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Pleasantly surprised. I recommend JReviews for directory and review sites

As the third developer on a project that has stalled for over a year, I came into it not knowing anything about JReviews. To be honest, I still do not know how to fully utilize all of the features. I had a deadline and a site that was a disaster full of hacked templates and mysterious settings. I needed to get this site up and running before March 17 because the owner is planning an email blast to 20,000 users.

The site was slow on a shared hosting plan at godaddy, so I moved it to a dedicated server and now it flies. It loads in 1.7 seconds. I then had to attack the templates. The developers that preceded me made quite a mess. After fiddling around with it for about a week, I finally gave up and started with fresh templates.

I had some javascript conflicts and Alejandro and Kristian were all over it. They guided me through and even logged into the backend to assist me. All in all. I enlisted their assistance in about 4 issues that were crippling the site.

Considering the fact that the license was purchased over a year ago and previous developers had hacked up the site, I really did not expect much in the way of support from the developers. I was pleasantly surprised and am still am very pleased at their response and assistance rendered.

If I am ever asked to create a directory / review site again, I will insist the client use this component. Not only does it have more features than anything out there (multiple criteria ratings comes to mind), the developers are top notch and willing to help.

Chris Walker

The perfect review component for our Joomla hosting site!

JReviews is the best review component out there. At our website, joomlahosting.co we help people find the best joomla hosting with our reviews and ratings. JReviews helps us to accomplish these goals. It's ready to use out of the box and highly customizable. This is a great product!

David Blane

Intown Web Design

Wonderful software, Wonderful support

This is most woderful software. I'm lucky for user for that software. I hope this will live many long time. Thanks again.


CEO, Speaker Group

A must buy for any website

What a fantastic peice of software. As a non programmer I couldnt afford to pay for someone to do what I wanted, so when I found jreviews, it was a no brainer. The software is very easy to use and set up. The support is the best I have ever come across. Dont even think if you should or shouldnt buy this, just buy it the cost is nothing compared to the power this gives your site. Thanks for all your help on the support team once again.

Mark White

MD, Cosmeticsos

Great software with great service

Finding a quality Rate & Review component for Joomla was no easy task. JReview is so flexible, it easily met all my needs where others fell short. It's a slick, easy to use and robust R&R component that installed without issue and has run very smoothly.

If that is not enough, the customer service is fantastic. Fast, friendly and thorough responses. Alejandro answered all my questions and more, providing me with valuable feedback and excellent assistance in addressing my needs.

If you are looking for a Rate & Review, look no further, you've come to the right place

Paul Robnett

Web Developer, Optima Graphics

The most flexible review system for joomla with the best support!

I have been trying to setup my own review website for quite some time now, and without JReviews I don't think that would have been even possible. Being kinda new to website to developement, I went ahead and purchased the JReviews package and I have to admit that it was the best choice for a joomla review syste.

The support from Alejandro is just GREAT and its also FAST! Whenever I needed some help with JReviews I could always get the answer from Alejandro! If you are looking for a review system for joomla, then stop looking! This is it! Great features, great support and great people! Give it a try, you won't regret it!:)

Lazaros Hadjiforados

Owner, ReviewNoise - Reviewing for more, a Movies/TV Shows and Games review site

World class support

Hi, I've used JReviews before for another review site, but it was through a developer and I handled all of my questions issues through them. This time around I'm assembling all of the components including JReviews myself and am amazed at the support I'm getting from the guys at JReviews.

The product itself is well thought out and they are investing time to improve it, yet in the midst of all of their development work, they respond to all of my many concerns.

This is truly mind-blowing to me, as I'm building something that will need customer support and there's no way I can imagine providing the kind of support that Alejandro does. He should teach a course about it.

The other great thing that I like about jReviews is the documentation. The documentation reflects clear and methodical thinking. Topics are easy to find and for the most part easy to understand.

Beware though, as I'm finding out, if you are planning on developing your site and are not technical you will need to learn about things like FTP and HTML etc. You just can't get away from it. And that's another thing I like about the support at JReviews. They go beyond what they technically need to provide and even have helped me troubleshoot issues caused by other plugins and extensions.

I try not to abuse their time by reading the documentation, marking my support requests as low priority, and taking notes so that i don't have to ask again.

You won't make a mistake using JReviews.

Peter Anthony Gales

Peter Anthony Gales

Instant support

Today I had a really urgent issue, which had to be fixed at the same day. I contacted the jReviews support team and got professional support within an hour.

Thank you to the team. This saved my day.

Guram Wolfgang Reith

Guram Wolfgang Reith

Founder, icamani

Extreme Value & Highly Competent Staff

Our site allows people to Find, Rate and Share local food within their communities. We really wanted a platform that was very similar to Yelp.

We originally started with eDirectory before finding jReviews. That was a big mistake. Words alone cannot capture the difference between these two companies. I'll just focus on the strengths of jReviews-

This is an extremely well documented system. My strengths are in design, I have only 'played around' with some php. This site was my first time using Joomla. It took a few days to get the hang of it, but after that it was very easy. The CSS provided with the iReview template was simple to manipulate and I was able to create the look and feel I wanted very quickly.

When I got stuck with code, I was able to find 90% of the answers on the forum. The other 10% required a support ticket and those were answered within hours.

You get a very committed team with JReviews. If you're considering building a review site, stop looking. This is the one you want. In my mind, it's a bargain.

Rick Davis

Founder, eatLocalGrown

Professional Support Team and Powerful Component I recommend

It is the second time I buy JReviews component and I can confirm the support team is very efficient and professional. I highly recommend this component for reviews as it very flexible and powerful. I have created a destination reviews website and a luxury villa rental website also with it. You can create personalized listings and do more than just reviews' websites!!! I confirm it also: "it is very powerful".

Manuel Reuff

Owner, PrestigeVillaRental.com

My experience with SobiPro and Jreviews

I was searching for a directory extension and found Jreviews and SobiPro.

After going through their demo, I have decided to become a gold member of SobiPro. After 3 days, I regretted my decision as I am still struggling to get the extension installed properly let alone doing any meaningful testing. Perhaps, I just not technically sufficient.

Frustrated and unwilling to spend more time, I purchased the Jreviews (not the Express) and within an hour, I started doing meaningful implementation.

I must say that the software is solidly built and do with it is supposed to do and more!

The technical support is rock solid too. Alejandro and Kristian did not fail to reply my support tickets within a few hours with solutions that really solved the issues on hands. They even helped me with conflicts with my templates provided by others.

12 Support tickets and 7 days, I have completed implementing a working directory, classifieds and blog site with almost all features provided by Jreviews including twitter, facebook integration.

I am really satisfied with my decision to go with Jreviews.Keep it up.

Barry Tan

Most professional, powerful and customizable extension for Joomla

I currently own three licences for different websites and I have NEVER been disappointed with the product - my latest project being a review site called eBizToolkit for small business services.

It is by far one of the most professional, powerful and customizable extensions I have found for Joomla. The support I have received from Alejandro and the team should be used as a benchmark by other companies - responses are clear and concise and always within a few hours at most regardless of the question.

If you are planning a website involving customer reviews, you really need not look further - this is the extension you need for your website!

Many thanks to the team for giving me the framework for what I want to achieve!

Cody Bishko

Owner, eBizToolkit Small Business Tools Directory

Amazing Product and even more amazing Support

We have tried every possible review module/component for Joomla out there and once we got it set up and running this is by far the most extensive and full-featured reviews program out there. The support was even better than I was expecting (and after reading the other reviews, my expectations were already high), and while I don't get time to review many other components, this one is so special that I took the time to let anybody know that if you are looking for solid review system for your site, then look no more. Amazing!

Lance Z

President, Red Line Superstore

Perfect software, pleasure to work with!

We have been using JReviews for several years now and the software is great value for money. The software works as you expect and in case something goes wrong, the support is superb. Updates occur on a regular base and updating is easy to do with the build-in installer. Wish all the joomla-software was this good!

Erwin de Wolff

Director, BikerMotorradHotels

The Best Out of the Box Directory Software Out There

I looked everywhere for directory software that could handle all of my needs from multiple review criteria to ease of use. I tried a lot of them before I settled down with jreviews. It honestly was the best decision I made. So much so that I sold all my other software licenses so I could buy more jreviews ! I love it would never change. Very easy to customize. Great Joomla platform and exceptional support

jimbo smokes

owner, Marijuana Dispensary

Amazing tool with great support

JReviews is an awesome component that does everything I would want from a directory or review tool, and does it in a clean and user-friendly way. Alejandro S. in Support quickly provided a work around for the one problem I did encounter and went above and beyond to explain the details of the issue to me.

Taylor Ellison

Thanks for developing/designing the wonderful JReviews

You have created something terrific that has given me the opportunity to create abookandahug.com. It's a very powerful and far-reaching tool .....actually connecting to schools in Hong Kong and London and all over the globe... to connect our children to each other and to help them be their best selves.

I am very grateful to you. Thanks for using your great talents for something so wonderful.

Barb Langridge

Founder, ABookAndAHug.com

A superb Joomla component coupled with unrivalled customer support.

When searching for a review based website solution I had the great fortune to discover jReviews. jReviews not only fulfilled all my expectations but also offered many more features and enhancement too. This is certainly one of the best Joomla components available that I have had the pleasure of using. I must also mention the quite superb customer support too. When my website was brought to grinding halt due to a server problem with my hosting company (who were less than helpful in trying resolve problem) Alejandro kindly came to my aid and quickly got my website up and going again. A great product and great customer service!

Michael Stewart


The only thing better than their products is their support

I spent months researching different platforms for building a quality review site and hands down ReviewsForJoomla is the best product out there. Since I had no experience with Joomla! I was a bit hesitant, but after reading their forums and seeing the level of support they offered I decided to try out the demo. Three days later and several forum posts I knew that this was the complete package and purchased the full version. Their dedicated support team is the best I've ever run into.

Scott Holmes

Stop Searching, Download the Trial, Then Get Out Your Wallet!

Having worked in I.T. for over 20 years, all I can say is that JReviews and the support has been one of the most pleasurable experiences ever. Don't beleive me? Just take a browse of the forums to gauge peoples opinion and how quickly posts are answered. I've also never had to wait more than an hour or two for my support requests to be acknowledged and dealt with swiftly.

Oh, an JReviews is simply fantastic!!!

Mark H.

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