JReviews for Wordpress

  • Wordpress 4.9.x
  • Single domain license
  • 12 months support & upgrades
  • Add-ons sold separately
  • Includes RapidLauncher Add-on

JReviews is the best ratings & reviews solution for WordPress. It not only has the most complete reviews engine, but also a comprehensive set of features to build out your directories. It is user friendly and developed with a strong emphasis on user experience, SEO and performance.

Available Add-ons

iReview WordPress Theme

  • WordPress 4.x
  • Single domain license
  • 12 months support & upgrades

iReview is a very light and fast responsive template for WordPress, built using the latest CSS techniques. It features a clean, minimalistic design and is a perfect theme for review sites built with JReviews (i. e. City Guide, Products Catalog, Movie Database, Classifieds, Events, ...). The theme matches the styles of JReviews themes for overall site design consistency and has guaranteed compatibility for all JReviews features.

Client Testimonials

Long time user and very happy with JReviews

We have been using jReviews for about 2 years and we are the happiest customers you can imagine: this highly customizable software can be adapted to any use from yellow-pages-style directory to an exclusive review site. The templates can be modified even by beginners and if you have any problem with that: the support by the team of jReviews is just excellent. Answers often in under 12 hours, direct support by Alejandro. In two words: 100% recommended!

-- Arne Peine, Aachen Reviews

To busy for your business? take just one component to replace Myblog, Jomcomment, mosetsTree and others

For me, in fact, it took some time to realize the SUPER-POWER of the possibilities using Jreviews.

After five years i was no longer happy with my Joomla based moveGreen project. I spent tons of time to hunt bugs within many different joomla components, browsing many forums trying to find solutions for "enexpected software behaviour" and realized that my users began to hate the permanent "at work" status, no real improvements and the complex and different frontend usage of the implemented services.

Then last December, after months of ignoring all the problems i was willing to sell my baby, just give it all away and make this horror show end. But i took some time when i found that i had bought jreview a year before - but never gave it a chance because i was so busy with everything else. Too busy for business - do you know this feeling?

I thought: hey i could replace the free, but buggy xyz component with this commercial one - pay for support and they have to act when i have a problem? sounds good!
Then, minutes later while i was browsing my installed components i began to realize that i could replace MOST OF THEM with this one - with JReviews!


My support hell of different joomla components changed into a "just one component with best ever support" heaven!

And that's true! I replaced mosets tree, jomcomment, myBlog, Sobi and got additional features like members posting articles, reviews with stars, comments, classifieds and much more just with one JReviews installation and it works like a charm, including a fantastic user friendliy frontend which gives my website a very professional look and feel.

I love that my users love my website - I love the possibilities to integrate more functionalities with the same component and I'm absolutely satisfied with the outstanding 5 star support.

Sunny regards

Bernd Krystofiak

-- Bernd Krystofiak, Founder, moveGreen Business Community for renewable energy, mobility and environment

This software is brilliant! Service impeccable!

We've been running JReviews for many years and we've grown substantially because of the amount of growth of the software. The support is the best! And they help someone like me who is a layman. JReviews Rocks!

-- Judy

One of the greatest Joomla Components

I Use this Component for my new Website. Everything works fine and i'm looking forward to use it in other Projects too. Great work.

-- Stefanie Illig, Manager, Gastro Stars

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