Major Version Upgrades

When doing a major version upgrade it is not possible to use the JReviews App Store for one-click updates because the code changes in the new major version could break the update process.

Major upgrades might make you a bit nervous. Ease those worries by testing everything on a development website first!

During upgrades, even if you completely uninstall JReviews and its add-ons, your entire setup and submissions (listings, reviews, etc.) are securely stored in your site's database. The uploaded media is kept in a directory outside of JReviews, so it's not affected. Upon re-installation, everything remains intact. To ease your nerves, it's always wise to test on a development site and have a backup and restore plan, just in case.

Please follow the steps below for major version upgrades:

  1. Check the new version requirements in the requirements page to ensure you are using compatible versions of PHP and Joomla/WordPress.

  2. Download the JReviews installation package from the client area.

  3. Rename the JReviews Add-ons directory or remove the add-ons via JReviews App Store. You can delete the renamed directories after the upgrade is complete.

    • Joomla /components/com_jreviews_addons
    • WordPress /wp-content/plugins/jreviews_addons
  4. Rename the JReviews Overrides directory if you have one.

    • Joomla /templates/jreviews_overrides
    • WordPress /jreviews_overrides
  5. Uninstall the s2framework and JReviews

    • This cleans up the filesystem, but as state before setup, submissions and media files remain safe.
    • There is no need to delete the JReviews Joomla modules / WordPress widgets. This would require re-creating them from scratch.
  6. Re-install the s2framework and JReviews per the instructions in initial installation.

  7. Re-install add-ons through the JReviews App Store. You can now delete the re-named add-on directories from step 3. above.

  8. Re-do your customization in JReviews Overrides to make them compatible with the latest version.

If you are upgrading from JReviews v3 straight to JReviews v5, you might want to take a look at the JReviews 4 upgrade release notes.

JReviews 5.x Upgrade

  • Only compatible with PHP 8.1 and above. Always review the latest version requirements.
    • JReviews Joomla has only been tested with Joomla 4 and Joomla 5.
  • GeoMaps and AMP add-ons have been discontinued for JReviews v5.
    • The MapsPro add-on is now available for purchase in all plans. If you purchased any of these add-ons you will no longer be charged for them on renewals.

JReviews 4.x Upgrade

JReviews 4.0 Stable has been released. If you were previously using JReviews 3.x then this is a major upgrade and you should follow the above instructions. For more information continue reading the JReviews 4 release notes article.