Basic Setup

Before you can start using EngageUsers, it's important to create the necessary menus and setup site preferences for activities.

Before you begin using the Add-on, it is important to create the following site menus:

  • Site stream

  • User stream

    In Joomla, use the same menu and set the 'Type of Menu' in the 'Activity Stream' tab.

  • Messages.

  • User Preferences

Joomla Menus

To create the required JReviews menus in Joomla, go to Menus and use find the menus under the JReviews Menu Types.

WordPress Menus

To create the required menus in WordPress, create new pages in Pages and use the JReviews Menu System in the sidebar to choose the menu types.

Activity Setup

You can setup activities and privacy in the Add-on configuration Activities tab.

Setup EngageUsers Activities
Setup EngageUsers Activities

Here you can set:

Default Privacy

The privacy setting for activities is only for the activity stream and doesn't affect the visibility of content on the rest of the site. For example, if the new listing privacy is set to Registered or Only Me, that will affect the visibility of that activity in the stream, but the listing itself will remain visible to everyone on the site or will use the access settings for that listing from Joomla or WordPress.

Activities Types

Control which activities are available for use in the system. Unchecking activity-types prevents activities from being posted to the stream and included in notifications. Some activities with which higher frequency of usage or less relevance (favorites, likes, uploads) are automatically excluded from notifications (email, web push, and site messages) to avoid generating too many notifications to users.

Types of Notifications

Periodic Notification

To process daily and weekly notifications it's necessary to set up the JReviews Cron. It's not possible to use site visits to run these tasks. We recommend setting the Cron to run every minute so if you've already set up the Cron, you should also modify the frequency to every minute.

Immediate Notifications

To process immediate notifications, we recommended setting up the Queue Add-on. By using the Queue Add-on, site users don't need to wait until the notification is sent to complete an action. This could take a long time if many people are subscribed to receive the notification.

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