Build, brand and distribute your own Apps that others can install, configure and display on their Facebook pages.

The WidgetFactory Add-on allows site owners to have a presence on other sites via publisher sites. The FBAppFactory builds on top of the WidgetFactory by spreading your content within the Facebook platform. By creating and distributing your own FB Apps you allow anyone to add a Tab on their FB Page displaying the content from your site.

View example Apps on our Facebook page

  • Two types of Apps, infinite possibilities: Multiple listings and individual listings with reviews. With these two options and the number of configuration settings offered you can offer any number of Apps.
  • Ease of configuration: You decide which options to make available to Facebook Page admins which can configure the App right on their Facebook page.
  • Branding: Easily brand your Apps with your own layout without having to edit any files.
  • Track FB page impressions and clicks: Keep track of your best Apps and FB pages with the built-in statistics feature.
FBAppFactory Settings
FBAppFactory Tab View