Search & Filters

Make your site's content searchable and discoverable! There are many tools in the JReviews search arsenal. Whether it's a simple keyword search, an advanced search form or faceted search with instant updates, JReviews has it all.

Getting Started

Before you begin exploring all the different search options, it's important to create the search menu. It turns out, that this menu is also the Advanced Search Page mentioned below.

The Initial Setup covers how to create menus in Joomla and WordPress and includes a short video.

Search Options Overview

Below you can find a brief summary of the different search options available in JReviews. Then you can navigate to individual pages for each one.

Modules and Widgets Convention
Joomla has modules and WordPress has widgets. Throughout the docs, in headings and titles we may use the term module over widget to reference both.
  • Click2Search

    Enabled with the flick of a switch in a custom field's settings, this feature converts a field's outptut to a link in listings and reviews, allowing users to click and find entries with the same selected value.

  • Simple Search for Listings

    Simple, one size fits all kind of search. A single keywords input that can search through most content.

  • Simple Search for Reviews

    Simple, one size fits all kind of search for user reviews. A single keywords input that can search through review titles, comments and custom fields.

  • Advanced Search Page

    A no-nonsense dedicated search page that allows searching by keywords, scope, query type, listing type, categories and custom fields.

  • Advanced Search Module

    Take search to the next level using custom search that can include any number of custom fields and show live results previews.

  • Advanced Filtering Module

    Advanced Filtering is a great looking and powerful faceted filtering solution for your site with instant page updates and a mobile slideout panel.

  • Fields Module

    Implement quick one click listing searches for a field's option values. Works with select, radiobutton and checkbox listing custom fields. Click the option and getlisting results matching the clicked value.

Instant Search with Algolia

If you are looking for other search alternatives that can also work with the rest of the content of your site, have a look at Extly's integration with JReviews for their XT Search for Algolia solution.

Search Results Theme

Often times, depending on how your search form is configured, the search results page can contain listings from many different categories. For this reason, JReviews has a dedicated theme selection setting for search results, so you can choose a specific layout:

Configuration Settings → Search → General → Theme Layout

If you are using the Category Layout Manager to assign specific layouts to different categories and a search is performed for a specific category, then JReviews will use the assgined category layout for the search results.

Learn more about Category-specific Layouts.