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Real asset in your online business
Jreviews turned out to be a real asset, a very valuable part of our present and future endeavors. The software is flexible and complex enough to allow you to build almost any kind of data driven web portal. It is easy to jump in and start using Jreviews to build blocks of your future website. If you just want to make things simple, use standard template, be as quick as possible with your website deployment, then Jreviews will do an excellent job. However, if you're eager to make a step ahead and use Jreview's customization capabilities then you'll be surprised how many new ideas will arise. For me the best of all is that you don't have to be programmer to use it, actually you're going to need one to build a website features that Jreviews has already built in. Last, but not least, persons behing Jreviews give incomparable support, making you feel confident about the future of your online presence.
nmo.marko CEO, NMO
During the last four months I had the pleasure to build two large portal-type websites that use jReviews as their main component. The level of professionalism and care to details that I found in the jReviews package amazed me right from the start -- this is indeed a very well constructed and also very well documented set of extensions. The templates are well-structured and use a proper naming scheme for custom variable placement, which I found essential for the inevitable customization process. Custom coding examples in the documentation provide great insight and are really helpful to make the most out of any project. Backend administration is very sophisticated and a joy to work with. The greatest asset though of the company behind jReviews is the incredible level of support they provide -- never in 4 years of Joomla development have I experienced such instant and helpful responses on both support forums and support ticket management. I highly recommend jReviews to anybody building any type of reviews / commentary / recommendation portal.
Sebastian Schalipp Web Developer
Great product and value for money
I'm using JReviews now for 2 years and it is really a great product. It works right out of the box as you expect it should work. Updates are on a regular basis and come with good update instructions. When something doesn't work as it should, the customer support is perfect! Reply's on the forum are within 1 day with a solution and if that doesn't work, the customer-ticket support fixes it within 1 day. It is fun to work with a product like this and beside all the possibility's JReviews has, it's worth every euro. Good work!
Erwin Director, MotorCamping.eu
Powerful review component
I get what I pay for!Fully integrated with my joomla template and I can build a review site in almost minutes.I got answers after I post questions on their support forum in hours.I feel I even don't need to submit a ticket.
Product Review
Honest review about Jreviews
I just want to take some time to give a sincere review of Jreviews and Jreviews support. This Joomla exstention exceeds all my expectation by the virtue of its versatility. We use this component in non for profit sector to review and government and non governmental organizations, and Jreviews has been very useful for our service. The Tech support is remarkable. I highly recommend Jreviews. If you are considering to buy it, don't hesitate. It is a good investment and the service is invaluable. Good luck guys and thank you very much for a brilliant work and a generous heart. Keep up the good work!
Wale Idris Director, African Views Organization
Best Joomla Component and Support
I've been using Joomla for about 5 years now. Over the years I have used just about every highend paid Joomla Component. I have customised them, tweaked them, and used them on my many different sites for clients and myself.

Hands down, JReviews is the best component I have had the privilege to use. It's simple, easy to setup, extremely well thought out and implemented.

In terms of customisation and support, JReviews is unparalleled. The support via the ticket system or forum is fast, helpful and accurate. I have even requested support for questions outside their provided knowledge base and yet they have helped anyway.

Stop using second rate Joomla software providers and sign up now, you will not regret it.
Andrew McDonald
How Do You Do It?!?!
I don't know how you find the time to develop such a slick component AND offer such exceptional support - I'm seriously by you guys!

Don't get me wrong - this is a complex component - configuration took me a fair while to work out how it all fits together - but there is excellent documentation throughout, the on-line documentation is very thorough and keeping the component up to date is a real breeze - click, click, smile! :D

I've turned to the support team on two separate occasions now and both times I got the most amazing response:


Hi Mark!

1. Here's the problem
2. Here's how we already fixed it for you

Have a nice day.


Can you imagine how nice it feels to get a message like that?! Hahaha!

ReviewsForJoomla makes our web site REALLY useful AND looks nice. Your component has definitely paid for itself already - thank you all SOOOO much for your outstanding work.
Mark Clulow Web Master, spotlight™
JReviews Rocks!
I have without a doubt had a better experience with JReviews than any other Joomla component.

This is an exceptionally robust & dynamic component. The online systems & value it creates on your website is really unmatched.

The support is unmatched, the component's developers know it inside & out. All support tickets & forum posts are answered within 24 hours & sometimes a lot sooner. Its also really well documented. Its ratings & review ability is unmatched, the Google maps API integration is awesome also, along with the paid listings addon!

Its a little pricier as a component but completely worth it! I've purchased 2 licenses for two websites of mine www.driversvoice.com & www.ebudmarketplace.com. Anyone looking to confirm my recommendation feel free to contact me through my website below

Thanks again!

Jonathan Roseland
Jonathan Roseland Marketing Firm Owner, Essence of Design
Outstanding Component and Fabulous Support
The functionality of JReviews is truly amazing. I looked far and wide for a way to build a directory where users can post reviews and JReviews was really the only one that met all of my requirements because of it's flexibility and because of the Paid Listing add on, allowing me the opportunity to monetize the site, and for users to submit their own listings and have them be featured for an additional fee. The Geomaps add on is a very cool feature too.

As a relatively new user to Joomla I had some trepidation about the learning curve with this component. However, my fears were unfounded as the support at Reviews for Joomla is absolutely outstanding. All of my questions have been promptly and patiently answered which has empowered me to get everything configured with ease.

I would recommend JReviews and their customer support to anyone. You won't go wrong with this component, and it is well worth the price.
Laura Sullivan Owner, Peninsula Parents Network
This has to be one of the best Joomla Extensions
This has to be one of the best Joomla Extensions with very user friendly
customization and out of box working product. It's amazing how good a
product and support is. I am happy that I landed in JReviews, when I was
going through lots of confusions and what to do with my directory site. I am
confident that now I can add contents to my site and focus on just
marketing! It's as simple as that! Thank you Alejandro for such a wonderful
product! Keep it going.. All the Best!!
Maybe the best joomla component
I am the CEO of the austrian movie Website Filmering.at. We use jreviews on many parts of our website, and I simply cant imagine what I would do without this amazing component. The functions are great and the component works rock solid without problems. We also implemented a lot of customisation and whenever there was a problem, or we had questions about the customisation we got great support. And beside the great features the support alone ist amazing: The jreviews support is the best from all joomla components. Jreviews is one of the greatest joomla components, and everyone who can use it, should buy it. No question: Jreviews is worth its money
Michael Föls CEO, Filmering.at
Best Component Outstanding Support
Our new Project is Online. As ever perfect Support for all our issues.
Stefanie Illig Manager, Gastro Stars - Restaurant Stuttgart
Dedicated to help
The software is amazing, but what stands out most is the help you get, I have been on here for over a month and the team has been better than great in helping me. 5 stars all over. Thank you guys
Muayad Al-Yasin
Easy to Use and Great Results
For our site, it was crucial that the ratings software be flexible and robust. The rating system is the key to the business. ReviewsForJoomla was just what we needed. It was very easy to implement. The vidoes turotials got me most of the way there, and the quick support response allowed me to build just the site we wanted without delaying the client's business. Thanks for a great Joomla! component.
Ric Fox Web Developer, Real Estate Agent Rating and Reviews
Great Support - Great Component
Our new Website is online, everything works fine!
This is really the best Component for Joomla.
I'm also really impressed about the support, go on that way!
Stefanie Illig Manager, Gastro Stars
Very, very impressed
This component is just fantastic. Not only does it all the things it should do in a very intuitive way, Alejandro and his team have also thought of everything around it. There's an advanced search feature, a module that lists featured reviews and so on.

The most impressive thing, however, is the support you're getting for this extension. Whenever you have a problem, something really bad must happen in order to not get support within a couple of hours. So major kudos are in order here.
Dominik B. EIC, The Coreburner
Amazing Component, but even better Support! Outstanding!
Wow... Thanx a lot!
I sure just wanted to know if it could work out at all and was not expecting a full docu!
You always exceed my expectations! Never heard or saw such great support anywhere on the net!!!

Once again.. Thanx a lot!
Thorsten H. CEO
Long time user and very happy with JReviews
We have been using jReviews for about 2 years and we are the happiest customers you can imagine: this highly customizable software can be adapted to any use from yellow-pages-style directory to an exclusive review site. The templates can be modified even by beginners and if you have any problem with that: the support by the team of jReviews is just excellent. Answers often in under 12 hours, direct support by Alejandro. In two words: 100% recommended!
Arne Peine Aachen Reviews
This component is FANTASTIC!
The component is superb if you want a powerful, POWERFUL, review website with joomla or mambo. Few code tweakings here and there and you will have the whole reviewing website at your service. Another thing worth mentioning is the absolutely fast support. Alejandro is doing superb job with answering all the questions. I would recommend this product for sure.

Go for it!
Rajat Agarwal
Did You Know?....JReviews Works As Event Component!!!
Several months of back and forth between virtually EVERY event component for Joomla, wouldn't you know it, we end up using JReviews. Reason? This was the ONLY system that allowed us to reasonably implement an event submission interface that was simple and straight forward for your average Jane and Joe end-user without sacrificing any core/important functionality. This is what most developers seem to forget, remember this for the end users NOT other developers and web designers.
H White President
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