Integrates JReviews with EasySocial profiles, activity stream, points, achievements, and alerts.


The most important features enabled through this integration:

  • JReviews shows EasySocial user names and avatars linked to profiles
  • JReviews activities shown in the EasySocial stream
  • JReviews activities generate EasySocial alerts
  • Users earn badges for achievements
  • Users earn points for contributing content to the site
  • Profile apps to show the user's listings, reviews, and favorites

If you are interested in using the JReviews user reviews system with profile pages, this functionality is provided by the Everywhere Addon, which includes integrations for EasySocial profiles, events and groups.


  • JReviews Joomla
  • EasySocial

Install the free add-on from the JReviews App Store.

Getting started

The add-on doesn't have a separate administration interface.

  • Enable the integration

    Go to JReviews → Configuration → Community, select EasySocial from the Community the dropdown list to enable the integration with JReviews.

    Now, in JReviews listings and reviews, you should see user avatars and names linked to EasySocial profiles.

  • Scan for points, achievements, and alert rules

    After installing the add-on, use the discover feature in EasySocial to load the pre-defined points, achievements, and alert rules and adjust them to your preferences.

  • Install EasySocial apps for MyListings, MyReviews, and MyFavorites

    This is an optional step. You can find the apps inside the 3rd_party_jreviews_apps_plugins.zip download in the client area.

    Install the apps in the EasySocial Applications page.