Importing Sample Data

Need to put together a quick demo for a client? or just want to quickly load up some sample data to take a look around? We built the RapidLauncher Add-on just for you!

We recommend going through the initial setup at least once so you can learn the basics of creating a directory with JReviews. However, we understand that at times you may need to get a head start, or you learn better by having an initial setup to study.

The RapidLauncher Add-on lets you import one or more directories from a pre-defined list. These include:

Business Directory
City Guide
Products Catalog

When you import one of these directories, the Add-on will automatically create the Joomla or WordPress categories, directories, lising types, field groups and fields. It will also import a few sample listings and photos and create required menus.

After the import, publish any menus you want to make visible and and play with the different layout and settings. It is recommended to go through the rest of the documentation to familiarize yourself with the functionality.

Don't forget to use the search feature in the JReviews administration to quickly locate settings.