Maps Troubleshooting

The first, and most trivial check, is to edit one of the listings where you expect to see a map to make sure you see the coordinates custom fields and they are populated with values. Without the fields or values, you won't see a map. If you associated the "Map it" setting with your address custom field in the Add-on configuration, then you should also see the "Map It" button next to the address field, allowing you to easily convert the address into coordinates.

If you do see the map container, but the map is empty, then the issue is with the map provider configuration. Skip to "Add-on Configuration" below.

Still can't get the maps to show? Review everything once more using the following checklist:

Use One Maps Add-on

Only a single maps add-on should be installed and active in JReviews. That means that if you where previously using GeoMaps, and later installed MapsPro, you should remove GeoMaps. In the MapsPro Add-on you'll find a Migrate from Geomaps link in the sidebar that you can use to transfer some of the configuration settings.

Fields Manager

  • Verify that you created address and coordinates custom fields.
  • The coordinate fields must be published, even if they are hidden from detail/list/comparison view in the Fields Manager. Also, the coordinate fields must be enabled for search in the Fields Manager so they can be used in proximity searches.
  • If you made changes to the fields' default Access Settings, the coordinates fields need to have all user groups selected for View/Search Access, but you can limit the Submit/Edit Access to administrators only to hide them in the listing form, while still allowing administrators to see them to make sure the values are populated when maps are not showing. Without coordinates, there are no maps.

Add-on Configuration

  • Verify that the location and coordinates custom fields you created in the Fields Manager are setup within the Add-on configuration.
  • When using Google Maps or Mapbox as your map provider, make sure you've setup the necessary keys. If you use Google Maps, there's a Google Maps Setup article. OpenStreetMap doens't require any API setup, and Mapbox is a lot easier to setup than Google Maps.

Listing Types Manager

  • Head over to your listing types and edit them to make sure the Field Group that the location/coordinate fields belong to, is associated with all listing types where you want to display maps
  • In each Listing Type, also verify that maps are enabled for list and detail view, and save the listing type even if they are to make sure the values stick.

PaidListings Add-on

  • When using PaidListings with maps, make sure the coordinates fields are included in your pricing plans. If not, then you need to include them, save the plan, then use the Update Orders button for that plan after you save it. Read pushing new fields to plans and orders.
  • Ensure that all your paid listings have orders. Paid listings without orders won't show maps because the listing will not have any custom fields. You can check if a listing has an order in the Listings Browse page in the JReviews administration. Read creating orders for existing listings.