Migrating From Joomla to WordPress

If for whatever reason, we won't judge, you want to migrate your Joomla site to WordPress, there's an app for that.


Ok, not an app, but a WordPress plugin. The FG Joomla to WordPress Premium plugin is developed by Frédéric GILLES.net. You also need to buy their Add-on for JReviews.

Since this isn't our plugin, we don't provide support for migration related issues. You should contact the developer which has been great throughout the years at helping clients move their JReviews data from Joomla to WordPress


  • New JReviews WordPress license. If you purchased any products for Joomla (JReviews, Add-ons, template), it's not possible to convert these to WordPress.
  • Up-to-date JReviews version installed on your Joomla site to ensure the database structure is not outdated.
  • FG Joomla to WordPress Premium + FG JReviews Add-on
  • WordPress site with the latest JReviews WordPress version installed


Once you have your WordPress site ready, with a clean JReviews installation, and the FG migration plugin and JReviews Add-on installed:

  1. In WordPress, go to the Tools -> Import and click on Joomla (FG)
  2. Populate Joomla URL and database parameters and click the Test the connection
  3. Adjust the import settings to your liking and be sure to check the "Keep the Joomla Article IDs" setting in the SEO section.
  4. Click Import content from Joomla to WordPress to begin.
  5. After the import completes, click Remove the prefixes from the categories.

Moving media from Joomla to WordPress
The plugin will not transfer your JReviews media files. If you store them locally copy the /media/reviews directory from Joomla to WordPress (the same path is used).

After the migration, if something is missing or you think you didn't choose the best migration options, you can go back to the import tool, click Empty WordPress content and start over.

Adjusting User Groups

The User Groups in Joomla may be different from those in WordPress, review your selections for each custom field and also under Access Settings, globally and for each Listing Type if you have overrides.