World class support

I've used JReviews before for another review site, but it was through a developer and I handled all of my questions issues through them. This time around I'm assembling all of the components including JReviews myself and am amazed at the support I'm getting from the guys at JReviews.

The product itself is well thought out and they are investing time to improve it, yet in the midst of all of their development work, they respond to all of my many concerns.

This is truly mind-blowing to me, as I'm building something that will need customer support and there's no way I can imagine providing the kind of support that Alejandro does. He should teach a course about it.

The other great thing that I like about jReviews is the documentation. The documentation reflects clear and methodical thinking. Topics are easy to find and for the most part easy to understand.

Beware though, as I'm finding out, if you are planning on developing your site and are not technical you will need to learn about things like FTP and HTML etc. You just can't get away from it. And that's another thing I like about the support at JReviews. They go beyond what they technically need to provide and even have helped me troubleshoot issues caused by other plugins and extensions.

I try not to abuse their time by reading the documentation, marking my support requests as low priority, and taking notes so that i don't have to ask again.

You won't make a mistake using JReviews.

Peter Anthony Gales

-- Peter Anthony Gales