Changelogs - April 19, 2019

!Changed  Order of cancel/submit buttons in dialogs.

!Changed  Refactored ListListingModel. - December 18, 2018

!Changed  Implemented dateModified property for Article, NewsArticle, BlogPosting types. Modifed date is also automatically used when a listing has been updated. - December 10, 2018

+New  Mobile pagination settings for module/widget. - November 11,2018

+New  Added privacy checkbox functionalitty to mylists forms.

!Changed  Refactored theme code that checks for page title.

!Changed  Refactored code and implemented default photos for listings in lists.

#Fixed  DB error when when UserLists module is shown on unpublished listing pages.

#Fixed  PHP notice in MediaHelper when viewing lists for a listing that dosn’t have a main media.

#Fixed  Database error in userlists page/module when there are no listings in any of the lists.

#Fixed  It’s not possible to change the state of a user list in the Add-on admin dashboard.

#Fixed  Admins not able to update user lists in the front-end.

#Fixed  MyList menu ‘page total’ and ‘page limit’ settings for user lists don’t work.

#Fixed  Ordering options for user lists menu and module don’t work.

#FIxed: Page Heading and Page Title for MyLists page cannot be overriden through menu setttings.