There are many ways to modify, customize and extend the functionality of JReviews. In addition to being able to override entire files (themes, php), you can also use hooks, events, and macros.

Find examples and tutorials in our Development Blog Series and Github Gist.

Development & Support
Customizations are not included with support. We provide this information to make it easier for developers to extend the functionality. From time to time we may have some availability for custom work. Get in touch to see if there's an opportunity to work together.

  • Hooks

    Hooks allow executing code and modifying data at predefined places by registering them with callback functions.

  • Events

    Events are fired after specific user actions and will pass event data to listeners, which in turn can execute code without returning any data, similar to action hooks. However, unlike hooks, event listeners can also run asynchronously when paired with the Queue Add-on.

  • Macros

    Macros allow overriding specific class methods, without having to override the entire class, making them easier to maintain.

  • Custom Field PHP Formatting

    PHP based formatting provides a lot of flexibility for customizing the output of custom fields.

  • File Overrides

    As the name implies, file overrides allow replacing an entire file with a customized version. This is the approach used for templates, and it also works with PHP files.

  • Joomla Plugin Events

    JReviews triggers a number of native Joomla plugin events before and after certain actions.

  • WordPress Action Hooks

    JReviews implements a number of native WordPress action hooks before and after certain actions.