Batch Geocoding

If you have a large number of listings without coordinates, you can use the batch geocoding feature to automatically geocode the listings so they can be shown in maps and found through location-based searches.

Getting Started

Go to the Add-on Geocode Addresses page in the admin control panel to access the batch geocoding functionality.

Here you can filter the listings you want to geocode to specific listing types, and also based on non-empty address fields. For example, if not all of your listings have complete address information, you can process only those with a non-empty street address.

This type of filtering is useful to avoid wasting geocoding requests, which may be limited based on your provider, or even incur incremental charges.

To begin a batch geocoding job:

  1. Check the listing types
  2. Check the fields that should not be empty
  3. Select Non-geocoded Listings for `Geocoding Status``
  4. Click Apply Filtering in the top-right of the page

This will show the number of listings that will be geocoded. To start the job click on Geocode Addresses. This will open a modal where you can start processing the address and track the results.


The debug feature in the modal, when enabled, will add to the page each address processed and its corresponding geocoding request respose. This information appears below the modal.

Invididual Listing Geocoding

You can geocode listings individually in the same screen using the pin icon that appears to the right of each listing. This will open a modal allowing you to adjust the marker placement, and also to update the address information for the listing, if necessary.