Changelogs - May 20, 2020

+New  Native scrolling for card layouts in listings module

+New  Developer filter `search_minimum_word_characters` allows changing default value of 3 for a word to be considered in a keyword search.

^Enhanced  (WordPress) Compatiblity with Elementor for any widgets that require reading settings on ajax requests.

!Changed  Minor layout improvements for the Advanced Search Page.

!Changed  (WordPress) Allow admins to view listings in “draft” state in the front-end.

!Changed  Refactored permissions check when creating listing to render sign-up form.

#Fixed  Fixed notices in reviews catch-all menu when accessed directly.

#Fixed  (WordPress) [Admin] User edit links in browse/moderation pages are broken.

#Fixed  (WordPress) JReviews incorrectly changing the page title to the site name for some plugins. - May 7, 2020

+New  Added new module/widget positions in listing detail page

!Changed  Updates to French language file.

!Changed  Updated login page shown to guests in listing submit page.

!Changed  Allow HTML markup in Category SEO and Field SEO metadescription inputs to be used in page description.

!Changed  Listings/review admin browse display of external link icon only on mouseover.

!Changed  Admin house-keeping! New sidebar menu for notifications, and separation of social sharing settings to their own tab.

!Changed  Allow using `Review.published` column in custom where for Review Custom List menus.

#Fixed  MediaHelper has duplicate parent::__construct calll

#Fixed  Edge case where review custom fields wouldn’t show in review layout.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Not able to remove duplicate Yoast OG tags after version 14.0 (wpseo_opengraph filter was deprecated).

#Fixed  Media downloads don’t work on cached pages.

#Fixed  Incorretly showing encoding message on media upload for photos.

#Fixed  PHP notice on media upload check for new listing form.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Prevent shortcodes from processing in listing edit form.

#Fixed  Use `libfdk_aac` as default audio encoding for videos when using FFMPEG for compatibility with iOS

#Fixed  (WordPress) PHP warnings on user login/logout.

#Fixed  Theme suffix ignored in listing save method, when loading media form, other themes. - April 2, 2020

#Fixed  Front-end minified theme CSS file is empty. - April 2, 2020

^Enhanced  Added loading lazy attribute to embedded video iframes for browsers that support it.

!Changed  Re-designed embedded login form.

!Changed  Added required attribute to inputs in login form.

!Changed  Re-designed category and listing type choosers in listing and adv. search forms.

!Changed  New SVGs in SvgProvider component.

!Changed  New --fwd-color prefixed CSS variables to simplify making changes to color palette.

!Changed  Replaced `fwd-border-r-1` CSS utility class with `fwd-border-r` .

!Changed  Converted `fragment` urls to non-sef to prevent 404 error on some sites (i.e. sign up dialog).

!Changed  Refactored layout of media manage page for listing and media edit dialog.

!Changed  Read the skipthumb option directlry from $media array in MediaHelper.

!Changed  (WordPress) Reverted commenting of session hooks that clear session when user logs in or out.

!Changed  CSS and layout improvements.

!Changed  When listing type detail page widget is empty and output is sync, don’t include the h3 heading.

#Fixed  Removed extra apostrophe in “Tue” translation for Dutch language file.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Media settings submission guidelines URL to custom post ID doesn’t work.

#Fixed  PHP notice in ‘all videos’, ‘all photos’ links when using layout to display media in a separate page.

#Fixed  Theme switches to ‘dark’ instead of ‘default’ when re-loading configuration after overrides disabled.

#Fixed  Input layout in listing type form.

#Fixed  {sizeLimit} tag has wrong case in German language file.

#Fixed  Advanced filtering error when using custom field filters, hidden category list, and multiple categories selected in settings.

#Fixed  Some config settings don’t have default values.

#Fixed  View all reviews page for listing may not display the existing reviews.

#Fixed  When ‘everywhere extension’ in module/widgets is left empy it’s saved as “0” instead of blank value.

#Fixed  Image display issue in legacy thumbview layout.

#Fixed  PHP notice when adding ‘use’ non-namespaced class used non-namespaced file.

#Fixed  PHP notices in review detail pages for Everywhere Add-on integrations.

#Fixed  (WordPress) WP_Query class PHP notices generated in search result pages on some sites.

#Fixed  Dialog close icon not visible with some templates/themes.

#Fixed  Refactored field permissions code to prevent notices. - March 9, 2020

^Enhanced  Avoid duplicate query for active add-on check.

!Changed  Refactored FFMPEG local video encoding to use the new PHP-FFMPEG vendor package.

!Changed  Refactored all encoding services to simplify the code and use event-driven logic and webhook notifications.

!Changed  (WordPress) Disabled session check in bootloader causing issues with WP Site Healch check.

!Changed  (WordPress) Refactored bootloader to check if other plugins are using jQuery UI to load WP ui scripts instead of JReviews’ to avoid conflicts.

!Changed  Added new `videoPlayer` method to storage services for use in activity streams.

!Changed  Unbundled BuddyPress community integration from the JReviews core into a separate Add-on.

!Changed  In review form use listing type ID from review array first if available, then try the listing.

!Changed  Refactored ReCaptcha plugin.

!Changed  Refactored code to move BuddyPress event listeners to their own namespace.

!Changed  In listing detail page, hide video thumbnail below video player when there’s only one video.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Prevent session-check PHP notice in some scenarios.

#Fixed  Prevent JS errors in older browsers when IntersectionObserver API is not available.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Calendar widget doesn’t load.

#Fixed  (Joomla) [Admin] Long waiting time when processing browse listings page when related listing custom fields are used.

#Fixed  Media update permissions PHP notice.

#Fixed  (Joomla) JReviews Page Assignment setting ‘hide module in’ was no longer saving the settings.

#Fixed  Legacy listings module/widget slideshow layout shows top rating div even when showing ratings is disabled in settings.

#Fixed  Refactored YouTube embed code to include fallback when max high res thumb doesn’t exist.

#Fixed  [EasySocial] Multiple photo activity layout issue.

#Fixed  [admin] Review moderation notice when loading more and there are no more reviews.

#Fixed  When video encoding fails, the media browse page in admin doesn’t load.

#Fixed  Simple wysiwyg editor not initializing for review custom fields when the editor is disabled for review comments.

#Fixed  Admin-defined field option ordering stopped working.

#Fixed markup for reviews missing required ‘name’ property when the review title is disabled.

#Fixed  Multiple PHP notices.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Template override for “twentyseventeen” theme missing the sidebar after last update.

#Fixed  Wrong ‘LANG_REVIEW_COUNT’ string used in editor review summary when there the listing doesn’t have any user reviews.

#Fixed  Unquoted table alias `Rank` in db query throws errors under some environments.

#Fixed  (WordPress) PHP Notice when saving JReviews menus without parameters.

#Fixed  Disallow listing media upload permissions for Everywhere extensions.

#Fixed  PHP notice in module/widget postcard layout due to missing featured status class variable. - February 16, 2020

!Changed  Refactored code for PHP 7.4 compatibility.

!Changed  (WordPress) Updated jreviews template file for core themes.

!Changed  (WordPress) Improved out-of-the-box compatibility with PeepSo’s Gecko theme

!Changed  [Admin] Better handling of request timeout when retrieving the news feed in the dashboard.

!Changed  Various CSS improvements to improve layout and conflicts with 3rd party CSS.

!Changed  (WordPress) Data array passed to native hook actions was incorrectly nested inside another array.

#Fixed  Dark theme CSS not loading when minify/combine CSS is enabled.

#Fixed  Ensure the type for a review is ‘Comment’ when ratings are disabled even after the listing has reviews with ratings.

#Fixed script tries to load a duplicate css file from wrong location.

#Fixed  Incorrect check for ‘required’ status of criteria rating in RatingHelper when displaying detailed ratings.

#Fixed  Mp3 uploads break when using local storage, encoding bypass and FFMPEG selected as encoding service.

#Fixed  (WordPress) PHP notice on NoCommunity Model.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Fixed link_template php notice on sign-up modal links.

#Fixed  (WordPress) comment status php notice on category pages.

#Fixed  Media card layout error when logged in user does not have permission to update media.

#Fixed  Wrong using variable to get the listing type id for some review and discussion permissions checks. - February 7, 2020

+New  Submit form drag & drop re-ordering of autocomplete multiselect/related listing options. Enable it in field settings: AutoComplete UI Settings / Drag & drop re-ordering.

@Performance  Reduce page transfer size by 50% or more through lazy loading images in lists and modules/widgets. The feature can be disabled for card layouts with the layout customizer, and also toggled programatically using the `enable_image_lazyloading` dev filter.

@Performance  Lazy loading of user avatars.

@Performance  Lazy loading of images in admin dashboard.

^Enhanced  Added the canonical tag to ‘base’ list pages (menus, categories).

!Changed  Automatically remove orphaned reviews (listings no longer exist) when rebuilding the reviewer rank table.

!Changed  `Number of items per page` options to include every option between 1-50.

!Changed  Updated galleria script to the latest version.

!Changed  Added language strings SIGNUP_MODAL_REGISTER_BUTTON and SIGNUP_MODAL_LOGIN_BUTTON used in new sign-up modal for guests.

!Changed  Added optional `return` option to MediaHelper::manage.

#Fixed  [Admin] User autocomplete inputs in admin pages not filled automatically when selecting a user.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Media report dialog doesn’t open.

#Fixed  In adv. search page, when using keyboard ‘enter’ to select an autocomplete option, the form search is triggered.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Listing Type related listing widget doesn’t work when using the `same category` filter.

#Fixed  Missing closing tag in MediaHelper.

#Fixed  Wrong CSS class name used in card layout.

#Fixed  PHP notices in calendar module.

#Fixed  Card layout masonry mode in lists breaks when a card module/widget is shown on the same page.

#Fixed  Missing grid 2xs and 3xs classes used in min-width card layout settings.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Inputs in JReviews Menu sidebar in pages sometimes overflow their container.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Fixed link_template.php php notice when click2search URL has Joomla format. - January 24, 2020

^Enhanced  Extended the use of the new signup partial theme to all entry routes requiring user login (my listings, my reviews, my favorites, create listing, upload media, etc.).

!Changed  Adjustments for input CSS in sign-up modal.

!Changed  Added robots noindex metatag in new sign-up dialog partial when opened in new window.

!Changed  (WordPress) Skip session start in bootloader if php request is coming from cli.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Inputs in JReviews Menu sidebar in pages sometimes overflow their container.

#Fixed  Publish toggle in admin reviews browse page is incorrectly triggering review-related events.

#Fixed  $config not loaded in send email moderation event listeners.

#Fixed  Listing image contact sheet layout lightbox stopped working. - January 22, 2020

+New  Added many new listing type language override strings.

+New  Global and Listing Type Access Setting / Listing / Send Inquiry to enable inquiries just for specific user groups.

+New  Added developer filters for Twitter Card tags: `twitter_cards_before_parse` and `twitter_cards_after_parse`.

+New  Added developer filters for Facebook Open Graph tags: `open_graph_tags_before_parse` and `open_graph_tags_after_parse`.

+New  New theme-based implementation of guest sign-up modal.

+New  `signup_modal_benefits_desc` developer filter to modify the registration benefits description HTML in sign-up modal.

+New  Added developer filters ‘community_screenname’, ‘community_avatar’ and ‘community_profile_preview_attributes’ to control display of user’s name and avatar.

^Enhanced  All emails sent through moderation use /theme_layouts/email.thtml like front-end emails for templating.

!Changed  Implement SEO tag replacements for listing titles in admin listings browse page.

!Changed  (WordPress) Prevent unnecessary query params from showing in search result URL (Itemid, option, url). This was happenning in EngageUsers search alerts.

!Changed  Uppercase closing </DIV> tag to lowercase in poster layout theme file.

!Changed  Updated all ‘` references to https.

!Changed  Removed arrow functions in jreviews.js causing issues in IE.

!Changed  Added ‘jrFormBuilderValidated’ jQuery event to the ‘.jr-page’ container.

!Changed  Allow wrapping listing media container inside a div without breaking the lightbox functionality.

!Changed  Refactored URL-based thumbaniling route to fix issue in WordPress.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Dialog display issues when 3rd party plugins load jQuery UI CSS.

#Fixed  Listings module postcard layout not respecting the module’s custom fields setting.

#Fixed  Banner field is shown even when it’s inside an inactive controlled group.

#Fixed  Admin - php notice in /elements/custom_fields.thtml prevents sidebar from loading in listings moderation page.

#Fixed  Admin - When editing a field group, duplicate submit/cancel buttons appear in the dialog.

#Fixed  Assets (css, js) loaded from folders in views/js not working after previous fix for Windows servers.

#Fixed  PHP notices on new installs when config not saved once due to missing default config values for listing form live search.

#Fixed  Some CSS files not loading on Windows IIS when CSS minification is disabled.

#Fixed  (Joomla) [SEF Plugin] PHP notice when saving a module in the administration produces a validation error.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Favorites widget not working in listing detail page.

#Fixed  Scrolling glitch on page load when using adv. filtering module/widget.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Error in CmsEventsComponent::plgBeforeSave method which prevents JReviews Joomla events from running. - November 15, 2019

+New  Macroable overrides for individual front-end controller routing method

+New  Developer controller that can be used to add new methods via macros as needed.

!Changed  Added new JReviews\Services\Response::getResponseType method.

!Changed  Bind listing claim event to body so it works on async rendered content.

!Changed  Added encoding=async attribute to admin-side listings and media page images.

!Changed  CSS tweaks.

!Changed  To avoid confusion, hide ‘required’ and ‘optional’ labels for setup check in dashboard after the step has been completed.

#Fixed  Default review ordering setting not applied to editor reviews.

#Fixed  Report review icon dissapears when re-ordering/changing pages in reviews in listing’s view all reviews page when using ajax pagination.

#Fixed  Updating all of a review’s rating criteria to “NA” doesn’t immediately update the review and listing overall rating.

#Fixed  Ensure select2 plugin is instantiated just once for select lists.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Menu settings not accepting accept HTML.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Archived listings lead to 404.

#Fixed  Allow overriding the media upload user when storing media (needed for Import Add-on).

#Fixed  Listing preview and front-end delete doesn’t work for unpublished listings. - November 1, 2019

+New  Setting to allow disabling asynchronous loading of Listing Type Detail Page Widgets, per widget, so they load as part of the main page to improve internal linking SEO.

@Performance  Implemented the native Google Chrome lazy loading tag for most images in JReviews.

^Enhanced  Added backup method to retrieve YouTube video info if API not set or was deactivated by Google. Backup method cannot retrieve video duration nor video description.

^Enhanced  Added ‘output format’ setting for ‘email’ custom field offering more control over output.

^Enhanced  Added limited support for using banner fields in Listing Type SEO Manager, Page Title setting. All PHP Formatting code will be ignored.

!Changed  New ThemingComponent::getListingLayout method to retrieve from different controllers the layout to use form the layout customizer.

!Changed  Added ‘xs’, ‘2xs’ and ‘3xs’ options to the minimum width setting for the card layout custmomizer to allow for more columns in the grid.

!Changed  Hide module/widget slider pages, other than first, with CSS to prevent them from showing on page load.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Listing count in dashboard home includes pages instead of just posts.

#Fixed  Several PHP notices.

#Fixed  Hardened checks for separate video/photo gallery pages when using user/owner separation and for review URLs.

#Fixed  Layout customizer ‘map’ and ‘layout switcher’ settings for listing lists lost after last update.

#Fixed  Touch actions not working on mobile (like dragging slider) due to missing jQuery UI Touch Punch script.

#Fixed  Incorrect listing type id key prevents showing fields in search results ordering list.

#Fixed  Display of dialogs/alerts in mobile.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Database query error due to wrong table alias used in Favorites Widet.

#Fixed  [EasySocial] CSS not loaded if first page of stream doesn’t include a JReviews activity.

#Fixed  Added checks in listing detail page to ensure the page returns a 404 if the listing expired.

#Fixed  First item in module/widget out of order and unclickable when using vertical sliding. - September 30, 2019

#Fixed  Listing list pages using card layout show all fields regardless of the field `listview` setting. - September 30, 2019

+New  Listings Module/Widget Customizer Layout to make the card layouts available in the listings module/widget and Listing Type related listings widgets.

+New  Banner module/widget positions for card layout and new ‘last’ position for blogview

+New  Default logo images for listing headers. Can be set globally and per listing type.

+New  ‘Category’ filter added to related listing custom field.

+New  [Reviews Module/Widget] Settings to toggle display of reviewer and created date.

+New  Added ‘Update Listing Modified Date on New Review’ setting to allow disabling the default behavior of updating the listing’s modified date on new reviews.

^Enhanced  Allow using {listing_id} tag in custom where for the Calendar Module/Widget.

^Enhanced  `Search options` input added to multiple select settings in admin dashboard.

!Changed  Ensure custom field output is empty if there’s nothing to display.

!Changed  (WordPress) Enabled `keyword` scope searches to also look inside the `keywords` metadata field.

!Changed  Added card type CSS class names in new card layouts to differentiate them.

#Fixed  Listing ordering select is not visible in mobile view.

#Fixed  [Everywhere Add-on] Updated Community Builder plugins so they install on latest version of CB.

#Fixed  Accepting/rejecting a report in moderation doesn’t remove it from the list.

#Fixed  PHP notices when user doesn’t have an avatar.

#Fixed  Breadcrumbs in mobile shrink instead of wrapping (previous fix had an error).

#Fixed  (WordPress) WooCommerce conflict causing fatal error.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Non-JReviews wp category pages not displaying correctly.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Automatically downgrade jQuery UI version on listing edit/create form to prevent conflict with WP media dialog.

#Fixed  Autocomplete UI missing styles in admin dashboard.

#Fixed  Wysiwyg editor setting for review comments ignored in JReviews admin when updating reviews.

#Fixed  Field Option description textarea input is not resizable in browser.

#Fixed  (Joomla) assets, ucm and workflow_associations (Joomla 4) rows for articles not removed when deleting listings.

#Fixed  (Wordpress) Urls without menus not processed correctly when frontpage set to JReviews directory.

#Fixed  Dialog close button doesn’t show when site loads default jQuery UI CSS from other extension. - August 26, 2019

+New  Allow bypassing database storage of listing inquiries through new setting, available globally and by listing type.

+New  New ‘Upload to cloud storage before encoding’ Media setting to overcome potential tmp file permission issues.

!Changed  (WordPress) Prevent listing view count increase for logged in users in listings they own.

!Changed  Automatically hide the ‘Load more’ link in paginator when results are less than page limit.

!Changed  CSS improvements.

#Fixed  HTML error in listings_header.thtml

#Fixed  Admin topbar bouncing issue on scroll.

#Fixed  Generate unique folder hash and filename for embedded listing images used in list pages.

#Fixed  Breadcrumbs in mobile shrink instead of wrapping.

#Fixed  Admin maintenance tasks recalc. rating ranks and rebuild reviews shows error when there are no rating criteria defined in the system.

#Fixed  Wrong URL generated for video gallery links in listing detail page.

#Fixed  Improved logic to check whether media storage settings are complete for the different cloud storage options.

#Fixed  Added group by review ID column in reviews module/widget to fix problem of missing reviews.

#Fixed  MP3 uploads to cloud storage don’t work when audio encoding is disabled for mp3s.

#Fixed  Media upload validation messages for incomplete setup don’t appear.

#Fixed  (Joomla) Cron request getting cached, prevents new cron request from running.

#Fixed  (WordPress) User-specific media page URLs break when permalinks don’t include a trailing slash.

#Fixed  Ajax pagination stops working after 2 pages in My Media page.

#Fixed  (Joomla) [EasySocial] Rating stars are empty in stream, not reflecting the actual rating.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Fatal error on some sites due to empty $wp_query value in bootloader posts_pre_query_filter method.

#Fixed  (WordPress) Compatibility issues with Yoast tags resulting in duplicate tags or the use of non-JReviews optimized tags from Yoast.

#Fixed  Added meta description tag to photo and video gallery pages.

#Fixed  (WordPress) db query error in admin inquiries browse filter functionaity.

#Fixed  Pagination doesn’t work in MyMedia page.

#Fixed  Broken image tag for attachments in media list page when the listing doesn’t have a main media assigned.

#Fixed  Broken thumbnails in new card layout lists for images embedded in listing summary.

#Fixed  Calendar module/widget may display listings a day earlier than the “event” start date depending on the site’s local timezone setting. - July 17, 2019

!Changed  Updated ‘listing_list_header_buttons’ filter to include the ‘passedArgs’ data in the parameters.

!Changed  Show modified date for items shown in moderation and changed the ordering of items in moderation to show most recently modified first.

!Changed  Updatated system event traits to include a 'getPublished' method for activities (listings, reviews, etc.)

#Fixed  Increased z-index of dialog because it was showing below the topbar on some templates.

#Fixed  Pre-selecting a listing type in the Advanced Search Menu doesn’t work. - July 8, 2019

!Changed  Improvements to 'load more' pagination functionality.

!Changed  Get the listing type id from the listing id when creating/updating reviews.

!Changed  Admin - updated help info for cron setting.

!Changed  Admin - Improved logic for displaying moderation items in dashboard.

!Changed  Adjustments to datepicker CSS to try to make the output more consistent regardless of 3rd party CSS.

!Changed  Added ability to skip system events when creating a new listing to stop duplicate notifications for paid listings.

#Fixed  Settting abstract truncation to zero in Layout Customizer is not hiding the abstract text in the cards.

#Fixed  Admin - preview icon not working in some moderation pages (listings, media, owner replies, claims).

#Fixed  Fix for skeleton placeholder CSS gradient in Safari.

#Fixed  [PaidListings] Date fields appear empty when editing a listing with an incomplete order.

#Fixed  PHP notice in FieldsController::_loadFieldData

#Fixed  Custom adv. filtering ordering using hidden input is being overriden by the default order input in the theme file.

#Fixed  Added CSS overrides to fix some initial issues found on sites that load their own instance of the jQuery UI CSS.

#Fixed  Admin - listing browse ‘featured’ star icon lost it’s color. - June 24, 2019

+New  Masonry setting for vertical card layout and created new ‘Vertical Card Masonry’ default in Layout Customizer.

^Enhanced  Improvements to adv. filtering ‘linkbox’ UI so it can work with with multiple option fields using the toggle switch and the ‘show all’ dialog in horizontal layout.

!Changed  Horizontal layout settings for author and date are now enabled by default, but will only show if also enabled globally or at the listing type level.

!Changed  Show updated dates without ‘updated’ prefix in cards to aovid overlapping text issues when there are many info icons shown on the card.

!Changed  Improved comparison dashboard drawer experience on mobile.

!Changed  Allow overriding the search results order in adv. filtering through input named ‘data[order]’.

#Fixed  Issue affecting paidlitings where continue button gets disabling in order dialog.

#Fixed  Form inputs have transparent background which makes it difficult to see them when placed in darker backgrounds.

#Fixed  Long-text custom field output overflows container of listing list ‘card’ layout.

#Fixed  Improved alignment of buttons in listing list header on mobile.

#Fixed  Improved layout of checkboxes field inside adv. search module.

#Fixed  Listing list ‘card’ layout improvements.

#Fixed  Admin dashboard php notices appearing on some sites after update.

#Fixed  Added additional check in ‘card’ listing list layout for date and author to show them only if enabled in the global/listing type settings.

#Fixed  Added missing disabled/readonly states for custom implementation of radio and checkbox form inputs.

#Fixed  Text for listing information icons in listing detail page cover is hard to see against background.

#Fixed  Admin dashboard bottom page limit select doesn’t doesn’t work in paginated pages.

#Fixed  Admin dashboard UI improvements.

#Fixed  Logic for adding buttons to list header to avoid elements without values in the output array.

#Fixed  Tableview avg rating layout so the text doesn’t wrap. - June 20, 2019

!Changed  Updated rendering logic for images when using the thumbnail URL api to first generate the thumbnails.

#Fixed  Image CSS width issue in modules/widgets.

#Fixed  ‘Add new listing’ button no longer appears in empty category lists.

#Fixed  PHP notices in masonry page when listings don't have images and a default has not been set. - June 19, 2019

+New  Card, Postcard and Poster listing list layouts and a new Layout Customizer system to simplify the creation of variations of these layouts and use them throughout the site.

+New  UI refactoring of form inputs, buttons, dialogs, status labels and much more!

+New  UI refactoring of admin dashboard.

!Changed  No longer loading core jQuery UI CSS file and sprite because JReviews now overrides implements it's own styles for all widgets.

!Changed  Updated jQuery UI to the latest stable version v1.12.1.

!Changed  Automatically reset value of checkbox configuration settings when all options are unchecked.

!Changed  Added Category.access column to listings query.

!Changed  Added BaseRepository::many method that can be used by default by new repository classes.

!Changed  Added ‘ListingInquiryWasDeleted’ system event.

!Changed  Core refactoring for future functionality.

!Changed  Replaced loading indicator image.

!Changed  Replaced clear cache/registry alert dialog with a toast message.

#Fixed  (WordPress) JReviews pages description uses the home page description when a segment is appedend to the URL (i.e. my-reviews/###)

#Fixed  Session cache setting value not read correctly when setting global state variable.

#Fixed  Using a non-active/non-existing listing type ID in click2search URL results in DB error.

#Fixed  Prevent settings from disabled Add-ons from appearing in the admin dashboard settings search results.

#Fixed  Prevent Add-on theme names from appearing in list of available themes in the configuration.

#Fixed  Admin search allows clicking on override setting link without first selecting a listing type.

#Fixed  ‘Twitch’ video linking checkbox setting missing in Listing Type overrides.

#Fixed  AMP pages not loading on some sites where related listings widgets are setup using the “about” mode, and a value was not selected for the related listing custom field.

#Fixed  Template not found error in emails triggered to listing owner and reviewer for new review and owner reply submissions.

#Fixed  Response service success method not setting 200 status code.

#Fixed  OwnerReply moderation events are not triggered when approving a reply.

#Fixed  Unpublished listings appear in related listing custom field output.

#Fixed  When editing a listing with multiple related listing fields, only the first one loads the previously selected values.

#Fixed  Prevent Auto-tweet errors when using localhost for testing (, media upload).