iReview WordPress Theme

  • WordPress 4.x
  • Single domain license
  • 12 months support & upgrades

iReview is a very light and fast responsive template for WordPress, built using the latest CSS techniques. It features a clean, minimalistic design and is a perfect theme for review sites built with JReviews (i. e. City Guide, Products Catalog, Movie Database, Classifieds, Events, ...). The theme matches the styles of JReviews themes for overall site design consistency and has guaranteed compatibility for all JReviews features.

Client Testimonials

JReviews to the rescue!

Every time our webdesign company has a problem trying to implement one of our clients wishes, we often end up with jReviews as the solution. Not only is it very versatile, and very easily to adapt and synchronize with other applications ... the best about it all that the support for the jReviews software is amazing. Keep up the good work!

-- Chiel Huijskes, Webdesigner, Tengu webDesign

Excellent Component

I've been running jReviews for almost 3 years now, and I am very happy with the support and all of the new features. This component has helped my site grow tremendously. Keep up the good work Alejandro!

I can't wait to try the GeoMaps addon.

-- D Jones

Stable and featured packed solution combined with excellent support make for a wonderful experience!

I started using JReviews in 2009 and have personally witnessed its evolution to continue meeting the ever-growing demands of users and end-users. JReviews has managed to keep up quite well with these demands, implementing new features regularly that benefit functionality, user-experience and marketability of the end-sites.

When I started, I was truly a novice with Joomla but I still managed to build a review site with over 29,000 listings across the United States. JReviews support is the best I've seen with any Joomla extension plus an active community means you can usually find answers in the forum. Jreviews made it so easy to build that my friends thought I hired an agency to build my site!

I highly recommend Jreviews for your next project - and I would not hesitate to use it again for my next project requiring a directory or reviews functionality.

-- John Vlachos , Principal

JReviews is one heck of a deal!

The DigitalChumps team is nothing if not demanding-we've got big dreams and we're very particular about how we want our stuff organized (much to the dismay of our poor, overworked web designer). :) That's why we were worried about what types of solutions were available for our reviewing and content publishing needs. We needed something versatile and rock-solid to make sure everything runs without a hitch and looks professional while doing it... and that's precisely what we got in jReviews. It's one heck of a great package that, thus far, has met every requirement we've defined. And that's not even mentioning the fantastic resource that is Alejandro for when we need support. Take it from us, jReviews is one heck of a deal!

-- Steve Schardein, Editor-In-Chief, DigitalChumps

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