3.7.2 - July 2, 2020

!Changed  Combined dark theme theme.css and custom_styles.css classes into theme.css.

#Fixed  [Fields Module/Widget] Filtering Mode always uses `Current Page Category` even when set to a different option.

#Fixed  Old version files not removed on update.

#Fixed  Null date update error in EverywhereComContentModel::updateExpirationDate

3.7.1 - June 26, 2020

+New  Joomla 4 compatibility improvements.

+New  `Scheduled` filter in admin listings browse page.

^Enhanced  Allow overriding the slideout and auto_open attributes for filters horizontal layout.

!Changed  Added loading=eager attribute for placeholder images when using lazy loading.

!Changed  Renamed legacy `jomsocial` config setting to `community_stream`. ACTION REQUIRED: Review the Configuration → Community activity stream settings after the update.

!Changed  Converted all JReviews DB table datetime columns to have default NULL values.

!Changed  (Joomla) UNBUNDLED community integration from core and created new Add-ons. Install JomSocial, EasySocial, CommunityBuilder and Kunena from the JReviews App Store.

!Changed  (WordPress) Removed session checks since these are no longer needed after refactor to use transients.

!Changed  BaseRepository::order method to allow completely replacing the base model’s order array.

!Changed  Refactored module theme replacement code in adv. search module.

#Fixed  (WordPress) improved compatibility for sites hosted on

#Fixed  Improved handling of review detail pages when review is is missing.

#Fixed  Improved handling of cat ids in CategoryModel::getParents.

#Fixed  Comparison drawer not showing listing image if thumbnail hasn’t been generated.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Ampersands in category titles appear as & in some places (e.g. Map infowindow).

#Fixed  Calendar module/widget not using disabled settings for listings (e.g. show category, user rating, etc.)

#Fixed  MySQL 8.0 errors due to use of `rank` reserved word in some database queries.

#Fixed  Refactored all datetime checks to improve accuracy of listing `expired` and `scheduled` checks.

#Fixed  (WordPress) `ListingWasFirstPublished` not fired when approving listings in moderation.

#Fixed  Debug stopped displaying database queries.

#Fixed  CSS error in header logo and header avatar classes.

#Fixed  Rackspace storage update for outdated Guzzle cacert.