Modules & Widgets

JReviews ships with a dozen Joomla modules and WordPress widgets out-of-the-box. Use them to display content (listings, reviews, media), calendars, search and filter forms, and more.


When you install JReviews, you automatically have access to all the modules in Joomla and widgets in WordPress without having to install them separately. In Joomla they can be found in the Modules Manager, while in WordPress they are under Appearance → Widgets.

When you need to insert content anywhere on the site, try the shortcodes. These come in listings, reviews, and custom field flavors.

All modules and widgets include the Theme Suffix setting allowing you to create template overrides to customize the output for different users.


Show listings with custom ordering, filtering and in any number of layouts. The following articles provide more information on advanced ways to filter the listings, and on using different layouts.

Not all settings works with all layouts. The card layouts are newer and offer customization options directory through the layout customizer. So for example, none of the thumbnail settings apply to the card layouts.

MapsPro Add-on Integration

The module/widget comes with three integration modes for MapsPro Add-on to filter listings based on proximity. These modes are:

  • Proximity to current listing
  • Proximity using a custom center
  • Proximity to the site visitor

Everywhere Add-on Integration

When using the Everywhere Add-on, it's possible to show "listings" from 3rd party extensions with their corresponding ratings. For example, if you integrate with a community/profile solution, the module/widget can show the user profiles, with avatars and ratingds. If you integrate with events, it can show events with their ratings.

Learn more about using the listings module/widget with the Everywhere Add-on.


Show reviews with custom ordering and filtering. Similar to the listings module/widget, when needed, you can use custom list functionality (custom where, custom order) for advanced filtering functionality.

Everywhere Add-on Integration

It's possible to show reviews for core listings as well as 3rd party listings (profiles, events, etc.) integrated using the Everywhere Add-on. However, if you need to filter the reviews by specific categories, this only works for core listings and you must also set the Everywhere Extension setting to com_content.

We've got three separate modules/widgets for search:

  • Advanced search (for listings)
  • Advanced listings filtering
  • Advanced reviews filtering

All of these allow you to create simple to advanced forms for search and filtering using standard fields, custom fields and ratings. When using MapsPro, it's also possible to add location and proximity search functionality.

Learn more about each of these in Search & Filters.


Shows the entire category tree for one or more directories on the site. Configure it to choose which directories should be included, or excluded. And whether you want to show the directory links or just the category links.


Show the field options for a specific field to provide quick one-click search functionality. Can be used for navigation and virtual categories.

Learn more about the Fields Module in the search and filters section.


Shows a clickable list of custom numeric range options for a specific field. Can be used for example with a product price custom field to allow users to quickly find products within pre-determined price ranges.

Advanced filtering provides significantly superior functionality in combination with other custom fields. When paired together with the free Range Slider Add-on it also provides a nicer user interface for range searches. However, in cases when all you want is a simple one-click range search, this does the job.

The Range Slider Add-on can be installed from the JReviews App Store and converts numeric filters from regular inputs to a nice slider that can be adjusted from both ends.


Shows lists of photos, videos, audio, and attachments with custom ordering and filtering.


Displays a calendar widget that can be used show listings using date custom fields. The most common usage is for event listings, to quickly find events that fall on specific dates.

The calendar can be setup to use a single date custom field, or two fields to denote the start and end dates.

Favorite Users

Shows a list of site users that added the current listing to their favorites list. It can display avatars with names and works with all community integrations.

The module/widget should only be used in listing detail pages and works only with the core favorites functionality, not with the MyLists Add-on.


A simple solution to show the total number of listings and reviews on the site. When paired with the Everywhere Add-on, it's possible to limit results for specific integrations, but only one at a time.