Community Integrations

JReviews integrates with some of the most popular community solutions available for Joomla and WordPress.

If you are looking to add review functionality to your community solution, take a look at the Everywhere Add-on.

In addition to the integrations with 3rd party solutions below, JReviews also offers the UserProfiles and EngageUsers Add-ons. While not looking to replace the functionality of social networking solutions, they offer substantial functionality (profiles, activity stream, follows, and search alerts), all from a single product and less overhead.

Joomla Integrations

  • AltaUserPoints

    Integrates JReviews with the AltaUserPoints to allow users to earn points for contributing content to the site.

  • Community Builder

    Integrates JReviews with Community Builder profiles.

  • EasySocial

    Integrates JReviews with EasySocial profiles, activity stream, points, achievements, and alerts.

  • JomSocial

    Integrates JReviews with JomSocial profiles, activity stream, points, and notifications.

  • Kunena

    Integrates JReviews with Kunena profiles.

WordPress Integrations

  • BuddyPress & BuddyBoss

    Provides a seamless integration between the JReviews directory listings and reviews functionality and the BuddyPress and BuddyBoss profiles and activity streams.

  • PeepSo

    Integrates JReviews with PeepSo profiles and activity stream.