iReview Joomla Template

  • Joomla 3.x
  • Single domain license
  • 12 months support & upgrades

iReview is a very light and fast responsive template for Joomla, built using the latest CSS techniques. It features a clean, minimalistic design and is a perfect template for review sites built with JReviews (i. e. City Guide, Products Catalog, Movie Database, Classifieds, Events, ...). The template matches the styles of JReviews themes for overall site design consistency and has guaranteed compatibility for all JReviews features.

Client Testimonials

Great features and support

This is a great extension for Joomla, with great support should you need it. Very pleased with this extension!

-- Marisa Giancarla

This component is FANTASTIC!

The component is superb if you want a powerful, POWERFUL, review website with joomla or mambo. Few code tweakings here and there and you will have the whole reviewing website at your service. Another thing worth mentioning is the absolutely fast support. Alejandro is doing superb job with answering all the questions. I would recommend this product for sure.

Go for it!

-- Rajat Agarwal

Maybe the best joomla component

I am the CEO of the austrian movie Website We use jreviews on many parts of our website, and I simply cant imagine what I would do without this amazing component. The functions are great and the component works rock solid without problems. We also implemented a lot of customisation and whenever there was a problem, or we had questions about the customisation we got great support. And beside the great features the support alone ist amazing: The jreviews support is the best from all joomla components. Jreviews is one of the greatest joomla components, and everyone who can use it, should buy it. No question: Jreviews is worth its money

-- Michael Föls, CEO,

Powerful listings & reviews plugin with unbelievable great support

I have been using JReviews for many years and I am absolutely satisfied with it. It has many built-in SEO tools and it is very well designed out of the box. You can customize the themes and other core files. I have never seen anything similar to the flexibility and functionality offered by JReviews.

Also, here you have great, fast and reliable support. I was asking for some help at New Year Eve (hoped to get answer in 3-4 days), but I got immediate answer and solution! :)

I can really recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a listings and reviews plugin for its Joomla or Wordpress site. It is paid.. but it is also really worth the money.

-- Aleksandr

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