Updates Core/Add-ons

To quickly update JReviews and Add-ons use the JReviews App Store within the JReviews administration on your site.

Your subscription grants you access to the latest versions and support for these versions. Past versions are not supported.

Updating JReviews

Server OP Cache
If your server has OP Cache enabled, it's recommended to disable it before performing the update to ensure all the updated files can be recognized right after the update.

Better safe than sorry! Backup regularly, and before every update. This is especially true if you like living on the edge and do the updates on your production site before testing them elsewhere.

JReviews implements its own remote updates system so you have two ways to update:

  1. Using the JReviews App Store directly from within the JReviews admin. This is also the only way to install and update Add-ons. When there are updates available, JReviews will let you know:

    JReviews App Store
    JReviews App Store

  2. Downloading the package from our website, like you did in the initial installation.

Is the JReviews App Store not loading on your site?

Are you migrating from Joomla to WordPress?

Updating Add-ons

To update Add-ons you use the JReviews App Store within the JReviews admin dashboard.

Major Version Updates

When doing a major version update it is not possible to use the JReviews App Store, so the update needs to be done similar to how you installed JReviews the first time.

All of your JReviews data (listings, reviews, etc.) is stored in the database. Uninstalling the components only removes the files on your server and leaves the database information intact. Even then, you should probably consider creating a copy of your site to test a major version update before you do it on the live site.

So here are the typical steps for a major version update. Make sure to read the notes below for specific versions.

  1. Download the JReviews installation package from the client area.

  2. Rename the JReviews Add-ons directory.

    • Joomla /components/com_jreviews_addons
    • WordPress /wp-content/plugins/jreviews_addons
  3. Rename the JReviews Overrides directory if you have one.

    • Joomla /templates/jreviews_overrides
    • WordPress /jreviews_overrides
  4. Uninstall the s2framework and JReviews

    • This cleans up the filesystem, but your data and media files remain safe.
    • There is no need to delete the JReviews Joomla modules / WordPress widgets. This would require re-creating them from scratch.
  5. Re-install the s2framework and JReviews per the instructions in initial installation.

  6. Re-install any add-ons you had previous installed through the JReviews App Store. You can now delete the re-named directory from #2 above.

  7. Re-do your customization in JReviews Overrides to make them compatible with the latest version. Having overrides is not a gurantee that your changes will be forward compatible forever. Read the dealing with customizations after updates article.

JReviews 4.x Upgrade

JReviews 4.0 Stable has been released. If you were previously using JReviews 3.x then this is a major upgrade and you should follow the above instructions. For more information continue reading the JReviews 4 release notes article.