Everywhere Add-on

One powerful user review system for all your needs.

Extend the user reviews functionality from JReviews to other Joomla components and WordPress plugins, then manage all reviews from a single place. For many products, user reviews are an afterthought and provide very little functionality. With the Everywhere Add-on, you can increase user engagement and community-driven content creation by integrating the most complete review system into other areas of your site.

The Events Calendar
Integration is convenient and incredibly powerful!

Manage all of your site's reviews and ratings with one system and a uniform, themeable look. You don't lose flexibility because the configuration for each integration can be different:

  1. Multi rating criteria
  2. Review custom fields
  3. Review moderation
  4. Review search
  5. Photos, videos, attachments, and audio uploads for reviews
  6. Owner replies to reviews
  7. Review helpfulness voting

Available Integrations
  • EasySocial for profile, event, and group reviews
  • JomSocial for profile reviews
  • Community Builder for profile reviews
  • Jomres for property reviews
  • K2
  • BuddyPress for profile reviews
  • PeepSo for profile reviews
  • WooCommerce for product reviews
  • The Events Calendar for event, venue, and organizer reviews