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Best Ever Invention For A Review System
JReviews is one of the most incredible inventions for reviews and listings in WordPress. I am using it on my professional business website as the main tool. The best thing about the JReviews plugin is its flexibility. With this WordPress plugin, you can create anything. Secondly, the support of this plugin is very friendly and quick. The JReviews team never give up to solve the issues and on customizations. They have created what people want and they accept feedback for changes and introduce it in new versions.
Best Ever Invention For A Review System
Saud Shah CEO, Pakistani.PK
Simply the best
JReviews is light years ahead of all the other reviews scripts. You can do pretty much everything with it! And on top of that, the support provided is exceptionally fast, helpful and polite, unlike anything I've experienced before.
Excellent reviews extension for Joomla
I have tried many different ratings & reviews extensions over the years and I have chosen JReviews because of its powerful multi-criteria rating system and thoughtful integration with JomSocial.
Powerful listings & reviews plugin with unbelievable great support
I have been using JReviews for many years and I am absolutely satisfied with it. It has many built-in SEO tools and it is very well designed out of the box. You can customize the themes and other core files. I have never seen anything similar to the flexibility and functionality offered by JReviews.

Also, here you have great, fast and reliable support. I was asking for some help at New Year Eve (hoped to get answer in 3-4 days), but I got immediate answer and solution! :)

I can really recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a listings and reviews plugin for its Joomla or Wordpress site. It is paid.. but it is also really worth the money.
Unparalleled Customer Service
I have purchased and used JReviews in the past for other clients and had no trouble installing and configuring them to work within their Joomla sites, but never needed to purchase any add-ons prior this new project I acquired.

I had several programming issues I caused and could not solve them unless I used my prior backup and lose all the data entry. The usual case of I should have read the documentation before attempting to install, but I was in a rush to see the new product work. So, I gave in, like asking for directions at a gas station, and submitted a ticket to the help desk.

To my surprise, within 5 minutes, I had a response back from Alejandro. Not only was the response to my ticket a great surprise, but he had fixed my issues prior to sending me an email that he was on the case and working on it. I’m used to the other way around of getting an email stating they are working on it and never hearing back. But, not from this company!

I was so impressed that I asked two (well more than 2 but who is counting) other questions in my email and not on the ticket submitted and those were answered not only to my satisfaction, but well beyond it.

I still need to purchase several of the add-ons for this current project and I am sure Alejandro will be there with a safety net when I mess things up, AGAIN!

I would highly recommend this company, its products, and when things go awry, the help desk. You have a very loyal customer for life.
Jonathan Fleischer WebMaster/Graphic Designer, Digital Creations USA
Jreviews is the Single Most Significantly Transformative Plugin for Wordpress
From the first moment several years ago that I identified the need to have comprehensive reviews functionality integrated into some of our websites, and my technical assistant researched and recommended JReviews for this purpose, I have never had any reason to regret my choice or to contemplate any alternatives. The basis of this verdict is that:

a) the original functionality provided by JReviews was so conspicuously superior to anything else on the market
b) some features that I suggested would further enhance the product have been carefully considered by Alejandro and added to the original product, essentially making what was an already exceptional product virtually perfect
c) whenever I have configuration or integration issues, Alejandro or one of his team responds swiftly and communicates the solution clearly in terms that a non-technically trained person such as I am, is usually reasonably well capable of understanding
d) whereas I used to find Joomla very awkward and non-user intuitive to use in comparison with Wordpress, and yet nonetheless persevered with JReviews in spite of the fact that I was required to run Joomla sites purely to satisfy the one criterion of having a site that was compatible with the world's best reviews software, the fact that Alejandro has since developed a Wordpress plugin now makes our work vastly less onerous

I continue to be extremely grateful that the product exists and hope it will continue to be maintained and developed indefinitely.
Jreviews is the Single Most Significantly Transformative Plugin for Wordpress
John Rees-Evans
This software is brilliant! Service impeccable!
We've been running JReviews for many years and we've grown substantially because of the amount of growth of the software. The support is the best! And they help someone like me who is a layman. JReviews Rocks!
The best product for Joomla!
I've been using the JReviews component as the foundation for my website for 4 years. They offer the best customer support I have experienced compared to other component providers. They always help in case there's a problem and are very quick to respond.

I can sincerely recommend all JReviews products!
The best product for Joomla!
Sergey P. Fish Team Russia
Solid product, great support
We have used JReviews for many years and it's been one of the best features loved by our website visitors. The product gets better and better and the support is top notch. If you're looking to extend Joomla or WordPress and create a directory and reviews features, you can't do better than JReviews. Just get it.
Solid product, great support
Ron Severdia PlayShakespeare.com
Stable and featured packed solution combined with excellent support make for a wonderful experience!
I started using JReviews in 2009 and have personally witnessed its evolution to continue meeting the ever-growing demands of users and end-users. JReviews has managed to keep up quite well with these demands, implementing new features regularly that benefit functionality, user-experience and marketability of the end-sites.

When I started, I was truly a novice with Joomla but I still managed to build a review site with over 29,000 listings across the United States. JReviews support is the best I've seen with any Joomla extension plus an active community means you can usually find answers in the forum. Jreviews made it so easy to build that my friends thought I hired an agency to build my site!

I highly recommend Jreviews for your next project - and I would not hesitate to use it again for my next project requiring a directory or reviews functionality.

John Vlachos Principal
Great reviews component for a gaming website
We use JReviews for many years in GameWorld.gr. It's a great component to incorporate reviews in a gaming website.

Highly recommended for everyone. It is also highly customizable.
Great reviews component for a gaming website
Manos Gryparis Editor-in-chief, GameWorld.gr
Excellent product and fantastic support
We are really satisfied by JReviews, and the support is really top. All questions get answered in a very quick time.
Really recommending their product, stable, and very well designed.
Hands down the best listing and review plugin for Wordpress
While I've had many custom solutions for front end solutions for adding listings, reviews, images, videos and more - It's been time consuming and expensive. jReviews solves this problem like no other plugin for Wordpress.
It has a vast array of options to fit my needs as well as being friendly for my users and community. With the add-ons you are able to think outside the box and view your product differently, finding new ways to add functionality. It's also SEO friendly, code optimized and adapts easily to my own very specific needs.
The backend features so many options it can sometimes be difficult to find a specific setting but thankfully jReviews provides one of the best support teams, often replying within 24 hours.
I can highly recommend this plugin and it's well worth the price.
Hands down the best listing and review plugin for Wordpress
Staffan Product manager, Valdemar Web
Great directory software and fantastic support
I have been using this for two business directories and the features are the best. My support tickets were handled promptly and the support was first class. Well worth the fee!
Marisa Giancarla
The best directory plugin on the market
I have been using JReviews for my art gallery website since 2011. I have only good things to say about JReviews. The most significant advantage is its unparalleled flexibility to create a custom reviews and listing submission directory of any kind. It is very powerful, very easy to customize and very user-friendly. I have hundreds of users who write compliments on the website because of the ease and freedom they have to add, edit and control their own listings. I recommend JReviews to anybody starting a submission-based website, with incredible search features, custom fields, and now with the new advanced filtering, JReviews just keeps getting better and better and never ceases to amaze me. if you know basic HTML you can make your JReviews listings design 100% unique and with great documentation from JReviews you can create all the features of other top level websites that cost thousands. JReviews is the best investment I have made for my business and I highly recommend JReviews to anyone who is serious about creating a professional website for reviews, directories and listing submission of any kind.
The best directory plugin on the market
Miguel Bevia Artenet, Artenet
JReviews is simply the best directory and review solution
If you are looking for a review solution or a city guide, as was my case, you don't need to look any further. JReviews is a complete and comprehensive solution that is really customizable and with one of the best support teams I ever met (and I have worked with a lot of extension developers).

If you are a Wordpress user maybe this was a show stopper before, but now they provide the same solution both for Joomla and Wordpress. (I recommend Joomla, but not because of this extension because it is identical on both platforms).

The extension is so big and with so many options that I can't say it is super easy to setup. However, the documentation is clear and the support is helpful. Once you understand the concept and the structure the learning curve can be quickly overcome.
Emilio Navas CEO, Hong Kong | Framed
Great features and support
This is a great extension for Joomla, with great support should you need it. Very pleased with this extension!
Marisa Giancarla
World's Best Review Application for Joomla & Wordpress on the Web!
The flexibility of this application is endless. It offers so much and it can be used not just for a review website, but also for blogging. I really like the way they built something that is not just a platform that can provide the usual stuff and that you can find in other applications. Almost everything you need can be found in JReviews.
From SEO, Internal Linking, Flexibility on reviews and fields per categories, map support, advanced filtering, modules you can use, and even customizing it to whatever you want, name it! It's all there.

Most of all, the support provided by the team (especially Alejandro) is the best of them all.

This is a highly recommended Application. Get it now! It is well worth the price.
World's Best Review Application for Joomla & Wordpress on the Web!
John Torre Founder, EasyWeb Philippines
Help when we needed help!
As OJT (on the job training) tech support, I was introduced to Joomla 1.5 and JReviews after having worked on a Drupal platform for our website. I found JReviews to be the easier part to grasp from the get go. It's going on 8 years of working on the site, two attempts have been made to upgrade to a higher level of Joomla, but the scope of the job and the fact that the chosen template wasn't available on Joomla 2.5 left us in the dust. Technology is moving on, the hosting platform warned of the need to upgrade to CENTOS7, an upgrade of PHP, etc., etc. and after a significant hack of our website, I was left scrambling and dependent on the experience of our hosting support and on JReviews support. Our JReviews support has been the best, my questions answered and, Alejandro even helped fix some issues still remaining after our hosting site backed up the PHP to 5.3. We are looking at a new website (keeping our website) for the time being on WordPress and have already purchased both JReviews for WordPress and the iReview theme as well. I am very grateful that the owner of our website, knowing how well JReviews worked for us on Joomla, agreed to move forward with JReviews on his new WordPress based project. Thanks to JReviews support for many jobs (support tickets) well done!!!
Jackie Awtry Tech Support
Best Joomla reviews component with the best support
I have been using JReviews for five years for our literary reviews website where we now have over ten thousand user reviews, so I can say this is the best Joomla reviews component with the best support. From the beginning, I was impressed by the scope and flexibility of use of JReviews. The competence of the support team is also a great experience. Once you have a problem, the team helps as fast as possible - either in the forum or by email (ticket). For me, JReviews is the best and most important Joomla Extension.
Susanne Kasper Literaturschock
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