3.10.4 - April 5, 2021

!Changed  Refactored FB re-scraping without using deprecated FB SDK.

#Fixed  S3/DO Spaces video uploads.

3.10.3 - April 1, 2021

!Changed  Autocomplete CSS change for google attribution compat.

!Changed  (Joomla) Reverted previous change that breaks module asset loading in non-JReviews articles.

3.10.2 - March 24, 2021

!Changed  Pass more contextual data to listings list page filter hooks.

!Changed  CSS adjustments for text-based inputs.

!Changed  (Joomla) Load assets in onContentAfterDisplay.

!Changed  Refactored S3 and DigitalOcean storage to use new `async-aws/aws` package.

!Changed  Breaking - Removed Rackspace storage support because official library was abandoned 4+ yrs ago.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Mail log errors when using Post SMTP plugin.

#Fixed  Allowed media upload extensions listing type overrides doesn't work.

#Fixed  Some listing type media overrides not applied to listing detail pages (i.e. ordering).

#Fixed  AssetManager::scripts method should not be static.

#Fixed  PHP notices ...

#Fixed  Sync media count doesn't update listings where all media was removed.

#Fixed  Weird issue with missing fields from fields query when fields have similar names (jr_name, jr_names)

3.10.1 - February 20, 2021

^Enhanced  Included optional `contentUrl` property to video pages.

!Changed  Search pages anchored to custom lists will now also filter based on custom_where/custom_params.

!Changed  Future proof for upcoming framework update.

#Fixed  Structured data is visible, and shouldn't be, in review detail page.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Added support for the Tweenty Sixteen theme.

3.10.0 - February 1, 2021

+New  `Card Width Mobile` setting for Listings Module/Widget customizer, including new 100% and 50% options.

+New  `field_form{:name|:type}` filter hook to modify custom field input array before render.

^Enhanced  Visibility of a FormBuilder custom field can be controlled with a field option relationship.

^Enhanced  Native scroller automatic width adjustment on mobile for single card results.

!Changed  Added field search range select options as language strings: FIELD_RANGE_(EQUAL|HIGHER|LOWER|BETWEEN).

!Changed  Include additional contextual data for several system filters.

#Fixed  FormBuilder custom field text input data not saved on mobile if going straight from input to submit.

#Fixed  Admin side links to layout customizer in settings search and configuration/list page tab.

#Fixed  Improved output of auto-complete dropdowns for long-text options.

#Fixed  PHP notice when validating custom field for option selection limit.

#Fixed  theme_images overrides not working.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Article menus not detected by JReviews SEF Plugin.

3.9.1 - January 15, 2021

#Fixed  Poster card layout broken after update.

3.9.0 - January 15, 2021

+New  `field_output:{name}` filter hook to override the output of custom fields.

+New  `template_listings.{page}:after-title` action hook where {page} is detail, list, comparison, live-search.

+New  `template_listings.detail_tabs:split-field-groups` filter to avoid having to override the detail_tabs template.

^Enhanced  Make $field['click2search'] array of option URLs available in field php output format.

^Enhanced  The `listing_status_labels` filter now accepts an `override_class` key for labels to allow removing default CSS classes.

!Changed  Breaking change for `template-listings.detail:above-description` and `template-listings.detail:below-description` hooks. Renamed to `template_listings.detail:before-description` and `template_listings.detail:after-description` and changed order of arguments.

!Changed  Breaking change for `directory-page:bottom` and `directory-page:{name}:bottom` hook. Renamed to `template_directory:after-directory{-name}`.

#Fixed  Automatically hide "Details" tab when using detail_tab template when the listing doesn't have fields.

#Fixed  Account registration links generated by JReviews not pointing to integrated community solution.

#Fixed  PHP notice when setting up Twitter posting for the first time.

#Fixed  Remove extra padding after last element in custom field output using a `<ul>` list of values.

3.8.4 - December 21, 2020

#Fixed  PHP heredoc closing error causing problems on some servers.

3.8.3 - December 18, 2020

+New  `template-listings.detail:above-description` and `template-listings.detail:below-description` action hooks.

^Improved  Compatibility with PHP 8.

^Improved  Logic for review comment count calculations to prevent out-of-sync counts.

!Changed  Use list markup for mutiple select, checkbox and related listing fields even for one selected option.

!Changed  Allow dropdown clicks to work outside of jrPage containers.

#Fixed  Media not published to activity stream when approved in moderation.

#Fixed  Added missing help text for theme selection setting.

#Fixed  Deprecated PHP syntax.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Routing issue introduced in Joomla 3.9.23 when using JReviews category as homepage.

#Fixed  PHP notice in form_user_details template.

3.8.2 - November 23, 2020

#Fixed  Bugs introduced with the new `form_user_details` template.

3.8.1 - November 9, 2020

^Improved  Custom fields PHP format has access to $params array with context data: route, controller, action, viewVars, viewSuffix, listview.

!Changed  Added category description as part of the categories array used in category pages.

#Fixed  Various minor fixes

3.8.0 - November 9, 2020

+New  `user_before_register` filter Hook gives allows modifying user data before user creation.

+New  `listing_list_info_icons` and `listing_detail_info_icons` filter hooks.

^Improved  `render` filter hook now allows rendering any template from within the filter.

^Improved  Date filters now automatically trigger live updates when a date is selected.

^Improved  Radius slider in adv. filtering now automatically triggers live update when changed.

^Improved  Adding custom sort select to adv. filter form now works correctly.

!Changed  Made all existing ‘community_*’ helper filters available as one.

!Changed  Updated all documentation links to point to the new docs.

!Changed  Eliminated “Powered by” link from and setting.

!Changed  New language strings for community profile links.

!Changed  Include list of fields with issues in admin field integrity status check.

!Changed  Prevent browser history conflicts with namespace check.

!Changed  Filter fields with empty values from search URLs.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Conflict with PeepSo external URL redirect confirmation pages.

#Fixed  Character entities issue with listing meta description field.

#Fixed  Review edit modal not initiliazed correctly on review custom lists.

#Fixed  Automatically disabled lazy loading image markup for RSS feeds.

#Fixed  PHP notice in review permission check.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Review feed URLs broken when WP setup without trailing slashes in URLs.

#Fixed  PHP notice in review permission check.

#Fixed  PHP notice for screen name when selected Community integration no longer installed.

#Fixed  Media URL uploads fail when URL path includes consecutive dashes.

#Fixed  Review date field search using ‘Listing’ model for operator input.

#Fixed  Date field settings not reflected in adv. filters/search.

#Fixed  DB query error when using non-numeric value for listing type in search URL

3.7.7 - October 13, 2020

!Changed  Converted `cron_tasks` filter to action hook.

!Changed  Refactored MyController filters code and added new `render` filter.

!Changed  Made listing field data available on review submit for use with filters.

!Changed  Added Request::method to check the request method.

#Fixed  Return 404 for listing search results when the listing type id used for filtering doesn’t exist.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Creating accounts while submitting an entry doesn’t work when “send password” is disabled in Joomla user options.

#Fixed  Wrong heading sometimes used in advanced filtering panel.

#Fixed  Disable galleria debug mode.

#Fixed  Reset filters button breaks loading of EngageUsers activity stream.

#Fixed  (WordPress) skip processing on `logout` and `do_login` actions to prevent issues with 3rd party forum bridge.

3.7.6 - September 29, 2020

^Improved  new ‘site_init’ and ‘admin_init’ action hooks.

!Changed  Load hooks from add-ons before filters from overrides.

!Changed  Field php output format now recognizes $listing and $review for listing and review fields respectively.

!Changed  Refactored user display name logic to use the right name in community integrations settings.

!Changed  Stylesheet updates.

!Changed  Refactored install/update code to automatically run legacy scripts/queries when updating from 2.x versions.

#Fixed  (WordPress) return a 404 on upload pages with missing id param.

#Fixed  Default to using listing title when the listing type SEO title override results in an empty title (e.g. empty custom field).

#Fixed  [Admin] Long text without spaces breaks moderation layouts.

#Fixed  Return URL after login from modal.

#Fixed  Structured data markup for review detail pages.

#Fixed  On new installs ensure no listings are shown in admin browse page until categories are properly setup.

#Fixed  Datepicker no longer showing default year range in dropdown.

3.7.5 - August 27, 2020

!Changed  [Admin] Moved listing type media access settings to the `Access -> Media` tab.

#Fixed  Media list db query returning duplicate results which can lead to pagination problems.

#Fixed  Field validation issues.

#Fixed  Media uploads errors.

3.7.4 - August 20, 2020

*Security  Patched 2 critical security vulnerabilities.

+New  Directory description field in Directories Manager, used in directory page.

+New  Added China regions support for AWS S3 Storage.

+New  `inquiry_email_extra_fields` action hook.

+New  `claim_form_top`, `inquiry_form_top` action hooks.

+New  `directory-page:bottom`, `directory-page:{directory-slug}:bottom` action hooks.

+New  `editor_reviews_default_order`, `user_reviews_default_order` filter hooks.

+New  Date custom field setting to change the ‘first day` (Sunday, Monday).

+New  (WordPress) New action hooks to allow adding theme support for JReviews pages

^Improved  Custom field php formatting now also supports inline code, in addition to returned.

^Improved  Added sign-up modal for review voting when enabled only for logged in users.

^Improved  Field SEO now works for click2search links using related listing custom field (e.g. /tag/venue/100)

^Improved  `listing_submit_validation` filter now also works on admin CP.

^Improved  Re-styled autocomplete UI tags to emphasize active/disabled states.

!Changed  Converted all `*_form_bottom` filter hooks to action hooks.

!Changed  Allow managers and above to change the main media in front-end.

!Changed  Refactored non-blocking media encoding request method.

!Changed  #__jreviews_directories table columns renamed to more meaningful names to represent their use.

!Changed  Renamed `Debug Theme` setting to `Theme Explorer`.

!Changed  Improved styling for debug theme output.

!Changed  Respond with 404 status for requests with unkown routes.

!Changed  Refactored code for `related_listings` template.

!Changed  [Admin] Improved FormBuilder custom field settings UI.

!Changed  [Admin] Removed references to old documentation.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Content plugin settings to disable JReviews output in blog/featured pages not working. JReviews SEF plugin must also be disabled.

#Fixed  [Admin] Truncate long tiltes in listings moderation.

#Fixed  Cannot change media function to ‘gallery’.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Non-existent routes error handling and improved error exception handling in J4.

#Fixed  Custom parameters setting for fields module/widget not working correctly.

#Fixed  Individual criteria rating average ranks for listings not calculated correctly.

#Fixed  Errors in listings and reviews queries when ordering and filtering by rating criteria.

#Fixed  Rating criteria missing in orderling list in listing detail view all reviews pages.

#Fixed  Remove outdated galleria.classic.min.css

#Fixed  Related listing field selection cannot be reset in form.

#Fixed  Date custom field using 'Sunday' as default first day in front-end.

#Fixed  Detail page review ordering for most positive/critical not working for scales higher than 10.

#Fixed  Joomla 4 compatibility improvements.

#Fixed  (Joomla) PHP notice on listing save.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Admin package updates break on db errors in Joomla 4.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Session related issue with new user creation while submitting an entry.

#Fixed  Ensure temporary media has read access when using 3rd party encoding service.

#Fixed  (WordPress) PHP notice when jQuery UI is disabled in config settings.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Media for unpublished listings is shown in media list pages.

#Fixed  CSS error in header avatar border.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Wrong URL for jQuery UI script when site URL is in a domain sub-directory.

#Fixed  [Admin] When changing the title of a Listing Type, then change is not automatically shown in the list on save.

#Fixed  When image lazy loading is disabled, remove the background wrapping div.

3.7.2 - July 2, 2020

!Changed  Combined dark theme theme.css and custom_styles.css classes into theme.css.

#Fixed  [Fields Module/Widget] Filtering Mode always uses `Current Page Category` even when set to a different option.

#Fixed  Old version files not removed on update.

#Fixed  Null date update error in EverywhereComContentModel::updateExpirationDate

3.7.1 - June 26, 2020

+New  Joomla 4 compatibility improvements.

+New  `Scheduled` filter in admin listings browse page.

^Enhanced  Allow overriding the slideout and auto_open attributes for filters horizontal layout.

!Changed  Added loading=eager attribute for placeholder images when using lazy loading.

!Changed  Renamed legacy `jomsocial` config setting to `community_stream`. ACTION REQUIRED: Review the Configuration → Community activity stream settings after the update.

!Changed  Converted all JReviews DB table datetime columns to have default NULL values.

!Changed  (Joomla) UNBUNDLED community integration from core and created new Add-ons. Install JomSocial, EasySocial, CommunityBuilder and Kunena from the JReviews App Store.

!Changed  (WordPress) Removed session checks since these are no longer needed after refactor to use transients.

!Changed  BaseRepository::order method to allow completely replacing the base model’s order array.

!Changed  Refactored module theme replacement code in adv. search module.

#Fixed  (WordPress) improved compatibility for sites hosted on

#Fixed  Improved handling of review detail pages when review is is missing.

#Fixed  Improved handling of cat ids in CategoryModel::getParents.

#Fixed  Comparison drawer not showing listing image if thumbnail hasn’t been generated.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Ampersands in category titles appear as &amp; in some places (e.g. Map infowindow).

#Fixed  Calendar module/widget not using disabled settings for listings (e.g. show category, user rating, etc.)

#Fixed  MySQL 8.0 errors due to use of `rank` reserved word in some database queries.

#Fixed  Refactored all datetime checks to improve accuracy of listing `expired` and `scheduled` checks.

#Fixed  (WordPress) `ListingWasFirstPublished` not fired when approving listings in moderation.

#Fixed  Debug stopped displaying database queries.

#Fixed  CSS error in header logo and header avatar classes.

#Fixed  Rackspace storage update for outdated Guzzle cacert.