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New release: JReviews 4.6.3 & JReviews 5.0.7 Beta 2

Alejandro Schmeichler

We are starting the week with a new round of release updates focused on stability and some new functionality. You'll find updates for JReviews 4, JReviews 5, the Dashboard addon, and the JReviews 5-exclusive YOOTheme Pro addon.

JReviews v5.0.7 Beta 2 update

We received a few bug reports from users installing Beta 1 and have addressed those issues in this release:

  • First-up, we fixed an important installation issue affecting some users where the creation of a table index was causing a database migration to fail.
  • Another issue was with wrong values assigned to the `number of results per page` admin setting, which could lead to list pages not showing any results.
  • Front-end attachment download links were broken and have now been fixed.

The rest of the bug fixes are common to JReviews 4 so we'll mention them below.

JReviews v4.6.3 update

We have several bug fixes for you in the latest release:

  • In some situations, publising a listing module to a JReviews list page was causing the ordering select list to disappear.
  • When editing an audio media upload in the frontend, the audio player was not loading in the edit dialog.
  • In Joomla, when using the category URL as base URL for video links, these were not opening and resulted in a 404 error.
  • In WordPress, we fixed some compatibility issues with the Avada Theme.

Google Analytics Fix for Dashboard Addon

We fixed a bug where if you had previously setup a Google Analytics property, but the property no longer exists, you are not able to open the addon Google setup page.

If you are not familiar with the Dashboard Addon, it's listings analytics for your site users so they can view listing traffic and custom event statistics over time.

New Fields Sources for YOOTheme Pro Addon

YOOTheme Pro is a page builder for Joomla and WordPress that allows creating custom layouts. With our YOOTheme Pro addon you can now create custom layouts for your JReviews listing detail pages using a variety of custom sources and elements.

While working on a new page design to test the YOOTheme Pro Addon we realized how inconvient it is to have to create one element for every individual field. Of course you can still do that if you want, but we've introduced new multiple item sources for all fields and also for each individual field groups. This allows setting up a single list description to display many fields at once including their title and output.

JReviews multiple items fields source for YOOTheme Pro

Using the new fields multiple item sources we create this simple layout with favorite and inquiry buttons. An image gallery, map, hotel description and several custom field groups.

JReviews hotel layout with YOOTheme Pro


With the release of JReviews v5 Beta 2, we've also updated our changelogs page with a new version select list so you can switch between v4 and v5. We are still not tracking file changes on JReviews v5, but we'll start doing that once the stable version is released. You can read the complete list in our changelog.