Add notifications, search alerts and as a bonus, a beautiful activity stream to your site.


EngageUsers adds the following functionality to JReviews:

  • Category and listing follows
  • Search alerts for new listings
  • Follow notifications via email, web push (OneSignal) and the site's notifications feed
  • Site activity stream
  • User activity stream tailored to the member preferences and related activities
  • Slack integration for admin notifications
The Add-on works with activities in the JReviews core (listings, reviews, review comments, media upload). Activities from other Add-ons like MyLists and ListingResources are not supported at this time.


Web Push Notifications

If you want to use Web Push notifications, you will need:

  • A free OneSignal account https://onesignal.com/
  • An SSL certificate so your site is accessed via HTTPS

JReviews Cron

Sending daily/weekly digests and search alerts requires setting up the cron on your server to run these tasks periodically. Read more about setting up the cron.

Queue Add-on

For best performance, it is recommended to use the Queue Add-on so tasks are queued and handled in a separate process that doesn't interfere with the user experience.

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