Add location-based search and filtering, dedicated map landing pages/widgets, and maps in listing detail and list pages. Works with OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, and Google Maps.


MapsPro enables geo-directory functionality for your site. You'll be able to implement the following features:

  • Maps in listing detail and listing list pages
  • Maps via Joomla module or WordPress widget
  • Dedicated map landing pages
  • Location-based searches in advanced search module/widget and advanced filtering
  • Maps as listing cover images (Google, Mapbox)
  • Streetview in detail pages (Google)
  • Get directions in listing detail pages
  • Proximity filters in JReviews listings module and related listing widgets

Getting Started

A few important points to know before you begin the MapsPro setup.

  • The Add-on uses custom fields to read and store address and coordinates data. These fields need to be created in JReviews before you begin the setup.
  • A listing can have only one location, and the Add-on only works with one set of fields. You should group all location/address fields in a single field group and share that field group across different listing types.
  • Listing address information needs to be geocoded before listings show up in maps. The Add-on offers several ways to geocode listings and adjust the location.

Continue with the Basic Setup.