Permissions & Trust

User permissions allow controling which user groups have access to specific actions (create, update, delete, publish, etc.) for specific content (listings, reviews, media, etc.). Trust settings determine which content gets automatically published or sent to moderation for subsequent review and admin approval.

Getting Started

Permissions and trust (moderation) related settings can be found:

  • In Configuration → Access Settings

  • Within each Listing Type in the Access tab

  • Within individual Add-ons (ListingResources, MyLists)

    Listing Type settings allow overriding the many global Access Settings to have different permissions and moderation settings in different areas of the site.

The settings are organized based on the types of content available and actions related to them (e.g. voting for reviews, likes for media)

  • Listings
  • Reviews
  • Media
  • Discussions
  • Owner Replies

Explore these setting to ensure that you have the right defaults at launch. Create several user accounts for testing, where each account belongs to the different user groups you'll be using on the site, so you can test your setup.

Moderation and Trust

Trust-related settings are labeled as moderation settings and allow specifying which user groups' submissions need admin approval before being published.

Below a few examples:

  • To allow public users (those without an account), to post reviews with admin approval, you would select the Public user group.

  • If you have a news and classifieds listing types and you want to allow anyone to post in classifieds, but only administrators to submit new content, you can differentiate these permissions at the listing type level.

Trusted Users Add-on

To make the system more dynamic and reduce the amount of effort required to approve content, we created the Trusted Users Add-on using the hooks functionality. This is a free add-on that you can find and install in the JReviews App Store.

The add-on allows overriding core moderation settings based on:

  • Designated Trust
  • Earned Trust

Designated Trust

With designated trust, you specify a list of user IDs and the activities for which moderation will be bypassed and content automatically published. The core moderation settings require to moderate entire user groups, so here you can specify individual users within those groups that don't require moderation.

Earned Trust

Earned trust is provides a more dynamic approach. For each type of content you can specified a threshold after which a user becomes a trusted user and no longer requires moderation. For example

Notifications & Predefined Replies

When using the moderation functionality, you can also enable admin notifications to be alerted via email when new content is available for admin approval. You can find these settings under Configuration → Notifications → Administrative e-mails.

Where new content is available for admin approval it will appear in the JReviews administration at the top of left sidebar under a Moderation heading. The heading is only visible when there is content to moderate. There you will be able to approve, hold or reject submissions, with the option to also send an email to the submitter.

You can create stock responses for moderation actions under Configuration → Predefined Replies. Here you will be able to add email subject and body for approved, held and rejected actions for each type of content (listing, review, media, discussion, owner reply, claim).