Filter Hook System Since 4.1.4

Allows modifiying the registration URL used in JReviews sign-up screens and login forms.



(string) The current registration url

You need to have a working knowledge of Hooks before you get started.

Boilerplate Code

Use the boilerplate code to start using the filter, and add your own logic to modify the first argument and return it.

Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('configure:community.register_url', function($url) 
  // Uncomment line below to view available data passed into hook
  // For JReviews 3.x and earlier use dd instead of fwd_dd
  // fwd_dd($url);
  return $url;
Development & Support
Customizations are not included with support. We provide this information to make it easier for developers to extend the functionality. From time to time we may have some availability for custom work. Get in touch to see if there's an opportunity to work together.


Change registration URL to a specific page on your site

By default JReviews uses the default registration URL for Joomla or WordPress. If you are using a community integration (EasySocial, BudyPress, UserProfiles, etc.), then it will generate the registration URL for that community solution.

However, sometimes you may want to override this behavior. The example below shows how to do just that:

Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('configure:community.register_url', function($url) 
  return '/custom-registration-page';


  • s2framework/libs/configure.php