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Intro #7 - Surfacing Relevant Content Throughout Your Site

Alejandro Schmeichler

You are now midway through this series and I hope that you've been able to follow the previous posts and are already taking advantage of all the cool and powerful features we've uncovered. In this post I wan to talk to you about the different ways that you can display the existing JReviews content that's already on your site. The goal is to keep site users longer on your site is by showing them relevant information. I will cover two methods you can use to accomplish this by taking advantage of JReviews core features.

The first one is through the use of Joomla Modules and the equivalent WordPress Widgets that are included with JReviews. And the second one is via Listing Relations. Keep reading to find out more about each of these methods.

JReviews Modules and Widgets

JReviews ships with quite a few of these! You can use the Listings, Reviews, Media and Calendar Modules / Widgets to display JReviews-generated content throughout the site. The first three have Category Auto-detect features so the content can dynamically adjust based on the page that's being viewed by the site visitor. View the complete list of Joomla Modules and WordPress Widgets.

Listing Relations

By taking advantage of listing relations it is possible to surface even more relevant content. For example:

  • If your site is about movies and someone is viewing a Sci-Fi movie you can display other top rated Sci-Fi movies.
  • If you are using JReviews as a blog, you can display other posts by the same author or about the same topic.
  • If you use JReviews for Venues and Events in the events page you can display more information about the venue and in the venue page you can display information about events taking place in that venue.
  • If you use JReviews for Classifieds you can view other classifieds posted by the same person or in the same category.

You can see that this can be very powerful, which is why I wanted to make you aware of these core features. Below you'll find links to documentation articles where you can learn more about implementing related listings on your site:

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