Tabs in Listing Form

JReviews ships with a ready-to-use listing form template that can show custom field groups in different tabs. The template is a suffixed version of the listings/create_form.thtml template named listings/create_form_tabbed.thtml.

To use the tabbed template, add the _tabbed theme suffix in Configuration → Category Layout Manager to each category where you want to have the tabs in the listing form.

We used a different suffix here than in the listing detail tabs so that using one doesn't automatically force you to use the other.

If you want to use the tab layout in both the detail page and the form, then you need to copy at least one of the templates to your custom theme and rename it so that they both have the same suffix that you add to the Category Layout Manager.

If you have field groups that are controlled by other custom fields, you shouldn't use this solution because the tabs of those field groups would always be visible.