Client Testimonials

Great Support!
We have had JReviews on our website for about eight years and it has been a great experience. On occasion we will have a problem, but the support we receive is excellent. The response is very timely and any problem we have ever had was always resolved to our satisfaction.
Great Support!
-- Steve Bourie, President, American Casino Guide
Fantastic Product and Truly Great Support
I have been using JReviews for over 10 years and although the learning curve for me was fairly steep, the product has endless applications and possibilities. The support is second to none and the updates come frequently, making JReviews better and always in tune with its time. Well done to the team behind it. I would highly recommend JReviews to anyone.
Fantastic Product and Truly Great Support
-- Fabien Bello, Founder, Bello Group Ltd
Almost 10 years using jreviews and won't stop!
I have been happily using JReviews for almost 10 years now. I use it on 5 different sites with 5 different themes and it always fits my needs. I use it for a fashion site, dating site, beauty site, music site, and recipes site.

It is incredible how much you can do with JReviews and so easily. I don't have special skills for web development, but with Joomla and JReviews I have created exactly the sites that I wanted. Obviously, all these would not be possible without the amazing support that is provided by the JReviews team. This is the best support I ever received for a Joomla component. It is fast, understanding and extremely helpful.

I have other projects planned for the future and I will definitely keep using JReviews for them. Thank you to the JReviews team for having my back for all these years.
Almost 10 years using jreviews and won't stop!
-- Nadine
Outstanding technical support!
I have been using JReviews for a wine review website ( since 2007 with more than 25000 listings and 5000 reviews. Migrated from Joomla to Wordpress in 2018 and recently from JReviews 2.7 to 3.0. This would have been almost impossible without the technical support provided by Alejandro. He saved me many hours of work! Even low priority tickets are answered the same day. Very professional and dedicated support!
-- Mathieu Fournier
Amazingly functional and useful Joomla extension!
We've been successfully using Jreviews for two years now. It is an amazing extension for our review section. It is fast, customizable (we've only scratched the surface of the customization capabilities), and mobile-friendly. Great support from the developer and constant upgrades with new features (minor and major) and bug fixes. We are using it to help our audience evaluate software systems for schools.
Amazingly functional and useful Joomla extension!
-- Chris Moggia, Founder/Developer, SchoolTechnologyLeadership
I've used JReviews for 7 years and it gets better each year
This is one of the only times I have been compelled to write a review like this, but JReviews is simply fantastic. Back in 2011, I looked high and low for suitable reviews software. I came across JReviews and wow!, what I found was so much more than just reviews.

With JReviews you can build powerful directory, reviews and so much more. I have built sites with all of these features. The support is exceptional and it probably the best I have experienced. I'm very technical with IT, but I am no developer, yet I have built powerful websites using JReviews. It is fast, infinitely powerful and I am yet to come across a serious bug or any kind in all these years.

Take my word for it - don't even bother with the trial - you have already found the perfect platform!
-- Mark H
Always ready and willing to help, EVEN when I don't know what help I need!
Alejandro and his team have supported my team since we began working with Joomla and JReviews at least 8 years ago, but in the last couple of years, when we've really needed support for different ventures we were taking, that's when we have relied most heavily on the fantastic support of the team. If you look at the site, you won't see the correct implementation or actual REVIEWS part of the software, but that isn't the fault of anyone but me and my team...once I purchased the website, I went "rogue" and ended up not using the product as intended. However, the fact that we haven't implemented the software as intended has not stopped Alejandro from supporting us as we have traversed our own On-The-Job implementing to the best of our ability. We have received help, direction, suggestions and even encouragement as we moved forward, and again, now as we embark on another "adventure" upgrading the site. Many thanks to the fine software and the support, even for those who haven't taken full advantage and/or potential of JReviews and the iReview template. We can't thank you enough!!
-- Keith Adee, Owner,
A loyal customer for life!
I had been looking for a reviews component for Joomla for a long time. It was important to be able to create specific fields for the listings and also for the reviews. After trying a lot of different solutions I found JReviews and immediately started playing with the demo site! I was immediately impressed by the flexibility in the custom fields system, allowing you to create different sets of fields for different categories. And the field system is accompanied with powerful search with the advanced filtering module.

I've been using the component for 2 years now and I am really satisfied with the functionality and because the component is frequently updated. Initially I had a lot of questions and the answers came back almost inmmediately. It is very important and pleasant that tech support answers all your questions and quickly!
-- Andrey Hilazon
Invaluable Joomla Component
I've been using JReviews for almost 8 years - since the launch of my site and I'm yet to find a better component or one with better support. It's elevated the listings area of the site more than I could ever have hoped for - and the shortcode functionality is extremely versatile and can be used in a myriad of ways (including for custom listing pages). Highly recommended.
-- Gavin Hanly, Hot Dinners
The best review system and amazing support
Our company is with Jreviews for more than 7 years now, they keep updating and developing the software to today's standards which is wonderfull!
Documentation is carefully put together, the forum is very active and a great source to figure out new stuff, but most importantly, the support...
The support is simply the best! You will always receive an answer, which is my case always has helped me out.

There is so much that the software has to offer and it is amazing how perfectly well every component works together.
Worth every penny. Happy to be a user of this amazing product.
-- Samira
The Best Directory & Reviews Solution Ever
JReviews is amazing - super flexible and intelligent! The Docs and Support are amazing too!

Quick, Helpful, Patient - these are three words describing the best support service which is exactly what you will get with JReviews. I highly recommend it.

My personal thanks and huge respect to Alejandro.
The Best Directory & Reviews Solution Ever
-- Alex,
Incredible Flexibility, Incredible Support
When it came time to develop the My Senior Choices website, an online senior facility and senior providers directory, we knew before we even began that we would use the JReviews component. We have worked on some other projects using the extension and would not even consider building an online directory without it. Its flexibility is unmatched and only limited to your imagination, the pieces all fit and work together so there is no need to purchase a bunch of different extensions which really helps with keeping the site updated and secure. But, by far, the best thing about the extension is the support we get from Alejandro, the developer. If we come up with an idea that he fills will benefit the whole community he will include our requests into future versions, which is so unusual for a Joomla extension developer. We just love every aspect about the extension but we particularly love that we can get into the bowels of it and rewrite it so it suits our specific needs but the extension is written so intelligently that he has devised a method to save those changes so they never get overwritten. It is just so nice to know that if we have a need, it will absolutely be handled by the JReviews extension and the JReviews support.
If you are considering it, buy it, you won't be sorry!
Incredible Flexibility, Incredible Support
-- Cindy Moore, Founder - Managing Partner, My Senior Choices LLC
Absolutely Essential Joomla Extension
We’ve been using JReviews for a few years now and are delighted by the flexibility and the ease-of-use supplied by this absolutely essential Joomla Extension. After shopping around for a bit and comparing other available options, it was quite clear that JReviews would be the winner when it comes to options, usability and functionality - hands-down. We love to use it and the support provided is also absolutely top-notch. Highly recommended!
-- Melanie Samwer, German Association for Hypnosis (DVH)
Great Product, Greater Support
I've had the pleasure of working with JReviews for nearly a decade and I can truly say that it's an amazing and well thought-out framework to work with.
It's hands down the best review system for Joomla! Don't let the "Reviews" in JReviews fool you - it's really robust, you can build more than just a reviews site.

The support is incredible, and the response time is really impressive. Working with Alejandro has always been a pleasure and he's also been very patient with n00b errors on my side.

The software is under continuous improvements , relevant and well documented.

Keep up the great work!!!
-- Shelvin Gungaparsad, Founder, TOPRATED SA
JReviews is more than a plugin, its a solution.
This is what I call a perfect plugin.

I am a professional web developer and use tons of plugins on a daily basis. I have been using JReviews for almost 10 years for multiple smaller sites, mostly for some private projects. Now I am again working on a bigger project and need a review script. Many times before, and again over time, I was searching testing review scripts.... I always end up with JReviews.

I only had to contact the support couple of times over the years, and the ultra fast and perfect response time didn't change over time. This is what support should look like!

JReviews is so well-thought-out for its use cases with endless configuration possibilities that allows you to do just anything. Nothing else compares to this, and there is not much missing. If its still not enough, and you need deeper tweaks in the code or templates then this is also designed perfectly. The system is built robust and in a manner that lets you change things without having to be afraid to break other things if you follow the rules. Again: Fantastic.

New features are added constantly and the development process is always up to date, no lagging behind.

Not really too relevant, but there could be more templates available. I understand the "Why" but as a Dev I don't like IONCube encoded scripts...

Again, after years I still think this is one of the most complex, robust and functionally perfect solutions for review sites.

My number 1 Pick, far ahead of competition.
-- Oliver Hauser
Best Joomla Extension
I have been using JReviews for Joomla for a long time and it's inconceivable to stop using it.

JReviews makes it so easy to realize many different kinds of content like Marketplaces, Business Directories, Dictionaries and awesome articles. All with good looking layouts and outstanding features.

It seems likes the possibilities are unlimited and the support is best ever.
-- Michael Pusch
Excellent software and amazing support
The title says it all. These guys have done a fantastic job. It is very easy to set-up and you can tune-it to make it very very powerful. Code and database are clean, so it is easy to tune.

Plus the support is top notch, not only are they fast, but very efficient. I never had a problem without receiving a solution and a logical explanation with examples of what I did wrong

Really a 5 stars Joomla component. I'm using Joomla only for user and article management and all the rest is 100% JReviews. I'm so happy now not to have to switch between 10 modules with different design and logic.

Events management, City Guide, Product Guide, Classified, User profiles ... there's almost nothing you can't do with JReviews... impatiently waiting for the iPhone and Android app.

Good job guys !!!!!!!!
-- Peter Dijkstra
Best Ever Invention For A Review System
JReviews is one of the most incredible inventions for reviews and listings in WordPress. I am using it on my professional business website as the main tool. The best thing about the JReviews plugin is its flexibility. With this WordPress plugin, you can create anything. Secondly, the support of this plugin is very friendly and quick. The JReviews team never give up to solve the issues and on customizations. They have created what people want and they accept feedback for changes and introduce it in new versions.
Best Ever Invention For A Review System
-- Saud Shah, CEO, Pakistani.PK
Simply the best
JReviews is light years ahead of all the other reviews scripts. You can do pretty much everything with it! And on top of that, the support provided is exceptionally fast, helpful and polite, unlike anything I've experienced before.
-- Dennis
Excellent reviews extension for Joomla
I have tried many different ratings & reviews extensions over the years and I have chosen JReviews because of its powerful multi-criteria rating system and thoughtful integration with JomSocial.
-- Arnaud
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