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Did You Know?....JReviews Works As Event Component!!!

Several months of back and forth between virtually EVERY event component for Joomla, wouldn't you know it, we end up using JReviews. Reason? This was the ONLY system that allowed us to reasonably implement an event submission interface that was simple and straight forward for your average Jane and Joe end-user without sacrificing any core/important functionality. This is what most developers seem to forget, remember this for the end users NOT other developers and web designers.

H White


JReviews, Geomaps and CSV Importer - Fantastic

This is a critical set of components for us and the people at ReviewsForJoomla have delivered. Quality components with excellent service - well worth the cost!

We were able to import almost 100,000 entries in no time and have the site well underway.

Many thanks to the team!

Haim Barad

CEO, DrinkedIn

Amazing Component

Since I bought JReviews I year ago it has not let me down. It is very flexible, easy to customise and very functional. The administrator side of the component provides a lot of options and works fairly easy due to ajax integration. Support is also great, you usually have your response within the day and bugs are squashed fairly quickly. I recommend this component to everyone who wants to add extra review functionality to their website and wants to improve the look of their content. You will not regret buying this component.

Thomas Theunen

Owner, MiniTech

Excellent Component

I've been running jReviews for almost 3 years now, and I am very happy with the support and all of the new features. This component has helped my site grow tremendously. Keep up the good work Alejandro!

I can't wait to try the GeoMaps addon.

D Jones

GeoMaps Is Everything I've been looking for.......

I am already a fan of Jreviews, but I am now a huge fan of GeoMaps. There aren't many components that I can get for $49 that I can plug in, fill a few things out and BAM! it's up and ready to go.

Nice job!

Christopher Hall

Owner, ReddingWebDesign.net

Fantastic product, development and support

Now though I have a found something that I hadn't expected to find, something that not only does what it claims to do but far far more.

I really don't think the title does this justice, I only looked at it because I wanted to use it in-conjunction with another certain comp only to find it does far more than the the comp I wanted to add it to.

Well my original comments still stand, this product just gets better and better. I have now added GeoMaps and its brilliant. Thanks for this it is really enabling me to make my website better and better and also inline with my competitors, ahead in some cases..

Fantastic, if you are sceptical of buying you have no fears with jReviews


Owner, Touring and Tenting

Excellent company, excellent product and top-tier support

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the support provided by jReviews. Alejandro jumped right in when I issued my support ticket and helped me along the way troubleshoot the problem. He was patient as I had to make changes to get him access to the site and then he worked late into the night to pinpoint and ultimately fix the issue.

I can't say enough about the quality of the product or the level of support. Simply put --- An excellent company, excellent product, and top-tier support that should be the envy of everyone else in the market!

Teri McKeen

President, BarkleyAndPaws.com

JReviews is the best software that Joomla has to offer!

JReviews is the best software for having an online listing directory & having reviews for your listings. I was fortunate to be a part of the GEOMap Beta testing program and worked close with Alejandro on fixing the bugs of this great new component add-on for JReviews! This new component is going to really shine even more light on the Joomla Community and show developers that you can build great software for Joomla powered websites.

With the addition of the GEOMaps component add-on; my website will truly be in the spot light and feel a sense of completion & can move on to the hard part of owning a website, marketing it!

Thank you so much Alejandro, you really are one of the best coders that I have ever worked with & really know your stuff. Thanks for building this GREAT add-on to an already super great product!

Samuel R. Carducci

Webmaster, FindMyMeds.com

JReviews to the rescue!

Every time our webdesign company has a problem trying to implement one of our clients wishes, we often end up with jReviews as the solution. Not only is it very versatile, and very easily to adapt and synchronize with other applications ... the best about it all that the support for the jReviews software is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Chiel Huijskes

Webdesigner, Tengu webDesign

Fantastic Product with Support to Match

J Reviews has proved to be a very good product for use on our website and it has enabled us to become unique in the World of Golf Course Reviews. The support provided by Alejandro and his team is quick and informative and we have yet to come up with an issue he has been unable to resolve.

Andrew Birrell

Operations Director, RateYourCourse UK Ltd

My winner of the overall best Joomla commercial product for 2008/2009

There are too much goods to say with JReview, I don't know where to start.

JReview is the most advanced and most flexible Joomla component there is, in Joomla sphere. Advanced in the sense that in the front end view, you could see 3 types of component view types, 3 "right-out-the-box" themes, interactive forms, interactive Joomla-plugins friendly detail page. While those are only from the front-end, on the back-end you will have an AJAX based (which means the page doesn't load when you on JReview admin page) plus automatic feeds on latest build and announcements from devs for any important news/updates.

While those are the great features offered by the component itself, the flexibility are by far, the best I have seen in Joomla's component. The number of 3rd party components integration are next to countless, since from my experience, JReview leads in the highest number of components integration especially with JReview EveryWhere. It supports almost every if not all community-based components like JomSocial, Community Builder and more.

There you go for a 5 stars Joomla's product. With their superb forum support that almost the same level as other components ticket support, you can't get any best form of support other than JReview's. With great customers community in the forum which helps each other (Tips & Tricks), with video tutorials on top of that, JReview worth every penny that you'll spend!

A must-have for any review-type site developers and highly recommended for those non-programmer webmasters that are willing to climb this acceptable component's learning curve!

Ajmal / Pembaris Crew

The right choice

One year using jReviews and I only can say that it is the best product for joomla I've purchased. jReviews has a lot of possibilities, not only as reviews system, try it and you'll see it.

Juan Padial

Manager, eFXto Forex

Great Product, Even better customer support!!!!!

I have been using Jreviews for about 2 months now and I have to say that it is one of the most well thought out extensions that I have seen to date. Not only is it robust, but they have made it incredibly customizable. I have very little knowledge about php and coding, but this system has been a breeze to learn and adapt to.

The reason you should buy this feature is because of the Support Forum. The moderators (in particular, Alejandro) are amazing. They not only help you with the little stuff, but often go way above and beyond the call of duty and help you customize your code. Simply incredible!


Christopher Hall

Web Designer, ReviewRedding.com

One of the greatest Joomla Components

I Use this Component for my new Website. Everything works fine and i'm looking forward to use it in other Projects too. Great work.

Stefanie Illig

Manager, Gastro Stars

So Simple, Even a Dummy Can Use It

Before I found out about Joomla! and jReviews I assumed building a website was far beyond my feeble technical skills. I started building my site thinking "This is madness! I can't do this!" If you take it slow, read the instructions, and watch the videos, you too can be a player in the Web universe! Even after watching the video five times, I overlooked a simple step. I emailed Alejandro. He patiently and kindly explained what was right there in the video. (You have to be kind to the simple-minded.) I am delighted with jReviews and the support. Alejandro even answered my email on a Sunday!

Zack Soderberg

Webtender, Bullfrog Farms

Superb products and support

JReviews is a superb addon to Joomla and a product that really brings your site to life. The product and support are totally professional and it shows in the end products you can produce with it.

As important as the prduct is the support you get once you have purchased and without doubt the support is superb.

If you want a review site and are considering this against others then put your money here it will be money well spent.

CSV import is another great product and addon to speed your way to the finished product this helps greatly.


One of the best

Using Joomla now for some three to four years and many components later, it was by chance we came across Jreviews. After the initial set up and install we have found this to be one of the most comprehensive and user friendly components we have ever used. Not only that but the support from the owner has to be the best offered by any Joomla component provider. Well worth the money and a definite must if you need reviews on your site.

Ashley Barnard

Managing Director, Web Design Studio Ltd

My precious !!! Jreviews

So I have seen Lord of the rings to many times so what? ;) But Jreviews is truely one of kind. One of things I personally love about it, Is the very user friendly frontend and backend. And to put the icing on the cake, if you ever are stuck, Jreviews provides a very good guidence trough both video and text tutorials. Now to put the cherry on top, the forum and the support ticket system works like a charm providing fast and very professionel answers to your problems. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated =)

Travis Lacy


Alejandro & JReviews -- A winning combination

Not only is JReviews the best Joomla-based review package, but the support you get from Alejandro is top notch! He gets back to you right a way (usually within 24 hours) and is always extremely helpful. I highly recommend JReviews for your Joomla review & rating site!

Rory Lipsky

Great and useful

This is great and useful for many types of joomla based websites.

Christos Papachristos


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