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Intro #3 - Adding Videos to your Site the Quick and Easy Way

Alejandro Schmeichler

If you haven't already started exploring the media features in JReviews this is a great way to complement your site content and reviews. I am sure that you are going to appreciate the simplicity of embedding videos on your site from popular video services like YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

To get started first make sure that you've enabled video embedding by setting the correct access permissions. Go to Access Settings in the JReviews administration and click the Media tab. Under Uploads for Listings and Uploads for Reviews select the Registered group in Joomla and Subscriber group in WordPress to limit video embedding to logged in users. If you want to allow guests to embed videos when first submitting a listing or review then you can also select the Guest group. Or if you need any other group to have this capability then select it as well.

Next go to the Media Settings, click the Videos tab and under Upload settings select the Link only option for Video Upload Methods. And below that select the video services you want to use. For YouTube there's an extra step required to be able to use their API. Read more about setting up the YouTube API Key for video embedding.

That's all there is to it. Now whenever a user submits a listing and review, depending on your access settings, they'll be able to embed videos in the second step for Media Uploads where a dedicated tab is shown. Just copy the url of the video from one of the supported video services and paste it in the video link tab and submit.

You can also use the Media menu and Media Joomla Module / WordPress Widget to surface the latest or most liked videos uploaded to the site. Finally, make sure you check out all of the different display options for videos in the first tab of the Media Settings page.

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