to do and more. Once kicking the tires its easy to realize the power of this great component, the only thing needed is your touch of imagination.

The installation, configuration and setup of JReviews is well documented plus the forums provide a vast wealth of information. As with any software there is a learning curve which I found this curve to be short lived. The best way to get started is jump in with both feet, read, read and read more. Follow the documentation and try it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. JReviews is gracious enough to provide a trial period, many providers don't. Big Plus!

JReviews is easily customizable even for a beginner like myself. I have found the documentation and forums provide better then 95% of answers to questions. The excellent support handles the rest. Just follow the setup guide, watch the videos and dig into the Tips and Tricks section and you won't look back. The addons to expand versatility are worth every penny plus they are developed in house. Another Big Plus!

When it comes to support Alejandro and Kristian are two of the best in the industry. They are Prompt!, Professional! and Eager! to understand your questions and provide spot on answers every time. They are to the point, handling every situation with Integrity. I know JReviews is a great component, It sells itself without question. For me the unparalleled support is the icing on the cake for such a feature packed component. Great Job Guys!!!
-- Daniel H.
The most valuable extension and support I have ever experienced in the past 10 years
I never submitted a testimonial for any Joomla extensions in the past 10 years including the Mambo age, but after using JReviews since 2007, I must say this is the most valuable extension and support I have ever experienced. As a company we not only need solid feature extension, but more importantly solid support. The JReviews support team answers 99% of our support tickets with 24 hours in the past 8 years, this is something I never got from other Joomla extensions I used. They also listen to user needs and suggestions, and keep improving the extension.
-- sky
Where do i start ...
I've been using the Jreviews component for my Joomla based website for 2-3 years now, suffice to say I've stuck around and wouldn't contemplate moving fro the Jreviews family. Here's why:

Support, upgrades and functionality are the three main factors that keep me coming back for more, I had started using JReviews with my first Joomla based website after migrating from the Wordpress platform (of which JReviews now supports both Wordpress and Joomla), as a complete novice I would recommend new users to thoroughly read the JReviews configuration manual before getting their hands dirty, having said that the support provided by both Alejandro and Kristian really is second to none (the best I've ever experienced), "I don't know where they find the time to manage such a large operation whilst providing such a high level of support along side maintaining the JReviews service - truly outstanding..".

To cut short what would potentially be a very long testimonial, I will sum JReviews up like this:

It is of the absolute pinnacle where it comes to reviews integration for CMS based websites, you can expect a seriously high level of functionality considering all of the coding is done by someone else "it has everything you could possibly wish for, and if it doesn't, the JReviews team are always open minded to new suggestions on top of providing that all important A** customer satisfaction / support."

My last words..?

You can stop researching for other extensions now, pick JREVIEWS, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT - SERIOUSLY!!!
-- Andrew James, Site Administrator, AirRifleReviews UK
A Truly Professional Component
I have been using jreviews for several years now, with excellent results. In the Joomla world you get what you pay for, and once in a while you get more than you pay for. That is the case for jreviews. It is a true professional component that does exactly what it is said to, and when it does't, the top-notch support makes sure it does! The support is the best support of any component I have used in the joomla community by far. Thanks for such an outstanding component and support to match.
-- Josh Arnold, Owner, ATV Escape, LLC
Unparalleled support
I was searching for comparing extension for Joomla. I received recommendation for JReviews from its competitor. JReviews promissed many features that I wanted. But I was unsure how they work and whether I will be able to use them. I asked many questions before I decided to buy JReviews. What convinced me were very professional replies to my sometimes dilletante questions before I even decided to buy.

I never regreted to have purchased JReviews. Now I am using it for about 4 months and I can say it is excellent extension. At the beginning I thought it will be complicated. Although is has very many features its administration is quite easy and I learned to use it very fast. There is excellent documentation for JReviews and its template. Obviously I had many question that I posted in the forum. Each of them was answered within one day. Many times within minutes. Although my programming knowledge is basic with the help of Kristian and Alejandro I am able to use overrides for individualising of my site.

I must say that I have never experienced such professional and friendly support. For all my questions, even for stupid ones I received well meant reply and advices that went many times further over my query.

I want to express to Kristian and above all to Alejandro my greatest thanks.
-- Max Jung
World Class Software, Support, Development and Value for Money
Everything about JReviews is World Class.

It is a very advanced, multi featured and easy to use product that works very smoothly 'out of the box' as a standalone item or integrated with other software.

JReviews is so versatile the possibilities are endless, you can build anything you want (the addons are the same high quality as the core product) with minimal effort, safe in the knowledge that the support provided by Alejandro and the team is superb - fast, helpful, reliable, innovative, responsive to feedback and focused on providing a solution that is best for the customer.

The Online documentation and tooltips within the product provide a high level of detailed information for the core elements of the software as well as multiple variations for different scenarios and numerous helpful guides.

It is also excellent value for money at less than 50 cents per day (< 25 cents per day from year 2 onwards) and the best available in this market sector by a wide margin.

We only work with suppliers that we consider to be totally reliable with high quality products, a similar level of support and tremendous value for money; JReviews easily meets all those conditions.

JReviews is an essential part of any website that requires a Directory environment, it is an amazing package and we give it the highest possible recommendation.
-- Richard B, Owner, BowlsChat
Best review system and best support
The Best extension for Joomla if you need rating system.
The support is perfect and very helpfull.
And the most important is that the creating team comes always with new fresh ideas.
Thank you for everything.
-- Dennis Sim
The Best Product and Best Support
The best product I have seen till now. The product gives you ample flexibility to do things in your own way. Without JReviews, it would have been very difficult for us to achieve our requirements. Not only this, the support is so quick and responsive that you feel as if you are talking to somebody face to face. Thanks guys !!!
-- Dimple, Director
Perfect product with perfect support
I had some problems at the beginning but the support fixed them very fast.
So my module is running perfect.

Thanks to Alejandro ! You make a real good job !
-- Heiko Stüber, Famility
Perfect component, perfect support, perfect manual
I´m very pleased with your component and it works like a charm. Almost one update per week to improving the component and eliminating small bugs.
Your support is friendly, fast and professional. Documentations is excellent either explained in videos or in manuals.
I can recommend it to all users who wants to create a review site or guide on his joomla site. This component is worth each cent!!
-- Karl Stöckl, private
Above and Beyond
I initially bought Jreviews a little hesitantly, worried because I had very specific needs and I knew that I would have to customize it to make it work for me. I, as a beginner website developer desperately wanted this to work for me, and with the help from the support team it has for-filled my my every hope. The product is AMAZING "right outta the box" and I will probably look for ways to use it on other sites. The support that I received for my specific requests though was truly patient and beyond what I deserved really :P I asked alot!! I could not thank them enough.. I know I must have been annoying them in the end, but they always were fantastic! They have helped make a dream of mine come true, creating my website, and hopefully it will be a success. It could not have been done with out them. Jreveiws is so fantastic and the support is even better! Nobody could ask for more!
-- Katie Browning
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