Custom Lists

Learn how to create user intent optimized landing pages that delight your site visitors.


You can use knowledge about your community, keywords research, and analytics information to create targeted pages that provide users the information they want straight from a search engine search.

Examples of these pre-defined landing pages could be:

  • Top 10 restaurants in New York
  • Open software engineering job offers in Boston
  • Available rooms for rent in London
  • Best movies starring Ryan Reynolds

Pages like this are great for SEO because they take into account the user's search intent. And the good news is that it's extremely easy to implement them with JReviews.

Custom lists are available for both listings and reviews. They can be created through menus so you can build dedicated landing pages. You can also create custom lists using shortcodes, listings and reviews Joomla modules and WordPress widgets.


Landing Page SEO

Regardless of the implementation you choose, it's important to optimize the landing page for search engines by setting the page title, heading, and description.


  • Page Title and Page Heading can be found in the Page Display tab when setting up the menu.
  • Page Description can be found in the JReviews tab.
  • Meta Description can be found in the Metadata tab.


  • Page Title and Page Heading can be found under the PAGE & SEO SETTINGS heading
  • To set the page description and meta description, write your text in the content area of the WordPress page used to create this menu.

Database Columns

Custom Where and Custom Order use is not limited to custom fields. You can also use it with many other table columns, some of which are listed below.

Column Joomla WordPress
Listing ID Listing.ID
Listing title Listing.title Listing.post_title
Creation date Listing.created Listing.post_date
Modified data Listing.modified Listing.post_modified
User ID Listing.created_by Listing.post_author
Number of views Listing.hits PostView.meta_value
Joomla article ordering Listing.ordering NA
Featured Status Field.featured Field.featured
Average user rating Totals.user_rating Totals.user_rating
Average user rating (bayesian) Totals.user_rating_rank Totals.user_rating_rank
Number of user ratings Totals.user_rating_count Totals.user_rating_count
Average editor rating Totals.editor_rating Totals.editor_rating
Average editor rating (bayesian) Totals.editor_rating_rank Totals.editor_rating_rank
Number of editor ratings Totals.editor_rating_count Totals.editor_rating_count
Number of media items Totals.media_count Totals.media_count
Number of photos Totals.photo_count Totals.photo_count
Number of videos Totals.video_count Totals.video_count
Number of attachments Totals.attachment_count Totals.attachment_count
Number of audio Totals.audio_count Totals.audio_count