Changelogs - April 25, 2019

!Changed  Removed code for Google+ share button because the service is no longer available.

#Fixed  Recursive related listing field lookup issue which can lead to a memory error.

#Fixed  Reverted calendar module query limit change.

#Fixed  Updated Dailymotion embed code to fix use of deprecated API ‘thumbnail_large_url’ field.

#Fixed  Broken reddit share image when using the no-count option.

#Fixed  Alignment of social sharing buttons. - April 19, 2019

+New  Added ‘custom where’ setting to Calendar module/widget and improved listing filtering including category and listing access level checks.

^Enhanced  Extended listing type SEO Manager “Apply to Listing Titles” functionality to output of related listing custom field.

^Enhanced  Facebook OG, Twitter Card and Structured Data image logic now also checks Cover and Logo if listing main media is not set.

!Changed  Refactored ListingsRepository and BaseRepository to make it easier to use outside of a controller.

!Changed  Trigger ‘pre_get_listing_detail_page_query’ and ‘post_get_listing_detailpage_query’ filters on listing favorite add/remove actions.

!Changed  [Admin] Trim HTML response from ajax requests to prevent issues when a white space is added to the response.

!Changed  (Joomla) Converted all module radio settings to switch toggles.

!Changed  (Joomla) Set modified date to match creation date for new listings to ensure they appear on top when using the ‘most recently updated’ sorting option.

#Fixed  When duplicate shortcodes are used on the same page, only the first one is rendered and others are removed from the output.

#Fixed  Detail page related listing widget doesn’t work when using a text field for matching if the data includes utf8 encoded characters.

#Fixed  (WordPress) DB error when creating a directory and assigning it to UserProfiles without actually creating any categories and setting them up in JReviews.

#Fixed  Layout issue of autosuggest field checkboxes in adv. filtering module/widget.

#Fixed  Some instances in which a video doesn’t show in a listing when a listing only has a video which has been set as main media but main media is disabled for the listing type.

#Fixed  Live search not working on Android devices and reverted change that prevented live search from working on ‘backspace’.

#Fixed  Filters button doesn't convert to sidepanel when the filter doesn't have any custom fields. - March 21, 2019

!Change: (WordPress) Overcome issue where post meta (settings) are duplicated by a 3rd party plugin and break routing for JReviews pages.

#Fixed  PHP Notice in ReviewHelper::ratingOptions

#Fixed  Listing title tag replacements are incorrectly made in the listing form when updating a listing.

#Fixed  {metakey}, {metadesc}, {summary}, and {description} tags are not being replaced when used in the listing type SEO formats. - March 15, 2019

+New  ‘listing_replace_tags’ developer filter which allows creating your own custom tag replacements.

+New  Added “Without media” filter to listings browse screen in admin dashboard.

+New  Refactored code for Joomla 4 Alpha 7 compatibility.

+New  Advanced Filtering now supports [filter name=“author” label=“Author”] for listing owner searches.

+New  'Alphabetical' ordering option for listings module and listings shortcode.

^Enhanced  Several Live Search usage improvements, including search on “Enter”.

^Enhanced  Automatically set initial uploaded media title/caption to the listing title when filenames are set to also use the title.

^Enhanced  Added the {author} tag as default for tag replacements (page title, listing title, related listing widgets).

^Enhanced  Extended custom field tag replacement to related listing widgets.

^Enhanced  Listing Type SEO Manager ‘Apply to Listing Titles’ now also works in modules and shortcodes.

^Enhanced  Added front-end visual indicator for admins in list pages for unpublished/unapproved media and listings.

!Changed  Return a 401 Unauthorized status code for requests requiring a logged in user.

!Changed  Included creation date for owner replies for reviews.

!Changed  Updated ReCaptcha setting text to make it clear that keys used should be for V2 “I am not a robot” checkbox.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Removed outdated admin CSS loaded when updating a module.

#Fixed  Blank page shown, instead of access denied, in submit new listing page for unauthorized users when registration system is disabled.

#Fixed  Added missing “match” setting for the Listing Type Detail Page Related Reviews Widget.

#Fixed  Listing comparison checkbox click issue in Firefox.

#Fixed  Listings checked for comparison are not refreshed after an ajax update (filtering, pagination).

#Fixed  Auto Tweet for photos doesn’t work and hangs the form.

#Fixed  Disabling ‘Replace Listing Alias on Edit’ not being used on listing save method, causing duplicates to be generated if the alias format used can lead to duplicate titles.

#Fixed  “New” label for listings not showing up.

#Fixed  RTL layout of custom fields in mobile view.

#Fixed  Directory query missing the ‘slug’ column alias.

#Fixed  [Everywhere Add-on] Wrong review count in view all reviews pages.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Compatibility issue with PWTSEO plugin.

#Fixed  RTL issue on blogview layout.

#Fixed  Review moderation emails are not sent.

#Fixed  (Joomla) [SEF Plugin] Native routing to login page for menus set to Registered doesn’t work when the target page and home page are both JReviews menus. - February 7, 2019

+New  Developer filters: 'wp_listing_default_ping_status', 'wp_listing_default_comment_status' allow setting a value when creating new listings.

!Changed  Admin language to reflect that the ‘ integration Oauth’ configuration is required for auto-tweets.

!Changed  Added check in admin Media Settings for PHP `exec` function required for localhost encoding with FFMPEG.

!Changed  Added missing theme file php heading.

!Changed  Changed the view/write access group column data type for custom fields from varchar to text for new installations.

#Fixed  Style for smalll button (.jrButton.jrSmall)

#Fixed  custom_styles.css version setting doesn’t work.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Compatibility issue with PWTSEO plugin.

#Fixed  Default sorting option not shown pre-selected in list pages when it’s anything other than ‘featured’.

#Fixed  ‘<‘ and ‘>’ and anything in between stripped from review and discussion comments when editor is disabled.

#Fixed  Rating star selector not initialized when updating a review in a few scenarios.

#Fixed  [EasySocial] Error in activity stream for media like activity.

#Fixed  ‘page_robots_metatag’ developer filter not running in list pages.

#Fixed  PHP notice related to recaptcha functionality.

#Fixed  Direct MP3 audio uploads (without encoding) fail on servers where php `exec` function is disabled.

#Fixed  Added missing mobile pagination settings to Listing Type reviews and favorite widgets and fixed the existings settings not being used for the listing widget.

#Fixed  Listing type detail page favorites widget doesn’t work. - January 13, 2019

+New  ‘Hide when no results found’ setting added to listings, reviews and media modules/widgets.

+New  “User” filter for admin dashboard media and reviews browse pages.

^Enhanced  Automatically display the default media function for photos after upload when this is changed via developer filter from gallery to logo/cover.

^Enhanced  Reload page after deleting listing outside of listings/detail page. Like in UserProfiles account manager.

!Changed  Enabled ajax pagination by default for new installs.

!Changed  Added ‘viewVars’ to ‘after_filter_output’ developer filter parameters.

#Fixed  Upgraded JReviews installations not able to setup new categories due to missing #__jreviews_categories.metadesc column.

#Fixed  Dependent text fields in dependent groups are shown in form even when control value is not active.

#Fixed  Extended mobile pagination settings to `related_listings` embed code.

#Fixed  Disabling `Enable Title Live Search` setting for Listing Form doesn’t work.

#Fixed  Listing Type Detail Page Widget Mobile Paginations settings revert to default on update.

#Fixed  Lower possibility of auto-instantiating non-existent plugin classes when non-plugin files are placed in plugin folders.

#Fixed  Updated Open Graph and markup for video detail page.

#Fixed  Incorrect video URLs in video detail page when a media catch-all menu doesn’t exist. - December 18, 2018

+New  Default cover images for listing headers. Can be set globally and per listing type.

!Changed  Updated language files with new strings.

!Changed  Updated cron URL in help text to use the actual domain for the site instead of a placeholder.

!Changed  (Joomla) [SEF Plugin] Skip parsing of URLs with given ‘option’ parameter when it’s not Content or JReviews.

!Changed  Implemented dateModified property for Article, NewsArticle, BlogPosting types. Modifed date is also automatically used when a listing has been updated.

!Changed  Added an admin check and visible notice for the ‘exif_read_data’ function and refactored the code to prevent image uploads from failing if the function is not available. It is needed for automatic image rotation.

#Fixed  (Joomla) AssetLoader plugin error when using the YooTheme customizer.

#Fixed  (Joomla) [JomSocial] Better handling of avatar display when using S3 storage if the avatar is still on local.

#Fixed  Rating star images missing in admin review moderation.

#Fixed  Reviewer ranks not updating correctly the number of reviews.

#Fixed  Missing worstRating property when rating increment is set to lower than 1.

#Fixed  (WordPress) PHP notice in MenuModel::getMenuParams

#Fixed  Rebuild reviews & ratings link appeared twice in the admin dashboard. - December 11, 2018

#Fixed  Shortcodes stopped working.

#Fixed  Lightbox stopped working on photo gallery when shown inside tabs. - December 10, 2018

+New LD+JSON 'Summary page + multiple full details pages' Carousel markup for list pages where listings share the same listing type.

+New  Developer filter 'list_page_ld_json_structured_data' allowing overrides for the list page ld+json markup.

+New  Refactored code for Joomla 4 Alpha compatibility.

+New  Mobile pagination settings for Joomla modules/WordPress widgets and listing type related listings widgets. It’s important to review the settings for all published modules and widgets to optimize them for mobile devices.

!Changed  Return 404 on detail page if the listing cannot be found. This makes it possible to hide a listing through a developer filter.

!Changed  Implemented PHP filter_var for custom field validation as an alternative to regex. New website,email,integer and decimal fields will use this as the default.

!Changed  Updated admin fields UI reflecting that {listing_id} tag can be used in output format, click2search URL format.

!Changed  Added page limit list to the top of paginated pages in admin dashboard.

#Fixed  (Joomla) [EasySocial] Improved layout of activities in stream.

#Fixed  When using 2 adv. search modules/widgets on the same page, the category list of the first one loaded overrides the second one.

#Fixed  Dialogs difficult to close on Android.

#Fixed  PHP Warning coming from plugins/seo_robots.php when no results are found for a given page.

#Fixed  The main media photo is not included in the same lightbox as the rest of the listing photos.

#Fixed  Portrait photo uploads are not automatically rotated.

#Fixed  RoutesHelper::category method may produce a php notice if no attributes are passed.

#Fixed  Required icon appears for email field in review discussion form even when email is set as optional.

#Fixed  Mobile setting for “rating selector” sometimes defaulting to “stars” even if “slider” is selected.

#Fixed  Go to listing buttton shown for moderate listing submissions does not use the listing preview URL.

#Fixed  Removed outdated $show_map var definition from detail_compact theme file. - November 23, 2018

+New  Implemented new developer filters:

* admin_before_filter_request

* admin_before_filter_request_{controller_action}

* admin_before_theme_render_viewvars

* admin_before_theme_render_viewvars_{controller_action}

* admin_before_theme_render_request

* admin_before_theme_render_request_{controller_action}

* admin_after_filter_output

* admin_after_filter_output_{controller_action}

* before_filter_request

* before_filter_request_{controller_action}

* before_theme_render_viewvars

* before_theme_render_viewvars_{controller_action}

* before_theme_render_request

* before_theme_render_request_{controller_action}

* after_filter_output

* after_filter_output_{controller_action}

* pre_get_listing_detail_page_query

* advanced_search_request_valid_fields

* listing_list_ordering_select

^Enhanced  (WordPress) Improved compatibility with Yoast by allowing it to override page title and meta description when changed directly in posts.

!Changed  Refactored code to implement new developer filters and changes to support new MapsPro Add-on.

!Changed  Updated detail and list page theme files to remove the $show_map definition which is now set through developer filters.

!Changed  Added the ‘criteria_id’ to the parameters of the `review_form_rating_options` developer filter.

!Changed  Added autocomplete attribute to adv. search form to disable browser autocomplete.

!Changed  Remove old checks for PHP versions below PHP 7.

#Fixed  Inconsistent breadcrumb HTML markup across different pages and markup issues.

#Fixed  PHP notice in listing view all reviews page when there are no reviews for the listing.

#Fixed  Recaptcha container blocks access to review form submi/cancel buttons.

#Fixed  Not able to delete owner replies from admin moderation queue.

#Fixed  Updated small button CSS to fix an issue in some templates where the button is too tall. - November 12, 2018

!Changed  Automatically clear the cache registry when a service provider is not found.

#Fixed  Ratings are automatically disabled for all listing types. - November 11, 2018

+New  Developer filter `review_form_rating_options` to allow modifying the numeric values shown for rating criteria.

!Changed  Retrieve full listing info when changing featured status to allow for more flexibility when using the `can_feature_listing` developer filter.

!Changed  Add-on filters are now registered before app boots to be able to add new services to IoC within Add-ons.

!Changed  Include listing description in listings module database query so it can be used in theme file.

!Changed  Allow using CMS tmp folder for temporary files when the specified system tmp folder cannot be written to.

!Changed  Refactored custom field canWrite permission to prevent existing field data from being deleted when permission is denied.

!Changed  Updated compare checkbox CSS to lessen potential display conflicts with 3rd party CSS.

!Changed  Increased size of social sharing buttons and improved layout on desktop/mobile.

!Changed  Added the original menu title to the MyController::pageArray method response.

!Changed  Updated pt-br language file.

!Changed  Replaced filter module <h4> tag with a div to remove any potential SEO issues with page structure.

!Changed  Allow overriding input selected value in AdminSettings::displayTab through ‘value’ key.

#Fixed  Improved styling of autocomplete dropdown.

#Fixed  Ratings functionality for a listing type not completely disabled when ratings are enabled, but criteria ratings are not defined.

#Fixed  Review form appears when creating a new listing even when comments/ratings are disabled in the listing type.

#Fixed  (WordPress) reviewer rank link error.

#Fixed  Email custom field form layout issue on mobile with the input overflowing the form container.

#Fixed  Removed markup from last element in breadcrumb in detail pages causing validation error in Google’s Structured Data tool.

#Fixed  (Joomla) EasySocial activity stream display error on mobile.

#Fixed  (Joomla) [Everywhere Add-on] Review Me app not working with JReviews 3.

#Fixed  Core enabled field not appearing as an option for new fields.

#Fixed  Listing link points to home page in some notification emails.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Undefined variable $featuredImageBaseNameWithoutTrailingNumber in MediaModel.

#Fixed  [Queue Add-on] Some email jobs fail because the ThemingComponent class is not loaded.

#Fixed  PHP Notice in adv. search module theme file when using the user/editor rating filter for search.

#Fixed  Filters panel float all the way to the right on mobile when shown after an ajax update to the page.

#Fixed  Contact sheet lightbox videos don't open in light box.

#Fixed  (Joomla) JReviews menu pages not using the global menu “Show Page Heading” setting.

#Fixed  When creating a formbuilders definition in override a php notice is generated when creating/updating the formbuilder custom field.

#Fixed  Multiple media upload feature not enabled for Android.

#Fixed  (Joomla) [EasySocial] Photo activities using original image instead of thumbnail.

#Fixed  JReviews alerting of available updates even when all updates have been installed. - October 16, 2018

!Changed  Refacored code to make it possible to perform remote update from JReviews 3.1. - October 14, 2018

!Changed  Updated all files to reflect the license change